About Ami

Hi, so, I was born in the 90’s, which means that I’ve been on this earth long enough to have so many stories to tell. Yeah, I’ve been very adventurous; I’ve done lots of THINGS, made mistakes, met people, made friends, lost some, broken up several relationships and cried myself to sleep so many times. Through it all, I found myself and I learnt to take life more seriously. I’ve come to understand that, my fate on this universe lies in my own hands; I can only have a happy ending if I work my ass off for it.

I love talking and I have a big head filled with so much information that I keep updating every single day. At a point, I felt like my head was going to explode; so, by default, I started keeping a journal when I was thirteen. I would write about my thoughts, dreams and fantasies. As expected, I always had a lot to write about. I was very ignorant then, so, my journals were filled with fantasies and day dreams about my crushes and guys I thought I was in love with. That changed when I grew older. I’ve always been a lover of love and though I’ve not been so lucky in that aspect, I still cannot stop believing in love and soulmates.

My blog, as you are seeing today, is something I’ve dreamt of for years. I’ve always wanted an outlet where my thoughts, imaginations, fantasies and information would be seen and read by the world; blogging seemed like the perfect avenue for that. I am grateful to my friends who always gave me the listening ear I needed anytime I needed to talk about the many things that flooded my mind. I’m grateful for the support they gave me when I told them about the blog and the criticism and reviews they gave concerning my posts. And that one friend who urged me on and made me take that huge leap towards making this blog a reality, I am grateful!

I’d also love to use this opportunity to thank my website administrator, Kobe, who from the onset has been tolerant of my confused self, and his readiness to help and provide me with every information I needed concerning the blog and how to go about it. I owe the success of this blog to him.

I’m a Ghanaian, living in Accra with my family. I love writing, as I already mentioned and I love reading mostly about sex, mental health and relationships; more reason why they form the core of my blog categories. I’ve had to deal with depression and anxiety for years; that served as a motivation for me to want to write about issues relating to mental health. It made me want to reach out to individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and trauma; that way, I’m able to talk to them and help them feel better any way I can. That makes me happy within, knowing that I’m able to help them escape that tormenting place they found themselves in.

Finally, let me acknowledge my team of writers who have contributed and keep contributing amazing contents to the blog- Stephanie and Iswell. Guys, I appreciate you!

Love, Ami.