An erotic love letter

An Erotic Love Letter

Flower in this letter means MY VAGINA

Hi Lover,

How are you doing? Don’t tell me you haven’t missed me.

Flower misses you terribly. I woke up wishing you were lying behind me, kissing the back of my neck. Your soft kisses send jolts up my tummy and into my girl. I wish you could have been there to wake me up with your boy inside me. I wish I could feel your soft fingers rubbing against my clit while you move in and out of me. I miss that, lover.

I wish you knew how I exactly feel in my body when I see you. It’s only been two days since I last saw you, but it feels like an eternity. What do I do when I know my lover is in bed with someone else? You know I don’t care, but call me selfish for wishing I was the one you’d touch, kiss, and fuck every time. I want you every day. I want your tongue on my clit. I want your fingers in my mouth and I want your juices in my throat. I miss you slapping my face and Flower with your boy. I miss you splattering your juices all over my face. You know how much I love being your slut. And you know, I respect her so much for letting you be with me.

I know I’m seeing you this weekend, but can you pass by at 3 p.m. today? Tell me what you desperately want me to do for you. I can’t be a freak if I’m not with you. I can’t enjoy pain if you’re not inflicting it on me. I don’t take instructions if you aren’t the one telling me what to do.

You know how much I love it when you take charge and please me. You care so much. You love my body. I love it when you tell me how pretty I am when you go down to taste me. It’s such a delicious feeling.

Last night, I dreamt about you. I told you, you’re the only one I fuck in my sleep. Every night before I go to bed, I pray for you to fuck me in my dreams. I mean, if I can’t have you every day in real life, I’d have you in my dreams.

In my dream, we were out. You know our favourite bar? The owner left the lounge for us. They thought we needed privacy. They could tell how badly I wanted you. I was sucking on your fingers. I was touching you. I was moving my body all over yours. I gave you a sexy lap dance and turned you on. I looked into your eyes, kissed your forehead and got lost in a French kiss.

Nobody does me like you do. Come around, baby. I will be anything you want. You know, I’d choose you over my fingers, over my sex toys, and over anybody else. I miss you, lover.

I know it’s 2022 and love letters aren’t popular anymore, but if my written words can turn you on, why would I stop? I know I will see you in a video call later today, but my words don’t do me justice when I say them. I’d rather write to you, lover.

I’m a fiend for your dick. I’m a fiend for your touch. I’m a fiend for your attention. You know I’ll never get tired of fucking you, even if we do it every hour of the day.

I wish to end this letter here, but I still want you, lover. I can’t stop wanting you.

Come fuck me like you haven’t been fucked in years. Come fuck me like you did our first night in your car. Fuck me like it’s your last fuck. Fuck me like someone irritated you so much that you needed to vent your rage on something, me. Fuck me as if I’m the only woman alive to fuck you and you have to impress me in order for me to keep coming back to you.

Don’t stop fucking me, lover. You know, I don’t want your heart. You know, I don’t want any kind of romantic commitment. You know, all I want is to please you while you please me. You said you can’t get enough of me, so come see me this afternoon, baby. I was told that 3 p.m. is the best time to have sex. I want that with you.

It’s raining outside, but this letter is making it rain in my panty. Bring me the last one you took and take the one I’m wearing right now. It’s just as wet as the ground outside. Come sniff my panty and tell me how good I smell. Come take my panty and sniff it whenever you are home and you miss me.

I bought some new lingerie yesterday. They are so sexy, exactly what you like. I’m going to wear one today for you, lover. You are your own boss, so you have no one to answer to. I love that for me. Leave work and come fuck me.

Am I ever gonna get a chance to watch you fuck someone else? I want to watch you make someone else feel as good as you make me feel. Not today, lover. But some other time. I miss you and I want you all to myself today. Flower is practically pleading with me to fuck you today.

See you today, lover. I know it’ll be the hardest to wait for you to come. I can’t focus on anything else. It’s such a sick feeling when I want you and you aren’t here with me. But I will wait. Who else can I wait for if not you? Come take me, lover.

Your horny girl,


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  1. Epic writing, you must disseminate your knowledge this way regularly.

  2. Wow, you articulate this so well…You’re brilliant! I love every bit of this letter
    But why do you say “you respect her for allowing him be with you”?

    • Thank you. So the respect relates to his wife knowing about us but being cool with us being together

  3. Killer piece as usual!

  4. WOW. Extra ordinary poetry. I enjoyed every paragraph and it felt like this letter was reading exactly what is on my mind.This is the kind of life I'm living.

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