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The beach is warm, brilliantly sparkly, and dazzling and gorgeous too. I love and adore being here with my beautifully wife, Linda . She is seated right here before me, casting and shooting her gaze straight upward in that lazy and effortless way that allows and permits her to relax and loll down in the resplendent sunlight in an awesome and adorable fashion that I cannot help but only marvel and yonder at. My sweet innocent, exquisite Linda! She is wearing some nice blue bra and panties and has her wonderful boobs laid for me to feast my starving and itchy eyes on. Simply put, she is looking all exclusively yummy and delicious. If she were food, I would have began devouring and eating her right this very moment and instant. Assuredly!

“What are you thinking in that smart little head of yours, my dearest Bitch?” I asked coyly and a bit shy at first. She looked and gazed straight at me. Her loveliness and mild sweet innocence… it wins and melts my heart remediless. I drew closer towards and started to caress and stroke gently and smoothly her adorable and all too beautiful face and cheeks. Her cheeks feel almost nearly just like her buttocks; they are wonderfully and enjoyably soft and squashy-like and sexually arousing and appealing,what’s more?

 I imagined for a split second her very excited and thrilled vagina doing a happy and gleeful dance, lol. Almost certainly!

“You want to know what I am thinking, Dieter, don’t you?” She asked me gently and calmly.

 She then tells me, “I want to allow me do this one thing please, honey. Do not deny it to me please.”

I frown and knit my brows instead, I am wondering and mulling quietly to myself on what it is exactly that she wants to make known and incontrovertible to me. Maybe she is going to ask me to have sex with her right here on this beach. Maybe she is going to tug and tow my pant downwards so that she can suck my dick. I cannot tell which is which here, but whatever it is that her plans and motives are, it does not feel or even smell all that satisfyingly good and worthwhile to me. No, it doesn’t in any way susceptible!

“Tell me, what is it you want?”

“You see, I want to strip awfully naked as you’ll be singing and playing the guitar for me. I will be doing it just for our sole fun and unreserved happiness. I’ll have to do it like a professional pole dancer and you must be involved. All those sexy and breathtaking moves, so are you in this fun-time deal of ours or not?”

In a bold and daring voice, I responded back to her, “It is a deal done, Linda. I am in for it.” She’s right, we must do some bit tad of sexual-touching thing and act here, whether it involves and accommodates heavy and strong actual sexual performance, or whether it doesn’t.

 I start to prepare and ready myself up. Today will be today. She’s going to strip totally naked while jigging and juddering and jiving up to my piece of music. She watched me as I got up and lay hold of my guitar, and before I even start to strike and strum up some piece of musical notes, She did it first by strumming and hitting her fingers across the middle of her legs… where her sweet precious vagina is… and I stop suddenly.  She teasingly looked at me and said “continue”.

It is none other than that sweetly and wonderful song done by Maino featuring T-Pain, one that has the heavenly title by the flow and chime of ‘All The Above‘. She loved that song.

“Yo Linda you ready, yooh?”

As the song is sung and caroled on, she couldn’t help but dance and jive and hop herself seductively to it. I like it.

She could feel it moving and working and penetrating and piercing its way deep and deeper and sweetly and pleasurably deepest into her soul and bosom.

“Tell me what do you see…”

First, she placed her finger into her mouth whilst looking directly and straight at me, and then started to shake and joggle about her very own big and sexually stimulating ass behind there. As she licked and sucked her finger slowly and brilliantly smooth, she observed and noticed me lick and sweep my lips helplessly with my tongue, she wasn’t even naked yet.

Playing and she dancing and shaking and jiggling restlessly her vigorous ass was an amazingly wonderful and enjoyable performance indeed!

She bent and arched herself down a little bit hard so that she can shake and sway her ass wonderfully fast and safe

She lifted her leg up and strummed and hit her vagina down there with her fingers like she playing some other guitar just like I was doing. That turned me on so fast.

She moved towards me again and then slowly and pulled and tweaked down her blue-colored bra so that her breasts were bared and uncovered before my face and eyes.

I enjoyed and love, love it all so very much indeed. Her ass and boobs were shaking and trembling all too violently and unsteadily. She was uncontrollable.

Finally, she pulled and tugged her panties away while doing a sexy and seductive downward aching and backwards bowing of herself, one where she showed and flaunted to me here that special and priceless everything, Her pussy.

Her pussy was highly aroused red, almost pink in some sense, her sweet dearest vagina! She looked at me and teasingly asked “do you want to taste this?” I nodded submissively. She could see my dick wanting more space in my trouser and she laughed.  

“Let’s go home now!”

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