“Lead the way. I love it when the man is in charge” I muttered. He had sharp ears so he heard me.

He was my date for the night and guess where he chose for us to go to on our first date?? SERALLIO. We went to Honeysuckle first though, to get chicken wings to fill our tummies and I thought we would find a secluded place and cut to the chase but NAH

I’d been depressed all week and I needed fun in my life. I wanted to throw caution to the wind and CHILL, give my horny little flower a dose of what she’d been missing for months and the dude chose Serallio for our date. I could’ve said “no” to going there but I thought it would be fun. I mean, Serallio is always fun and I could use drowning my blood in liquor.

He parked on the next street, so we had to walk all the way and I let him hold my hand. I am a very touchy person, so if I’m with you I love to be very close to you. I like to feel your skin brush against mine and I would want you to look into my eyes when we talk. It tickles my fantasies and gets my horny little girl excited.

What was I wearing? A “ready to fuck” dress

I get really impatient when I’m horny, so if I’m going out and I know I’m gonna fuck, I wear an easy-access-to-my-lady-parts outfit. I had no bra on and it was a backless dress, so my back was bare and my side boobs were exposed. To complete the look, I had on 4-inch block heels and I was feeling really sexy. You should’ve seen me!

That’s not all! The dress was long at the back and hugged my backside in a way that made it pop and it look so rounded. It turned me on when I looked back at it in the mirror. That is how sultry it looked and the front exposed my thighs. It could’ve exposed my vag if it wasn’t a few inches taller and I still had to pull it down while walking cos you know how short outfits are. My panty was nothing good to write home about. It was one of those panties that exposed the labia, clit and vagina because instead of the material covering that entire area, it was just a string which feels good on the clit when you walk. If you put your finger in between my thighs, you would be touching my girl and you would have my juice pour all over your fingers because I was as horny as hell.

While walking, as expected, this gentleman was sizing me up from head to toe. I bet he was also turned on like I was and I looked down to see if his pole had shot up but it hadn’t. Quite disappointing but cool.
He held my hand up to his lips while we were walking and kissed it. We were almost at the gate and I wished we would go back to the car but I didn’t say a word. I like being teased sometimes. It intensifies the pleasure when you finally get down to it.

We got to the gate, paid, walked in and as usual, it was crowded. It was a little past 10 and everyone was hyped up. I could see familiar faces but I couldn’t even think to say hi to them. My lady parts were too loud because they’d gotten way too excited and I couldn’t wait to attend to them.

I needed a drink

We walked to the bar and I got four shots of tequila. After, I felt like I needed more and I asked for another two. My date just stood staring at me with a teasing smile.

“I know I’m a drunkard. It used to be so bad in the past but I’m better now.” He nodded

I got another drink before we left: two bottles of Smirnoff black.
I just couldn’t let my drunk self dance without something going down my throat. We walked to sit by a couple of guys who were his friends and I had to say hello to them. We sat down and the gentleman made me realize he wasn’t boring when he asked me to sit on him. I did and I started grinding my butt on his penis.

He was hard already and you know how we grind our butt when we are giving a lap dance..
I sat in such a way that positioned his penis in between my butt cheeks and to the tune of the loud music, I moved my butt upwards and downwards. Guess what? He was big enough so when I went up, it created beautiful sensations in my clit. She was throbbing and I could feel him get harder.

I kept dancing and grinding on him and then out of where, I felt a strong grip on my waist. I stopped dancing and sat back. He rested his chin on my shoulder and I heard him say something

“What are you tryna do? God! You are so good at this”

It was one of the many appraisals I had received, so my face gleamed. I looked back, my chin touched his and a very strong spark rushed up my clit

“Let’s leave now”

I couldn’t wait for him to say a word and I got up. The boy who had no shame held my hand and pulled me closer,

“Kiss me.. here”

That made me happy because I am a huge fan of PDA and when I am horny, I take instructions so well. I cannot help it because your girl gets really desperate. Luckily, everybody else was too hyped up to notice anything going on and even if they did notice, they acted unbothered which is so mature you know?

I sat facing him with my arms wrapped around his head, my eyes looking into his, nose touching his and my heart stopping when my lips met his. I went in with my tongue, tasting his lips, exploring his oral cavity and playing with his tongue that sent fluttering sensations down my spine and to my girl. She was all wet and dripping.

I was yearning for more and I could’ve swallowed him that moment. And the kiss, God! The kiss felt so good.

We went at it for a few a minute and he broke away, looked into my eyes and I looked away immediately. With my index finger in my mouth, I smiled coyly and looked back at him. I felt a little embarrassed. I’d made him see how desperately horny I was and he looked like he loved it

“Take me out of here. I wanna swim”

“What? Don’t you think we should get a room instead? You look like you want it more than I do.”

“Yeah but I wanna swim so let’s find a place.”

I had plans for the gentleman and he didn’t even know half of it.

He had this disapproving look when we left Serallio but it wasn’t enough to change my mind. I felt like swimming so we were going to swim. He asked me out and he had to work to please me. We walked to the passenger-side door together because the gentleman he was didn’t want me to do the opening but before I could let him, I put my arm around his waist. I leaned closer and gave him a slight push for his back to rest on the car and I wrapped my other arm around his head. I leaned forward and kissed him

This time, it was more intense and as we savoured each other’s lips and tongue, I felt his hand moving up my exposed thighs. Luckily, the back was long and there was no one in sight when we got there. He rubbed on my clit from my vag upwards and he finger-fucked me. God! How it felt! I loved it! I was so wet and he shoved his finger in and out of my lady hole. It was one in the beginning but as we kissed, I realized it was two. That intensified the pleasure and I wanted more but he stopped before I could cum.

I could’ve asked him to keep going but it was worth the wait. We sat in the car and with one hand on the steering wheel, he lifted the other and seeing that it was coming towards my lips, I opened my mouth to receive it. He put both fingers that were previously inside my vagina in my mouth and I sucked on them. I love tasting myself. It does a whole lot to me and my girl grew more impatient.

I licked and sucked on his fingers while making whimpering sounds

“Are you sure you don’t want us to get a room?”

I let go of his fingers, “yeah.. I need a pool”

He looked away, didn’t utter another word and sped off. I looked at him as he drove and I had to admit that he was a fine gentleman. He had a little beard and I got this irresistible urge to run my fingers through it. I love playing with beard and hair so I run my fingers through the hair on his head before moving to his beard.

He was loving it.

A while after, we were in a hotel and we inquired from the security guy if the pool was open but he answered in the negative. He drove to two more hotels and we still got negative responses. He wanted me to give up but I knew there was definitely a place in Accra that allowed people to swim at night

“Okay.. let’s go to East Legon. There’s this backyard and there’s a pool. You can swim there”


I was so happy and when we got there, I offered to find out if we could swim since he was still hesitant. I got out of the car, walked to the bar and the response to us swimming was in the affirmative. The place was empty even and we sort of had the whole space to ourselves. The only people around were the caretakers of the place and the bar man and they could see the pool

Dirty thoughts ran through my head and I felt my clit throb. I walked back to the car, opened the passenger-side door, sat down and smiled while nodding.

“I told you we’d find a place”

Before we could get of the car, I held his upper arm with both of my hands. I put on a begging look on my face and looked directly into his eyes. He got the message. He held my chin up with his index finger and reached for a long kiss. He bit my lower lip, nibbled on it, teased my tongue and kissed me more.

“I can kiss you all day”

I didn’t utter a word. I just kissed him again and I reached for his left hand while parting my legs. I moved forward a bit and directed his hand towards my girl. I felt a gradual buildup up of pleasure in my clit as his finger got close and when he touched it, he played with it. His finger flicked my clit and sent ripples of sensations through my body.

We were still kissing and I gasped when the pleasure in my clit grew more intense. I was approaching my climax and he didn’t stop. He kept flicking my bean which built up more tingling sensations till I felt myself cum. You know how your mind just stops, your heart races, your muscles spasm, your vaginal walls clench and the strongest sensation rush down your legs and throughout your body and right after, there’s this sudden relief that leaves you panting??

That is exactly what happened. It was so evident that I had gotten an orgasm and my clit was quivering in between my thighs. She was happy. She wanted more. He sat back and smiled while unzipping his pants

“My turn”

He pulled out his erect dick and I also felt the need to pee. My bladder was full and I needed to run to the washroom.

“Sorry.. I really need to use the washroom. Let’s go”

“Yeah, me too”

We walked to the washroom together and entered the ladies’ . I peed first and he watched me. The problem with that place is, there is only one washroom or cubicle for each sex, so if more people are around, it will be hard to get dirty in there.

Before he could even pee, we heard a knock and we had forgotten to lock the door. The door opened and another lady was coming in, so we just walked out and move to the male’s washroom. It wasn’t as big as the female’s but it was alright.

He peed, I stood by him and watched,

“Why haven’t I ever fucked in a public washroom like this?”

“You haven’t?”

I nodded and he held my chin up and kissed me. I was still so horny so it wasn’t an ordinary kiss. We were standing so he held me tight and I melted in his arms. We took turns to explore each other’s oral cavity with our tongues and anytime my tongue touched his, I felt a jolt in my clit

I loved tongue play and I still love it

The next thing I felt was his finger inside me. He was fingering me at a fast pace and I felt my knees grow weak, so I held on to him tighter. I loved the kiss, I loved how he rubbed on my labia and my clit and how he finger-fucked me. He kept going in and out and I gasped when it grew so intense. His lips were still on mine. He was doing things to me that I can’t find words to describe.

The next minute, he stopped fingering me and grabbed my lower lip, chewing on it while unzipping his pants. I wanted him. I wanted every inch of his length inside me. I wanted him to fuck me and he did. All I had to do was part my legs and he was inside. You know how it feels when a thick penis is going inside the vagina? My lady walls clasped around his dick and I moaned so loud. I loved how it made me feel.

I loved the skin-to-skin feel, the friction and the ignition of my walls as he buried his entire length inside me. It created sparks that hovered around that entire area. I moaned and let my whole body relish the moment.

He went out, went in, went out, went in and out slowly. It felt magical.

He pushed me against the wall and went faster. It was amazing. I was moaning louder and was silenced when the door opened. (We forgot to lock it.) A man wanted to come in and seeing what was going on, he said sorry, went out and closed the door behind him.

Did we stop? HELL NO!

We kept going and going till he pulled his dick so fast and I saw his cum out onto the floor as he stroked it. I was panting and smiling sheepishly

“Did we just do that? I’m so embarrassed.. we have no shame!”

Just then, I realized I couldn’t stay any longer in there. The place was smelling badly and I was surprised I didn’t perceive it earlier. My horniness overclouded my sense of smell and I was able to have good sex.

I wanted another orgasm

“How are you so tight though?”

I rolled my eyes, “Ugh here we go again”

We walked out and luckily, except for the barman, there was no one in sight. I didn’t even have my glasses on but it didn’t matter. We walked to the two-storey wooden structure facing the pool. It was slightly dim and there were seats. It looked conducive enough for sex and the bar was at the far end.

He sat with his back to the wall. Facing him, I held his legs together, looked up at him and sat on his laps. I already described the dress I was wearing, so you should know how easy it was to go inside my vagina. He brought out his dick, I lifted my butt up a bit and he was at the entrance of my lady hole. I moved my butt down and I let him go in slowly while feeling the sensations run through my walls. We were fucking in the open and it was crazy and NICE.

With his hands going inside the side of my dress, he grabbed my boobs and left them exposed. He sucked on one nipple and tweaked the other. I loved it but he let go of both and kissed me. I hugged him tightly while moving my waist up and down. I was moaning and when I looked on my right, I saw someone. He walked towards the stairs and said,

“Enjoy!” And he walked up the stairs

“Oh my God!!” My lady parts and butt weren’t exposed in any way but anyone would know we were fucking

“That’s the guy who walked in on us in the washroom”


“You know what? Sit back. I wanna spell coconut”

I put my boobs back in my dress and with his entire length buried inside me, he let his back rest on the wall. I arched my back and started with a C, grinding my waist all round to get an O, did another C while moaning and didn’t stop till I did T.

It was crazy and we needed to get a room. My senses were heightened and I was tired of having a dress on.

“Let’s leave!”

“I thought you wanted to swim”

‘Will you swim with me?”

He shook his head, “I can’t swim”

“Alright let’s leave. I’m not swimming if you are not swimming”

“You know its so cold”

“Yes., so I won’t swim. The pool isn’t even deep. There is a whole lot we could do in the water. That’s why I asked us to come here.”

“Alright. I don’t even have anything to swim in. Let me get my tennis pants from the car”

“Yaay! Lemme also get my top”

I never thought I was going to swim when I was leaving the house, so I didn’t take a swimsuit along. I only had a top and shorts that I planned to wear if I slept out and had to go home the next day. When we got to the car, I took off my dress, wore the top that was long enough to cover my butt and he wore his tennis pants.

We walked into the pool and the water was so cold. We needed each other’s touch. He carried me with my legs wrapped around his waist with his back to the edge. Both arms were on his shoulders, wrapped around his head and I leaned forward and kissed him.

Just then, someone yelled,

“Should we turn off the light?’

We both laughed and said yes.. So, there were people up there after all and they could see us but who cares? The light was turned off but it wasn’t exactly dark. We kept kissing and breathing heavily and basking in the glory of the moment.

We kissed for some time and then, we went down to business,

I put my hand in his pants, got hold of his dick, pulled it out and let it go inside me. One-third of our bodies was submerged in the pool and we fucked.

We kissed and kissed and I felt him go in and out of me till he started going faster and faster till he pulled out and ejaculated in the pool

Lucky him! He’d gotten his second orgasm.

Where was mine? My girl was begging for more and I couldn’t wait for us to leave that backyard and go to an actual room.

We walked out of the pool, wiped the water off our skin, walked to the bar, paid the barman and headed to the car.

It was 2:30am and the night still felt young cos your girl hadn’t finished yet..


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