I met her one night in a club. It was a Saturday night.

I was there with this guy who claimed he liked me and I knew he wanted something more but in my head, whatever was going to happen that night would just be a flash in the pan; more like a night stand. I wasn’t intending on meeting him anywhere again, not to talk of replying his messages or answering his calls. I know it sounds crazy but that was nothing new to me. I had done it a couple of times before. I’ve met pretty cool guys, had good sex and though it was always fun, I still ended it because I couldn’t be with one guy for long; I get bored easily.

As we entered the club, I saw her. She caught my eye; she was slim, got handy breasts, she was in a very sexy black dress and her face was everything. She was light-skinned, with very pretty eyes; she looked so pretty in her makeup and her red lips did nothing but turn me on.

O God! How I wished to talk to her and have her touch me. My lady goddess was also awake and needed to be taken care of. I was so wet but I had to keep my cool. I kept telling myself, ‘I’m straight’ to take my mind off her.

She was with a pretty cool guy, though my mister was way finer. I flirted with him and when we entered the club, we walked straight to the bar. I needed tequila shots down my throat; I needed something to make me hyper; I needed to be at my craziest and I needed all the energy I could get from alcohol. So, I got four shots and I thought my mister would want some but he decided to keep it cool; he went for a bottle of beer.

“Oh he’s not an alcoholic like me, who cares?” I didn’t really care about him. I’m way too selfish for that. I just wanted to have fun; I wanted to go wild and that was why I asked him to take me there in the first place.

Then I saw her walk towards the bar with him. God!! She was pretty, so sexy and I wanted her so bad; not like I’d been with a girl before. I couldn’t help but stare and I hoped it wasn’t so obvious. I tried to hide it by talking to my mister and laughing out loud. She sat on one bar stool and he stood by her. I kept stealing glances at her and on my third glance, I caught her. Yeah, I did. I caught her staring at me. I think it was ‘cause of how I looked. Yeah, I know I’m that sexy. But I guess I looked rather slutty and she couldn’t help but notice. Or maybe she was into girls and had a thing for me too. O God, my tummy fluttered.

If I were white, my cheeks would’ve turned red and I’d be so embarrassed. I took the shots; I kept drinking till I’d taken like eight. She kept stealing glances at me and I know this because my mister told me. She wasn’t the only one staring and he was intrigued.

He was so proud that he was my date and he knew all the guys there and even some girls would give anything to be with me. I laughed it off and got up from my seat. I went close to him and gave him a peck on his lips. I was so turned on. I held his hands and pulled him to the dance floor and we danced. I’m not trying to boast here, but I’m that good and the way I danced caught everybody’s attention. Other girls were trying to keep up with my moves so they don’t lose their guys to me. I kept dancing and she was also dancing not so far from me. She was pretty good; I smiled at her and she smiled back. I felt like the “baddest” girl in the club at that moment and it made me feel so good. I wanted to dance and dance and never stop. As time went on, I realized my mister was turned on, just like I was. We leaned against the wall and we made out. I don’t know how it looked but it was seriously turned up and then we went to the washroom. We could have just stepped out of the club to his car which had so much space; but I chose to walk him to the unisex washroom. We went there and had a quickie. After, I could see that he was okay but I wanted more and I still wanted her.

He told me he wanted us to go rest in the car and return to the club sometime after. You know I wanted more but, I asked him to go so I meet him afterwards. I don’t know why I chose to stay ‘cause I was a bit tipsy. How was I going to walk out alone when all the guys in the club had their eyes on me? Anyone could snatch me into their arms if I was to walk alone, but I still asked him to leave. I stood in front of the mirror and stared at my reflection. I felt so different; I couldn’t really feel my body. I was in another world. I looked so wild, so crazy and so slutty that, I bet anyone who stared would either have their dicks hardening or have their panties dripping wet. Just then, I saw the door open and guess who entered?

“Did she see him leave alone without me and guessed that I would be alone, so she decided to come meet me?”

She entered a cubicle, went to pee ─I think─ and then she came out and stood in front of the mirror, right next to me. I felt like saying something to her and I knew she wanted to say something too but maybe she was too shy. So I said “hi, I like your dress; you’re pretty and you dance so well.”  She smiled. God! She smiled. You have no idea how I felt. I saw stars, she is so pretty and I felt butterflies in my tummy. I’d had crushes on girls before but this felt different. She said ‘thank you’ and added that she should rather be saying that to me.

I also smiled and I asked for her name. She said Ruby.

I told her mine and I asked if the guy she was with was her boyfriend and she nodded.

“Oh okay” that wasn’t the response I was expecting. I’m sure she sensed the disappointment. She went ahead to ask about my mister and I said, ‘no he’s just a friend.’

Then I asked a crazy question. I asked if she’ll ever do a girl. I know how it sounds but I didn’t care. I knew she liked me and after I asked, I said, “I’m sorry, not like I’m a lesbian. I mean, I’ve never been with a girl but I might do a girl, if she was you”.

Luckily, I got what I wanted. She told me she wasn’t totally straight and added that she’d also do a girl like me. My heart skipped a beat and I thought, “wow! This is the craziest moment in my life.”

So I asked, ‘What do we do? Should we just leave the guys and have fun on our own?’ She laughed and said, ‘can I have your number?’ I gave it to her and took hers and we walked out together. She introduced me to her guy as an old friend. He looked like he would undress me if he got the least chance. I was so flattered, “what if we had a threesome. Wouldn’t that be great?” I shook the thought off.

I told them I would see them later and went out of the club to my mister’s car. He looked so tired and I told him I wasn’t done partying. He wanted us to go back home and I refused. I told him he could leave if he wanted.  I knew he wasn’t going to leave so I pulled him out of the car, made out with him against his car and after some time, we went back into the club.

This time, we went closer to Ruby and we danced around each other. It was so fun and at a point we both said we were tired and wanted to take a walk. I don’t know if they sensed that we were into each other but we so wanted to be alone. We left the club, talking and laughing. We walked to the parking lot and stood against my mister’s car. There, when we realized there was no one around, we kissed. I had mister’s car keys so, we went into the car.

We kissed again. It felt great, better than any kiss I’d ever had. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted it to go on and on. It felt so good. As we kissed, she moved her fingers down my tummy, towards my panty. Words can’t describe how that felt. It was different, magical and I told her not to stop. This is what I said “God! Ruby, what are you doing? It feels so good.  Please don’t stop” then she laughed. She played with my lady goddess. She rubbed my clit, she kept rubbing; she did it so right like no one had ever done. Even better than me when I ever masturbated and then she kissed me. I couldn’t stop moaning….


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