My Neighbour 2

My mind raced all night and all day as I waited for 4pm. I waited and waited till it was dark. Then I heard my garage door go down, and the slow opening of the people door into my living room. There she was, in a white robe, and that’s all. I had the room dimly lit, with a big soft blanket and pillows on the floor. I had on my black robe and we stood for a moment and smiled at each other. I whispered “all clear?” and then she jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around me. We kissed hot and heavy as I carried her to the blanket on the floor and slid her down the front of me. She moaned and shuddered as my boner slid across her slit. Now on her back, I slowly peeled back her robe and just viewed her hot body. She pulled me on top of her, spread her legs wide and grabbed my head and drove it to her pussy. She had a perfect bush, and I licked her pussy and clit as she shuttered and moaned. She kept trying to catch her breath as I put in one, two and then three fingers in her pussy and grabbed fingers full of G-spot.

Her pussy was dripping as she squirmed and felt her own nipples. She reached down with her hand and rubbed her clit as I licked her. She had the smoothest, darkest skin of a woman I’d ever seen, and I loved it. As she huffed for air, she began to guide my tongue across her clit and then yelled as her pussy shook and her legs wrapped around my back. Her hips pushed up and shuddered as she squealed loud, then grabbed my hair and worked my head back and forth over her clit. She shook over and over and said that was the first time she ever had cum that good!

After she gathered her breath, she said: “Now give me that monster under your robe!” She rolled me on my side and turned to 69 as she got her first look at my boner. She started off gently looking and stroking it, she was impressed with what she saw. I closed my eyes at first as she played, licked and stroked. Then she got aggressive, held my balls and tried to take all of me down her throat. She kept it up for a while until she had all of me somewhere down her throat. My lips were now wrapped around her clit, and my fingers in her pussy. She shuddered and worked her clit on my tongue, she sighed as my entire boner was in her mouth and throat. I couldnt hold it any more as she bobbed up and down fast. My dick was ready to explode and my balls pulled in tight ready to shoot. She yelled out a muffled MMMMMM as I unloaded one of the best mega cums of my life. I pumped and pumped as we moaned with pleasure as cum over flowed out around her lips. Her pussy squeezed down around my tongue as she came and her cum gushed over and over. She came up for air and muttered that she had wanted to do that for a long time. Her pussy was all wet and twitching as I licked and fingered her. We lay there catching some air and just licking each other for the longest time. Damn we were both dizzy as we sat up and had a chocolate bar.

Soon she lay down, spread her legs wide and pointed at my returning hard boner and saidI want to feel you inside me.
When she said that, I could feel the jolt in my balls as they started to work overtime, getting ready to unload soon. I started kissing her beautiful black legs and worked my way up, teasing her pussy with my tongue, then on to the nipples. She squirmed and moaned the whole time. Finally she moanedI can’t take it anymore! Put it IN! She dug her fingernails in my butt cheeks and pulled as I teased her clit with my dick. She was dripping wet again. Now was the golden moment after all that time of me dreaming about fucking her. She grabbed my dick and pushed it in franticly. I pushed it in her tight pussy till I felt her cervix at the bottom. She shook and moaned, and up went her legs around my back and started humping right with me. I kissed all around her face and neck while squeezing her wonderful boobs and rolling her nipples with my fingers. Her arms raced around and pulled on my back, our tongues sinking deep in our mouths, twisting and feeling. Our moaning increased, I just didnt care who heard us. Our lips parted as the moans turned into yelling. Our hips moving together making a wonderful slapping noise. I reached down with one hand and put my thumb on her clit and rolled it around. We both yelled as we came. Our body’s humped and then drove us tight together as I pumped load after load deep in her pussy. We twitched, shuddered, moaned and stayed locked together.

We were in another world of pleasure, somewhere….., but nobody knows where.

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  1. Damn!!! 🍆💦💦💦

  2. But how do peeps write stories like this
    I mean I can picture everything

    • That’s what makes it an art! It should be captivating😇

  3. 😘😘😘😘😘

  4. I'm so wet....was so engrossed in it tho.

  5. Ami you are good... I love this stories, I wish to experience something like this.

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