Shall We Begin

I had known Abena all my life, she been living across road since I can remember and I would say I’ve been in love with her from that time. I mean that’s how my people will put it. Anytime I can’t be found at home I’m definitely around Abena. When i see her walking down the street I watch her go from a distance till she can’t be seen no more. She was older than me by months and looked too matured in my eyes. 

Abena was too beautiful, she had brown eyes with black hair which she always kept short, she was thin and tall. I blush crazily anytime she says something sweet to me.

I had interest in soccer and she did too, we could debate on soccer in a whole conversation till we both got tired. She saw me as the best friend but I’ve been in love with her since I can remember. I was a quiet one and had no friend except her, she on the other hand was wild and fun and people really liked her, even as young as we were I most times get jealous when I see boys around her but there was nothing I could do about it.

We gradually became apart as we grew but we remained close friends. On some days we just go sit at the park and talk about ourselves, she always does the talking cos I’m a good listener too. Those long afternoons idly chatting with her actually helped me develop the social skills to talk to other girls and not come across like such a total weirdo. And her physique had develop and got infused with pre–teen lust.

Abena started dating this senior when we got to J.S.S 2, as much as it crushed my heart I understood cos I knew I had no chance with her. She started hanging out with some guy all the time who was also popular in the school and they became a popular couple. And anytime we met she would spend half the time talking about him. I was hurting that I’m losing her. She was the only friend I had and now I’m losing her, I couldn’t take it but there was nothing I could do too.

Abena called me one night to meet her outside and from her voice I felt she had been crying, I stopped whatever I was doing to go meet her and predictably she was sobbing.

‘’Daniel broke up with, he said he is completing and did not want me to hold him back‘’ she said and her tears started flowing. “I always knew he is a fool” I said but Abena gave me a hard stare I said nothing no more. She asked me if she could come be with me for sometime, she needed someone to talk to. I obliged.

We got home and since no one one else was home we went upstairs and not wanting to anger her more I just sat and said nothing. I sat there, unsure of what to say. I guess I figured she and Daniel had to have been doing something, but it was still difficult to think of her having sex with someone else.

As I was thinking this, I took a good look at her. She had her hair short and perm looking gold.  She was wearing slippers and brown jeans shorts with a black and white striped top. The blousy material hung loosely on her C cup boobs.

I gave her some juice to drink to calm herself. The sadness on her face didn’t take away her pretty features. She took another swig from the bottle. I began to fantasize what it would feel like with her lips wrapped around my dick. I was starting to get a boner, and tried to hide it by moving around and crossing my hands in my lap.

She noticed my movement and glared at me. Her eyes glanced down at my crotch, and stared there. She looked back up at me. “Are you hard? Do you have a boner right now? You little perv, checking me out and getting wood!” She angrily spat at me.

She walked to my bed, grabbed my hands, and forced them out of the way. The erection in my pants had completely tented my shorts. She seemed charmed by the sight.

“Oh” was all that she said. She eventually looked back up at me, the anger having disappeared from her face. She seemed to be struggling with something, and then a look of steely determination came over her.

“Lay back.” She directed me. I dumbly followed her directions. She swiftly stripped my shorts down, airing out my dick. I had never been with a female and she had definitely been with her now ex so I didn’t really know how I compared to other guys, but Abena seemed impressed. She grasped and squeezed my hard-on, then quickly stripped off her shorts.

She climbed onto my bed, and straddled me.

“You can’t cum in me, ok?”

I stared at her, dumbfounded. Was she really about to fuck me? I had read books and watch videos and even do “Vaseline”, but had no real idea of what it would be like. My friends and I never really talked about sex, unlike the pips who would often brag about their sexual exploits.

There was this excitement in me because it might go down “Ummm, how will I know….?”

“You’re so cute. You’ll start to feel something in your balls. I’ll probably know before you do.” she said.

With that, she grasped my dick, and guided it between her legs. She moved it around a bit with an annoyed look on her face, before she finally located the entrance to her pussy.

She took a deep breath and slowly began to lower herself onto my dick. I felt like I was sticking my dick into a ….

I don’t know. It was warm, tight, and slick, and felt amazing.

“my god” She gasped. She was slowly lowering herself onto me. Every couple of inches, she would stop and wiggle a little bit, trying to get a little more of my dick into her.

I was going nuts. I began babbling at her, “oh my God, I love you, this is amazing, I can’t believe this, oh, oh, oh.”

“Shhhh!!!!” She clamped her hand down on my mouth. I could feel my dick starting to twitch inside her, and a churning in my balls. I shut my eyes and groaned. Abena leapt off of me, just as I began to burst. Strings of cum shot out of my dick and 3 feet into the air. She made a face as she looked around at where it had splashed back down on my bed. “ah.”

We got talking and she confessed she had always loved me but was scared to come forward first, and the reason she went in for Daniel was to me make jealous. I poured out my undying feelings to her too and we both laughed at how we’ve been playing ourselves.

We started to smooch and she felt my dick, which was still deflated, but was still rigid and she stroked me a couple of times.

“I don’t want this to end, I’ve always imagined this moment, I didn’t mean to wait ….”

“Shhhh, you’re hard enough” She whispered to me, and climbed back on me. She lowered herself onto me again, and began to slowly grind into me with a grimace.

“OHH nanayaw, you’re huge.” She groaned.

“Really?” I asked. Like I said, I didn’t have anything to compare to.

“oh yeah.” She replied. She kept rolling her hips around in a slow, rhythmic fashion. “Now be quiet, and let me concentrate.”

Having already shot my load, I was able to relax and enjoy the sight in front of me.

Abena was rolling her head back, and had pulled her shirt and bra down below her breasts. She was squeezing and tweaking her nipples while her hips slowly rotated on top of me. She was shaven, and her bare mound glistened with sweat. Our bodies seemed to be conjoined at the hips.

I reached up and put my hands on top of hers, and began to pinch her nipples. She smiled down at me, and placed her hands atop mine. She began to slowly guide my hands with her own. She gently guided my fingers around her nipples, and began to caress them.

“Be gentle, baby.” She told me. “They’re sensitive. Caress, don’t squeeze.”

So I followed her directions while she rode me. She soon slowed, and I felt her pussy start to contract around my dick. She began to flush.

“Ohohoh, here it comes” she moaned. “Oh, yeeeeessssss…..”

She collapsed on top of me, completely spent.

“Thanks nanayaw, I really needed that.”

She rolled off me and pulled her shorts back up. She glanced at my bed, splattered with my earlier ejaculation. “You better clean that up, it would be hard to explain.”

“I’ve had wet dreams before, my mom knows it.”

She smiled at me. “Take a shower anyway, you smell like sex. And air the room out, too. Your mom may be used to stains on your sheets, but she’ll recognize this is a little bit more. You can’t tell anyone about this, you know that right?”

 I nodded dumbly.

“See you later baby.” She said, gave me a kiss and left. 

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