His lips, so soft, came closer to mine and as it did, I held my breath and gasped. I love kissing and just anticipated the sensations it was going to create in my vagina.  

I parted my lips and he held my lower lip with his, bit it and played with both of my lips and my tongue. He made me hunger for him. I wanted more and I held him tighter. The kiss was so passionate and filled with so much lust; so much lust that had to be quenched and if he hadn’t broken it, we would’ve gone on and on till we were both unclad, till his dick was balls deep inside me

He had the control that I seemed to be missing. I never knew having your heart broken could make me want dick that much and although he also wished we could go on, he wanted us to first go to our destination and continue from there

I didn’t utter a word. I just sat up, put my feet on the seat and hugged myself. In an awkward silence, he drove us to AnC mall. I took out my mirror from my bag and realized my lipstick was all over my face. It made me giggle and I remembered the taste of his lips.

Oh how it felt! My clit throbbed and I touched his arm and looked directly into his eyes. He smiled, took my hand and kissed it.

‘What is that?’ I said to myself

The guy was playing romantic and I wasn’t having it. It wasn’t even needed. I took out my facial wipe, cleaned the smudged lipstick and I put on another one.

At AnC, we parked and decided to go to a bar to Honeysuckle a drink. When we got out of the car, I saw a man approach us and I wondered what he wanted. He walked closer to Eric and I listened to him talk about raising funds to support a church work. I didn’t catch everything he was saying. All I wanted was for Eric to give him whatever he wanted so that he would leave us alone

Eric told him, ‘we’re getting a drink, we will be back.’

We went to the bar and there and we got bar stools. Before I could sit, I felt the urge to pee so I asked to be excused and went to the washroom. There I looked at myself in the mirror and felt glad that at least I was having a good time even though it was going to last a short while. I walked back to the bar and saw that he had ordered a beer. I asked him why he had to go for a beer when we could do shots and we went ahead to get four shots of Tequila each.

It hyped me up for whatever we were going to do after. I couldn’t wait for us to leave and he looked like he couldn’t too! We left the bar and walked towards the car. While walking, I grabbed his hand and placed it on my butt. I love it when a man I’m sexually involved with grabs my butt and spanks it when we are our or walking. It’s such a huge turn-on!

I couldn’t wait to have him inside me.

We sat in the car and before he could spark the car, the man we met earlier, who was supposedly raising funds for his church ran towards us.

‘So he was waiting for us! Wow!’ I exclaimed!

Eric couldn’t help but take out his wallet and gave him some money. I didn’t see the amount and I didn’t even care to check. He drove out of the parking lot and when we got to the main road, I turned to my left to look at him. He looked back and I said in a low tone,

‘I want you to kiss me’

‘You really love kissing, huh?’

I nodded and he parked at the side of the street, grabbed my lips with his and I put the flat of my hand behind his head to pull him closer while he grabbed my left boob with his hand. He squeezed it as we tasted each other’s mouth sensually. I loved it! I loved everything he was doing to me.

I loved the effect he had on my vagina. I went ahead to move his hand from my breast to my lap. It was a gesture he perfectly understood and that meant we had to get a good parking place. I wanted the real deal and had to get it. So he broke the kiss, and said,

‘We need to park somewhere lonely and dark. Let’s go to Airport residential’

You should’ve seen the speed with which he drove us to the spot we wanted. No one spoke a word till we found a cool spot and there, I moved to the back seat, took off my clothes and watched him take off his.

Finally! We were going to have sex! I was finally going to feed my privacy with some penis, her ideal meal. I wanted to just lie on my back and open my legs to receive him. That was all I wanted and there was no denying it. When he was finally naked, I looked at his profile and concluded that he wasn’t bad looking.

I asked, ‘have you got a condom?’

I loved raw sex and I still do, but safety always comes first.

‘Of course!’ He said.

He got a condom and wore it over his hard, upright penis. As submissive as I always am during sex, I asked politely,

“Can I sit on you?”

He sat and I sat on his hardness with my back facing him. I arched my back and received him in my privacy. The feeling I got as he filled me up made me moan. Luckily we were in a good spot and I could moan as loud as I wanted although if we weren’t fortunate enough, we could get caught.

When he was fully in, it hit a spot that created a spark, a spark that lingered on when the dick kept hitting against it. I ground my waist on him and loved how it felt with him moving round and round inside me. Then I lifted my butt up and down and bounced on his dick, and as it went in and out, I moaned. It felt so good having him inside me and the sparks kept running up my body and I wished he would stay in forever. I went faster, as the pleasure heightened, with my hands holding his knees for support.

‘O Lord, please take me back!’

 It felt wonderful. I rode him and kept riding till I heard him say, ‘shit!’

He was cumming and it didn’t make me stop, I kept grinding on him till I felt his grip on my waist which was a cue for me to get up. So I got up, sat by him and watched him grab tissues from the front seat. He took off the condom filled with his cum and wiped any trace on his dick.

I wanted more. I went ahead to grab the right side of his neck and stretched forward to lick and kiss the side of his neck facing me. I bit it a little and licked it. Right then, I felt his hand on my thigh. My clit began to throb as I felt him rub my inner thing. I’d stopped playing with his neck and he turned, looked into my eyes and lowered his gaze to my lips. I grabbed his neck again and kissed him on the lips. His soft lips intertwined with mine as his tongue explored my mouth and teased my tongue.

It was so hot! I was moaning with hunger and I felt his finger on my already hardened and erect clit. It felt so good and I held him tighter. The kissing also intensified as my tongue played with his. I tasted his lips while his finger rubbed my clit and fingered my privacy. He started with one finger, added another finger and played with my clit as well.

I felt an overwhelming need to be filled with his penis at that point and I couldn’t wait any longer, so I broke off the kiss. I looked into his eyes and said,

 ‘Your dick please’

 It sounded so desperate and he smiled and gave me exactly what I asked for.

He took out another condom, rolled it on his dick. I wondered what position we were going for and guess what? This gentleman got grabbed his shirt from the front seat, put it on, opened the door and got out of the car. He stood facing the seat with no pants on and he looked like he was waiting for me to get in the right position. 

He wanted me in the doggy position and we weren’t even indoors.

I didn’t say no. I just did what was expected, lied on my belly and proceeded to arch my back for my butt to face him. He moved closer and penetrated me slowly. I felt his dick move tightly between my walls. It created magical sensations that were so intense and when he was fully in, I gasped.

He held my waist and motioned me to go forward and backward as he went in deeper and out of me. I loved every single thing he was going to my body. We went on and on slowly and faster at a point, causing the pleasure to intensify to the ultimate point. I was cumming!

 ‘Don’t stop, I’m cumming!’ I screamed

He didn’t stop, he went faster, spanking my ass in the process till I screamed. I felt that intense jolt shoot up my privacy and a surge of relief that followed. My clenched muscles were relaxed and I breathed heavily. I had gotten my second orgasm and we weren’t even done.

He kept moving in and out of me and the next minute, I heard him moan. He was cumming and I wished he had kept longer because I still wanted more, but that was fine.  I had to sit on the far end and watched him got into the car. He sat next to me and I grabbed tissues, gave him some and cleaned my vagina with the rest. He took out the condom with the tissues and we both dressed up.

We were so lucky to have done all that without getting caught. It was an amazing feeling and I was glad I went out that day. We both left the back seat and went in front. We talked for a while and he drove me to my house before heading back home.

It was a fun experience and I saw him a couple of times after. It helped me stay distracted until I felt I was over the broken heart.


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    • Haha.. get some b! You can do solo or partnered. Remember to be in the safer side by exploring your options with regard to contraceptives and use condoms if necessary. Enjoy yourself and share your fun stories with me!

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