Worry Not

I was walking alone thinking about all the worries I had, and I got a text from my ‘new’ girl friend, Abena Mansa  that her parents had gone out. I told her I wasn’t feeling like it, yet she still invited me to her house and said I should be there by 10pm.

I said okay, looked at my watch I had an hour.

I drove to her house and went in.

She looked stunning even though she was just wearing shorts and a T-shirt, which highlighted her great boobs. She is shorter than me (5ft 4) and I like teasing her about it. We have been having relationship troubles and it was only a week ago we settled them and got things back to normal. Since then we hadn’t been able to see or be intimate with each other, I miss her.

We sat down to watch a comedy movie, but we ended up talking through it. After a while of absolute silence she asked me what was wrong.  I usually bottle up my feelings and she said that I could trust her and that she’s always here for me. I told her I knew that and stood up to go get water but she grabbed my hand and said, she got some in her room and I should follow her.

I looked at her round, cute ass while following her. God, I was pretty hard now and I tried to adjust my stiff dick in my trousers and follow her. 

She turned back and hugged me, asking me what was wrong.

The way she squeezed me. Oh, there might have been a drop or two of precum in my underwear. We looked at each other and and had a passionate kiss. She touched my lips with hers, opened it a lil bit and slipped her lower lip between mine. She held my chest hesitantly with one hand and I held her neck and slipped in my tongue. There was a lot of increasing tension . My crotch became bigger, I was so horny.

I tried to look down to see if it was visible and I was pretty sure she saw that. Infact, I’m pretty sure she could feel it by her stomach.

She asked me to look into her eyes and kiss her all over again as if my life depended on it, which I did. I held her face with both my hands and kissed her passionately. She slid a hand into my shirt and started running her hands all over my body. She felt my abs and then my chest. The way she rubbed me made me want to hold her hand and make her rub even harder. She removed her T-shirt while I removed mine.

I held her waist and slowly went up her waistline and opened the clasp of her bra, and she removed her now loosed bra and let it fall between us as I kissed her. It was hot so our bodies were already covered with sweat; it felt so good to hug her half naked body.  Something I hadn’t done in a while and spent long parts of my days craving for.

My hands found their way to her ass and shortly enough, her legs were being lifted from the floor and wrapped around my waist as I pushed her to the wall and kissed her. She started to push her hips forward, to meet my mirroring hips and moaning into my mouth.

I trailed kisses from her mouth to her ear, down her long neck to her chest and straight down to her hardened  nipples. Through her loud moans and shortness of breath I could tell that she was horny, that she wanted and needed me like I needed her. I laid her down on her bed gently and kissed her stomach, which made her smile. This made me kiss her more and shortly after we were swiftly trying to  take each other’s clothes off and failing miserably.

We smiled at each other and she wrapped her legs around me again, trying to stop her giggles.

The failed attempt of us trying to take our clothes off resulted in us being left in our underwear, but Abena did not let that stop her. 

She  got on top of me and started to dry hump me, slowly at first whilst I kissed her wherever I could reach.

I stood up from the bed and led her to sit on her sit on her table. I pushed her panty to the side and went down on her, preparing to put all my frustration and anger on her sweet spot. I licked her belly button, she blushed, I went down. Her pussy was so wet I could see it shine and I could smell her sweet sex. I placed my tongue on her urethra and started rubbing, licking and sucking it.

She held my hair as her head rolled back, her eyes closed and mouth open as I moved down. I slid my tongue in and out of her vagina so well I could feel her clench it with her pussy. Her clitoris was waiting to be sucked. I licked around it and sucked it violently. She moaned and tightened her grip on my hair.

I pushed down my underwear and I spread her legs apart and instinctively she held my dick and slid it up and down her vulva as if it was a paint bush. I then held her waist firmly on the table and slid my dick inside her.

I lifted her up and placed her on the bed and started fucking her.

She was moaning with pleasure as I kissed her and fucked her. She held my back and pulled me towards her and scratched my back.

She screamed “Nanayaawww I’mm about to cum. Fuuuuck me faster “

I started fucking her faster. She screamed again “I’m gonna cum now” and I could feel her shaking and clenching my dick with her pussy. Oh she put her head back pulled me to her chest by holding my hair. I licked her nipple and fucked her with passion. She screamed again “I amm cummmmming ” and she pushed her body towards mine and I came in her within seconds; releasing my hot thick liquid in her. Just the way she liked it.

She said “we literally made love” I said yeah and pushed my dick deeper inside her for a few seconds and pulled it out. After a while, we cleaned our juices off ourselves, hugged and slept there for an hour or two, woke up wore our clothes and cuddled and watched the remainder of the movie. We kissed again, this time slowly and savouring every moment of it.

“I love you babe” I murmured.

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