You Enter Your Man’s Room And Find Him Naked. What Do You Do??

Lol! First of all, I’m gonna be taken aback a little and then I’ll be like, ‘babe why are you naked?’ and then I’ll get his blanket and throw it at him to cover himself

Thereafter, I’ll put my bag down and join him in bed..

Then, I will go close to his body and rub my fingers down his chest towards his dick.. whether he is hard or not.. and I’ll hold it, massage it with my soft palm and as he breathes heavily, I’ll kiss his lips..

That should do the trick.. He should rip my clothes off because I give killer hand jobs and I’ll proceed to have a taste of my meal in between his legs

I will kiss his cock, suck on it, play with his balls till he screams my name, but I won’t make him cum

Knowing my man, he should carry me from then on and put me on the bed, with me laying on my back

Then he will treat my body as he would his favorite meal

He will grab my boobs and suck my nipples the way I love it while he moves one hand down my belly towards my lady goddess which will be dripping wet at the time

Then he will shove his finger inside my privacy, in and out while varying the pace and I will moan so loud because I can’t help it

He’ll play with my clit from time to time and kiss my lips also with so much tongue play.. He knows how it makes me hunger for him more

Then, he will squeeze my boobs with one hand and when my moaning becomes too loud and I start asking for his dick, he will get off me and make me lie on my face

Then he will pull my legs till they hang from the bed for the doggy style while he stands on the floor behind me

Then, he will grab my butt cheeks with both hands and shove his big cock inside my privacy..
The pleasure I get while I feel his cock enter me will be so amazing that I will moan and say ‘fuck yeah!’
And then, he will go in and out, while he spanks my ass.. first, it won’t be hard but as he keeps spanking, he will increase the intensity ‘cause he knows I love the pain

Then he will hold my hair and pull it while he fucks me harder.

My moaning will be so loud ‘cause I’m a screamer and he loves it..

And after a while, because he takes long to cum, we will change positions

He will take his cock out, spank my ass so hard and then, he will hold my hand and get me to get up

Then, he will grab my waist and carry me while I wrap my legs around his

Knowing what position we are going to do, my clit will start tingling because I love playing the cow girl and that moment, I’ll be so desperate to have him inside me

I’ll look into his eyes and he’ll see how much I want him.. his will also be so red as though he’s chanced on a prey and he’ll give me a peck on my lip, more like a tease and I’ll hug him so tight as he walks to a chair and sits down

Then, I’ll sit on his cock and moan as it goes deep inside me, never ending.. I will hold his shoulders with both hands for support and go up and down for his cock to move deeper and shallower inside me. I’ll flex my waist backwards because that way, he will hit my G-spot and the sensation it gives me will make me hug him so tight while I grind on his cock . Till the pleasure I’m getting intensifies to the point when I can’t take it any longer

That whole time, he will have my butt cheeks in his hands as his spanks them continuously and it’ll feel so good.. I’ll keep grinding on him and riding his dick, at a faster pace as the pleasure I’m getting heightens till I finally explode.. that point I will have the nicest feeling ever and I will be panting like a dog with the sensation running through my spine..

I will smile and kiss him.. my man, who takes so long to cum will now be satisfied that he gave me the ultimate gift.. he’ll smile at me and say, ‘I love you’ and I’ll also smile and  kiss him on his lips. He knows the feeling is mutual and doesn’t need to hear me say it.

Then, I’ll get up, hold his hand and say, ‘it’s your turn baby’

He’ll follow me and I will lie on my back with my legs wide open, ready for him to devour my privacy

First, he will kiss my feet, lick my toe and kiss my legs, up my thigh, towards my belly and suck on my navel

Then, he will gently rub my clit with his index finger to give me so much pleasure which will cause me to moan and I will grasp the bedsheet for support.

He will finger me with his index finger and middle finger and after seeing how slippery and wet my flower is, he will climb on top of me and shove his big cock inside of me again.

As he does this, I will flex my hips to go closer to him and he will grab one pillow, lift me up and put the pillow under my butt

This’ll cause me to moan louder ‘cause it’ll feel so good.. my man knows exactly what gets me there so he does just that

Then he will fuck me so hard, in and out so fast and I will scream, ‘harder, I love it, fuck! Fuck me harder baby.. you know I love it.. fuck! ‘
He will keep going and going till I cum and the next thing I know he would be moaning so loud which is so sexy and he will cum inside me. He’ll kiss my lips and hug me so tight as we both pant heavily with our chests right next to each other

That moment, our bond will be so strong and I’ll fall in love with him all over again because he gives me everything I need from a man and there’s no way I’ll look elsewhere…

And I’ll whisper in his ears, ‘I love you’

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