Safe Abortion And How To Go About It

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We all know abortion has to do with getting rid of a pregnancy no matter how old. It is a decision that should be left in the hands of the woman because she bears the baby and in the case of emotional or psychological trauma, pain or any other aftermath, she is the only one who bears it all.

Before anyone decides to opt for abortion, she should have thought about the pros and cons of her keeping the pregnancy and if the cons outweigh the pros, she should immediately go ahead with it. Most women are into the habit of waiting too long before finally deciding to abort a pregnancy when from the onset they knew they wouldn’t be able to keep the baby and in the end, they suffer complications that they could have avoided if they had made up their minds earlier


The right time is the moment the woman tests positive to pregnancy and has thought it all through and decided that there is no way that keeping the pregnancy will do her or the unborn baby any good. Once she decides that, she should immediately go through with the abortion.

That means, immediately you test positive for a pregnancy, even though you might be shocked or scared by the results, you need to be quick enough to decide whether you want the baby or not. You don’t have to wait weeks or months; a day or two will do. Pregnancy is life-changing and isn’t a matter to idle about.

Also, most women are into the habit of waiting too long after missing a period before testing for pregnancy. Like, why would you even do that? What goes on in your mind when your period is one week late? Doesn’t it spark something inside you to make you want to check as soon as possible? Didn’t you have sex? So why would you even wait?

I know how most women are cowards in terms of this, but in this situation cowardice is the worst excuse. You might have a life growing inside you that you cannot take for granted. Just walk to a pharmacy and buy a test kit which is less than 5 cedis, equal to 1 dollar, and check. If you do not want anyone you know guessing that you might be pregnant, just get up, go to a pharmacy in town or somewhere far from your neighborhood and get the test kit.

This is something no one should force you to do. Once you realize your period is late and you know you had sex, go and test. If you don’t remember having sex and you remember getting drunk once and blacking out, go and get the test. Even if you used a condom and you took the emergency contraceptive, go and get the test.

Condoms are not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy; emergency contraceptives are also not 100% effective; the only thing that is, is abstinence from sex which is way too difficult for some of us to consider.


I don’t know about your country, but luckily for us Ghanaians, abortion has been legalized so anyone can have access to safe abortion. You all should make it a point to desist from taking concoctions and all forms of things suggested to you by friends that they believe will terminate the pregnancy.

The best thing to do, if abortion has been legalized in your country is to gather some money. If you have to lie to your parents to get that money, do it. If you have to harass that irresponsible man who put the baby inside you for the money, do it. If you have to sell something of yours to come by that money, do it. Just make sure you have not less than 300 cedis, or 80 dollars, just to be safe.

Now that you have gathered the money, quickly dress up and go to Marie Stopes or PPAG clinic. Marie Stopes and PPAG clinics are the best places I will advise you to go to and luckily, they are found in every region in Ghana. In Accra, you will locate Marie Stopes in Kokomlemle and PPAG clinic at Lartebiokorshie. Make use of Google Map on your smartphones because it will help you locate exactly where they are in the other regions as well. Get there, and let them know about your situation and they will help you with the decision you’ve taken to get rid of the pregnancy.

They will provide you with counselling before going ahead with it and trust me, the process is safe and after it all, you do not have to worry about any future implications unless emotional or psychological.

If you do not have access to Marie Stopes/PPAG clinic or cannot go all the way because of distance maybe, you can walk into any trusted hospital, see a doctor and they should be able to help you with medical abortion that is safe.

How about if you already know what drugs given for medical abortion for a pregnancy, less than 12 weeks old and you know the procedure involved in getting it done safely and with reduced pain and infections? What do you do?

Well, it is a well-known fact what drugs are given by hospitals or doctors for safe medical abortion of an early pregnancy and usually, though it is difficult to come by these drugs, people have their own ways of getting them.

I’m not talking about any other drugs than the generic Misoprostol and Mifepristone tablets that induce medical abortion of a fetus. Those who aren’t familiar with the above mentioned drugs, should know or must have heard of Cytotec. Yes! Cytotec is a brand name for Misoprostol and ignorantly, most ladies rush to get Cytotec and use it alone for the abortion of their pregnancy. Once ladies have available to them this medication kit containing the two generic drugs, they just go ahead with the abortion without necessarily understanding the processes involved.

Most at times, these ladies act out of desperation and just take the pills to get rid of the pregnancy without considering the pain and fatalities involved.


If you use it alone, you might suffer from too much pain, bleed more than you should or even die.

That is why I mentioned how important it is to go to the doctor and if they hand over to you those two drugs along with a suitable painkiller and antibiotics to cater for the pain and any infections that might come with forcibly forcing the fetus out. They’ll also make sure to do an ultrasound before handing over the drugs to you, just to know and be sure of the state of the pregnancy.


It is very important for an ultrasound to be done to ensure that your pregnancy is growing inside your womb before going through with medical abortion. This is because ectopic pregnancies aren’t affected by medical abortion, since the baby grows outside the womb.

Though it happens in very few cases, doing medical abortion for a pregnancy without knowing the state could lead to the death of both the mother and fetus, if the pregnancy is turns out to be ectopic. The safe way to abort ectopic pregnancy is by using Methotrexate, which is usually a substitute for mifepristone in cases where it is unavailable or the patient is allergic to mifepristone.

Methotrexate, I doubt is easy to come by and how many people know about it even? Even if they do know about it, they just decide to hope that they are carrying a normal pregnancy and go by the mifepristone and misoprostol (cytotec) method and unfortunately, those with ectopic pregnancies end up rupturing the pregnancy which is a life-threatening situation and needs emergency care. Usually, this emergency care isn’t gotten so these women end up losing their lives.

That is the major risk of going ahead with medical abortion without proper diagnosis or ultrasound, or without a visit to the doctor to identify the state of the pregnancy and to identify whether you are fit enough to take the pills.

Read my post here on how to take the abortion pills for much reduced pain during the whole process and how to ensure that it is done the right way without having to battle infections after or during the abortion process.

Safe abortion is the best choice for anyone considering abortion.

I hope you learnt enough from this post. Feel free to comment or contact me if you have anything to say or any questions you need answers to.

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Ami Shikah is a sex educator and mental health advocate. She is passionate about sex education and is working towards making her website/blog a place where people come to for knowledge and information that will help them make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality. Mental health isn't treated with much importance in her part of the world (Ghana, Africa) and as someone who has had to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts, she hopes to share her experiences with the world and help other people like her. She has in-depth knowledge about sex, sexual health, sexuality, vaginal health, pregnancy and abortion and is working to share it all with the world. She has also made it possible for people to ask questions and get answers to them anytime.


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