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Ladies, Be Sexy For Him! Learn How To Grind, Twerk And Give Your Man A Lap Dance

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Most women do not see the essence of dancing for their men because they believe that once a man has decided to stick with them and made them their women, they have nothing else to worry about. Most of you believe that, taking care of your men and submitting to them is all about having sex with them, taking care of the house and cooking for them. Listen, most women do that for their men but don’t they go behind their backs and cheat? Don’t men keep side chicks and even when their women find out, don’t some of them still go back to those ladies? Have you asked yourself why?

This is because those side chicks know exactly what to do to keep the men going back to them. Some even succeed in getting the men to leave their wives for them. I know how annoying that is and I don’t support what they do in any way; I just think main chicks or wives should adopt certain habits of side chicks in order to keep their men’s minds focused on them only. It is nothing too difficult to do; it’s just about being open-minded and flexible and understanding men and how they think.

Most men, in their youthful days live wild, they chase bad girls, they go drinking and they go dancing. But when it’s time for them to settle down, they would go in for the “wife materials.” We all know that and think of it as so unfair. Yes! But as time goes on, we know what happens. These men miss their youthful days because they realize how boring their lives have become since they decided to stick with the good women and automatically, they start going after call girls, young girls or the sexy women who throw themselves at them in bars, in their offices or at events. They do that usually to feel like their old selves again and once they start, it becomes very difficult to stop and their wives become repulsive to them day in and day out.

Now, how do you keep him interested in only you?

How do you get your man to say, ‘no’ to any other woman just for you?

I have the answers you need! You just need to avail yourself completely to be seen as an attractive and sexy woman by him. You need to throw away any clothes of yours that make you look so boring, that do not highlight your womanly figure and that show little or no skin. You need to let him see your skin; it’s both of yours. You can’t leave it covered all the time and only show it to him during sex; let him see a little cleavage, thighs or legs when you have clothes on around the house or when both of you go out on a date.

Take your mind back to when you first met. Was there a time when he couldn’t take his hands off you? What exactly was it about you that kept him drooling? Now, work on that. Bring his attention back to those things that made him choose you in the first place.

And finally, learn how to dance, just for him. I’m not referring to formation dances but sexy, seductive dances that will make your man want you. It makes you the sexiest woman on the planet when you are able to give your man dance treats. Let him come home to see you wearing thongs, or very sexy lingerie and with a nice comfy chair, you can put on a show for him.

You can strip in the process, tease him and in the end, have a hot make-out session with him. Girls, women or ladies, I cannot, by words, show you exactly how to go about it. Luckily, we have Youtube! Go on there and find seductive dance videos and learn them.

Once a while, you can go with your man to a pub or the club and dance with him. You could go for a Kizomba, Kizalsa or Salsa dance session with him even and trust me, it will make your bond stronger. You need to have your man’s attention glued to you and only you; so do the right things and be the sexiest woman on this universe for your man.

Learning how to move your waist and twerk improves your sex life even. Ask me, ‘why?’ And I will tell you that, while doing the cowboy sex position, with music playing, you can ride him while grinding on his dick. And even twerk on his dick, trust me, men, love it and it makes it difficult for them to let go of girls who do that for them. Even if they are married or have a woman at home, they will stick to girls who do all that to them, because it is addictive and since they are not getting it at home, they choose to keep such girls as side chicks and they pamper them and give them every reason to stay with them.

You can even turn your dining table into a dance floor for your man sometimes. Get onto it, crawl towards him, move your body and waist seductively, while teasing him. You can have your index finger or thumb in your mouth while you suck on it. Make it so dirty that he will imagine his cock in your mouth. You can also tease him by moving your hands all around your body while dancing and you will have him worshiping your body because you will take his mind to the filthiest places.

Girls! Be flexible and dance for your men! There is a reason why we were created with slimmer waists and softer and rounder butts. God is so smart and he made it so, so that we can use them the right way to please our men.

Once again, learn how to grind your waist on your man; learn how to give him the baddest lap dance; learn how to tease him to the point of him getting addicted to you and make him fall in love with you all over again. If you can, learn how to strip; get a strip pole. Some of you might say, that will be going way too far; but then, how far can you go to keep your man to yourself and have his eyes completely shut to other girls? Yeah, how far?

I am willing to do all that and anything else I learn about keeping my man’s attention glued to me just so that I won’t be sharing him with any other girl. So should you!

Watch how strippers dance on the pole; watch how they stimulate the minds of men to make them love watching them and throw dollar bills on them. Learn how they get men going to strip clubs day in and day out, just to throw money around. Learn it all and be that girl for your man. Learn it all and be the baddest bitch in the game for him.

I have written enough and I hope you get the point I am making here. Girls! Get flexible and make good use of the body God gave you just for the sake of your relationship or your marriage!



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Ami Shikah is a sex educator and mental health advocate. She is passionate about sex education and is working towards making her website/blog a place where people come to for knowledge and information that will help them make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality. Mental health isn't treated with much importance in her part of the world (Ghana, Africa) and as someone who has had to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts, she hopes to share her experiences with the world and help other people like her. She has in-depth knowledge about sex, sexual health, sexuality, vaginal health, pregnancy and abortion and is working to share it all with the world. She has also made it possible for people to ask questions and get answers to them anytime.


  1. I love it
    Women need to spice up not just be the boring ones

  2. Pls my lady took in cour tablets of misoprostol after five hours she started bleeding n lata stopped...will she continue bleeding or what..

    • How long did she bleed? She should wait a few days after and go for an ultrasound. It’s possible the abortion wasn’t successful so she should go and check if the baby is still in her womb

  3. Hi Ami,
    I got mimibon instead of medabon
    He told me to take in the first one and after three hours I insert the remaining one but am confuse whether I should insert it 24hours after the first one

    • It's supposed to be five pills in all. The last time someone came here to ask about mimibon, her abortion wasn't successful. Get the right drug pls

  4. Hi Amy.
    I took four tablets of misoprotol around 11pm yesterday and today I am having cramps, fluid like discharge and little blood clots.
    Please what should I do?

  5. I took four tablets of misoprostol for removal of two weeks pregnancy.
    I am not bleeding, just fluid like discharge and little blood clots.
    What should I do?

    • Are you bleedung now? If not, you have to do it all over again and this time, follow my procedure

  6. I am bleeding now. Started since Sunday evening.
    I am having cramps too

  7. Please am in accra where can i get the pills to buy am one month pregnant

  8. I inserted the pills last night but no bleeding up to now but I’m having cramps

  9. Please I need some of the pill to buy...I’m 1 month pregnant

  10. I always experience pain during urination after I have had sex. pls what’s the cause?

  11. How do I get the drug

  12. Plz how do I get de pills to buy.what's the cost

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