This is my second article in the ‘sex interviews with Ami’ series on this website. 

As you can see from the title, this written interview was with a Ghanaian man who says he has had sex with women of every race in the world. I found it intriguing! He seemed to have set out to do that for the experience because he wanted to know how different each would be. Have you had similar experiences? You can tell me about it!

DISCLAIMER: Everything said is based off the interviewee’s experience, not facts. It isn’t to feed any racial stereotype. Enjoy reading!

*** This written interview was edited for clarity ***

Ami: Hi Kwaku, are you well? Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me. 

Him: I’m good, thanks! I’m honored.

Alright, when you say you’ve slept with women of every race, how many races are you referring to?

In general: Whites, Blacks (both African and African American), Hispanics, Indians, and Chinese. So 5

Okay! Did you at a point have that on your bucket list and decided to go through with it? When was that? Where and when did you start?

Yes, it’s always been on my bucket list since I was 18. My first was with an African (Ghanaian) when I was 15. She gave me head. At 16, I had a thing with a Black American at a party. At 17-18, I was with Indian women and my 20s were basically with Hispanics (Mexicans, Peruvians, and Cubans) when I was in the university. In my late 20s, I was with two white women who I will say are the freakiest of all races. 

Interesting! Tell me about the experiences with each and how distinct they were

I will rank them from most nasty/freaky to average

Whites are number 1 on my list. They are like the pornstars you watch in videos and they were both co-workers of mine. The first one was 23 when I was 26, and she loved it when you fuck her in the ass while using a dildo in her pussy. She loved to talk dirty and did every single sex position you can think of. She also always wanted me to cum on her face or in her mouth. 

Whew! That must’ve been a fun and wild experience!

The second White was a nymphomaniac and I’m talking about sex 5 times a day. One weekend, we had sex for 8 hours! I came 3 times and she squirted so many times. We had to mop the floor lol…I was 23 and she was 27. She taught me a whole lot: how to last my stamina, how to eat pussy, and how to make girls squirt.

After Whites, the second on the list is Hispanics.


They love oral; I mean they really love it. I liked it when they made it really sloppy while talking dirty, almost like the white women I encountered. They liked it rough and they mostly wanted to do doggy. 

Now, the 3rd on my list should be Blacks (both Black-American and Africans). They are screamers and creamers lol. What I mean by that is; they love to curse while they have dick in them. My recent sex session was exactly two weeks ago and it was with a Ghanaian. She was wild! We did what you stated in your dare on the recent podcast (Sex and Sanity): 20 sex positions in one session. We went from missionary on the bed, to the chair, and to the floor. We did ‘four legs’ doggy on the bed, to the edge of the bed, one leg up my shoulder, fucked on the wall, 69, and she didn’t know she was a squirter until I made her squirt. I would eat her out by sucking on her clit and using my fingers inside. 

From my encounters, I would say that Black-Americans have more experience than African-born and raised Blacks. Ghanaians and Nigerians kind of hold back their nastiness until I’m able to bring it out of them. Most Ghanaians I’ve met here usually tell me that I’m the best they have experienced and some are scared to try because I’m too mad lol!

Lmao! Interesting!

The Asians (Indians and Chinese) I met are equal in the bottom because they didn’t know how to give head right. They used teeth and wouldn’t stroke or squeeze my dick the way I wanted them to. They were also loud and their vagina was small (tight) for me to easily fit my dick into, so sometimes it would hurt and they would complain that I was too big. 

But living here in Ghana now, I’m having fun finding girls who love the type of sex I like: passionate, sometimes rough, and long sex like you see in porn. We could last all night if they allow me!

So you’d say your best experiences were with White women? And your worst was with Asians?

Yes, but this recent girl I’m fucking is my current fav.

Is she Ghanaian?


Because she’s wild and all?

Very! She gives amazing head, looks at you while she does it, spits on it, talks dirty throughout, and gives head throughout. She’s also a squirter who knows how to ride dick for more than one minute lol.

Lol! More than one minute? 

You know how some women get tired when they ride for some seconds and they make excuses? I hate that.

Does it mean most women you’ve met aren’t able to ride longer than 1 minute?

Yeah, most will say that their legs hurt or ‘I’m tired, so you get on top’

So that isn’t specific to races for you?

Well from my experience, the Asians and Ghanaians complained. Four Ghanaians I’ve met don’t like giving oral for some reason and oral sex is a big thing for me. But it’s important to note that I have had bad experiences with every race too.

Okay! Tell me about that

There was this white girl who vomited on me while she gave me oral. It was bad lol. She drank too much. The next one was a Hispanic who didn’t tell me she was about to start her period. During the session, the lights were off and I thought I was getting her super wet but then she told me to stop, she turned on the lights and there was blood everywhere. 

Did that turn you off? And did you end the session?

Completely! Listen, I know you are the ambassador of period sex but that’s just not for me haha. 

She was embarrassed, so she gave me head but she was still bleeding, so I just jacked off and ended it, so I could get her sanitary pad. 

Does it mean you will never have period sex?

I will never go down on a girl if she’s on her period: her first day or even the last day. I could wait till she’s done. 

Tell me more about the bad experiences!

This one black girl had pussy odor when I went down on her and I almost vomited on her. I was fucking that same girl in the doggy position and she farted so loud that shit came out and hit my stomach. I was 19 at the time lol.

The next was a Mexican girl; I was 22 and she was 20. She barely let me put the tip in her pussy and she screamed so loud that I got soft and couldn’t continue anymore. I really thought that I hurt her. 

And then, there was an Asian who complained that I was too big. I barely put the tip in and she used too much teeth while giving me head. Plus, she cried because she thought I was hurting her when I was going slow. That same incident happened with a Ghanaian girl last Xmas, she was 23.

She was small (very tight) and said I was the second guy she was having sex with, so I went down on her first to help her relax but when I decided to slide it in, she said it hurt her. She would then curl up in a ball and just lay there. I tried penetrating her again and she started crying, saying that she couldn’t handle it. And look, I’m not that big.. just 7 inches long.

That means they were really in pain. In such cases, it’s best to stop the sex altogether or switch to foreplay until they are wet enough before trying again. Or you could change the sex position because it’s possible the ones you were doing were uncomfortable for them.

For the last girl, I started with missionary, stopped, did foreplay, and went back to doing doggy but nothing worked. And she didn’t like sucking dick. She thought it was gross to suck dick but she wanted me to go down on her. 

Interesting! So would you say that you are done exploring sex with different races?

Yeah, but I would now like to have sex with every tribe or a girl from each African country. I’ve had mostly Ewes or girls from the Volta Region.

Okay, so that’s what you are working on now?

I guess! You can say that. 

Won’t you say that race doesn’t necessarily matter with regards to how fun a person is or how boring they are? You can have an amazing time with women of all races and have a bad time with women of any race too? 

Oh definitely! I agree on this. I was fortunate to be born and raised in California where there is a lot of diversity, so I didn’t look at race as an issue. Most girls are the same wherever: here in Ghana or out of the country. It’s all about having the right connection with that person.

Great to know! But are there any other interesting experiences that are worth mentioning?

As of now, no! That’s all I could think about. Other than race and tribes, the next thing on my bucket list is to have sex with a police officer or military woman

Oh, nice! You’ve had a pretty interesting sex life then. What would you say to someone who wants to explore sex with all races too?

Thank you! I say go for it! Don’t discriminate. Have fun and don’t expect every race to the same. 

Just enjoy yourself and be comfortable!


As sexually active adults, most of us usually have lots of things on our bucket lists that we hope to explore. The serious people make it a point to do everything on that list. What do you have on yours? Tell me about it! 

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