AS Lubricant: Best Delay Lubricant for Men & Personal Lubricant for Women

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Delay Ejaculation and Last Long

AS lubricant is a new personal lubricant (gel) on the market with formulated ingredients to relieve/prevent vaginal dryness during sex and prevent vaginal yeast infection. In men, it delays ejaculation and makes sex so much better.

AS is the perfect lubricant for dryness during menopause! It is also the best lubricant for men because it gives them control over ejaculation to make them last long without numbing the sensations. So, unlike the regular delay sprays on the market, here is a lubricant that makes you feel everything, and you are still able to last as long as you want. Isn’t that amazing??

Lubricant Meaning: What is a Personal Lubricant?

Personal lubricant for vaginal dryness

‘Lubricant’ used in this article refers to personal lubricants used during all forms of sexual activities to keep the vagina, vulva, anus or penis wet/lubricated for safe and pleasurable sex.

What Are The Types?

  1. Water-based lubricants (water based)
  2. Silicone-based lubricants
  3. Oil-based lubricants
  4. Lubricants for fertility (fertility lubes)

Water-based lubricants are the easiest to use. They are compatible with condoms but most cause itches, discomfort and increase women’s chances of getting a yeast infection. Oil-based lubricants make condoms break easily and can easily throw off the vaginal pH to cause infections (coconut oil, baby oil, etc.). Silicone-based lubricants tend to be very sticky & fertility (sperm-friendly) lubricants are ideal for couples trying to have a baby.

What Makes AS Lubricant the Best?

AS lubricant for vaginal dryness and delay ejaculation

I am a very sexual person who knows how lubricants can enhance sexual experiences. I use sex toys and love to use lubricating gels during masturbation, anal sex and vaginal sex.

Still, previously I couldn’t find a lubricant that worked for me. I’d tried several water-based lubricants, but they always made me itch once I applied them, and I experienced significant discomfort anytime I used them. For that reason, I stopped using lubes until AS lubricant came along.
Not only does it not make me itch, it feels so good on my vulva and inside my vagina. It makes and keeps me wet throughout sex to prevent dryness, and sex is more pleasurable with it.

The bonus benefit is my partner lasting longer and enjoying the session too.

Interestingly, several other women experience itching and discomfort anytime they use other water-based lubricants (gels). If you are one of such women, you should give AS lubricant a try!


glycerine-free lubricant for women

Firstly, AS lubricant feels natural. It is vagina-friendly to prevent women from getting vaginal yeast infections.

During penetrative sex between heterosexual partners, the vagina needs to be well lubricated to make sex pleasurable for both partners and prevent painful sex or discomfort. Unfortunately, it is common for a woman to be turned on and still find it hard to get wet during sex. This happens because of hormonal levels, the menstrual cycle or menopause. It is the reason why having a personal lubricant like AS around for every sexual session is essential. It makes sex more pleasurable too!

Unlike oil-based lubricants (coconut oil, baby oil, etc.) that make condoms break easily, and increase risks of vaginal yeast infections, AS is water-based. It is compatible with condoms, sex toys, and it is ideal for anal sex.

Why Do Men Need AS Lubricant?

Delay ejaculation and last longer with lubes

The duration of sex matters so much to men and women. This is because cishet women want their men to last long enough to please them and/or give them orgasms before the session ends. Men also want to be in control of when they ejaculate, and they don’t want to cum after one or two strokes.

It is the reason why AS lubricant is the best lubricant for men. It delays ejaculation in men, makes them last longer and makes them feel every pleasurable sensation as well. Do you find that hard to believe? Just give it a try!


  1. First, rub AS lubricant all around the penis 10-15 minutes before penetration (Use a timer or check the time when you apply it)
  2. During this time (15-mins waiting period), do foreplay, talk, have drinks, and chill with your partner to prep her physically & mentally for the session.
  3. When the 15 minutes is up, you can go ahead to penetrate the vagina.
    You can always apply some AS lube on your penis again right before penetration and during sex (if you want)
  4. You can, and you should rub some AS lubricant on the vulva right before penetration if you want your partner to have a good time too. Rub the clit when you do!

Do not go past 20 minutes after initially rubbing the lubricant on your penis. That initial 15 minutes wait is what delays ejaculation. When you go longer, the lube evaporates and won’t delay much.

Overall Benefits of AS Lubricant

water-based Lubes
  1. It delays ejaculation
  2. It doesn’t numb sensations in men like delay sprays, lubes and creams
  3. It relieves vaginal dryness and prevents dryness during sex
  4. It enhances pleasure in women
  5. It doesn’t make women get vaginal yeast infections
  6. It doesn’t make women itch or give discomfort
  7. It’s a remedy for painful sex
  8. It is a remedy for premature ejaculation
  9. It is condom-friendly
  10. It is sex toy friendly
  11. It doesn’t contain parabens and glycerine, so it is safe, with no side effects, and it is vagina-friendly



To use AS lubricant, all you have to use is rub it on your vulva, from your clit downwards to your vagina (the hole), dip your finger in the hole, and rub it on your vulva again. You can play with your clit too! You could get an orgasm from that.


Penis-Vagina Sex: After rubbing the lubricant on the vagina, rub it around the penis before you penetrate

Anal Sex: Apply or rub the lubricant around the anal opening, and with some on your finger, insert your finger in the anus, finger it for a while, add more lube and finger it more. Before penetration, rub the AS lubricant around the penis or sex toy for a pleasurable experience.

Sex Toys: Rub the lubricant on the toy before inserting it into the vagina
Using a little AS lubricant all over the vulva before and during sex can keep the vagina well lubricated to prevent and relieve vaginal dryness.


AS lubricant is currently sold in Ghana for GH₵ 50 and worldwide for $10.

To place an order, WhatsApp/Call +233559087628 OR email: asproductsandco@gmail.com.

If you have any questions about AS lubricant or lubricants in general, leave them in the comments, and I will answer as soon as I can. You can also send me live chat (red and white circle on your screen)

Get your AS lubricant and let me know how amazing it makes your sexual experiences!

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Delay Ejaculation and Last Long


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