Most often than not, we tend to concentrate and worry more about women when we are talking sex and the need to concentrate on our partners’ erogenous zones because women hardly cum during sex. That’s an accepted fact and we understand that not all men get it right, but how about those who actually do get it right and fuck our brains out? Can’t we give them a treat and reward them for being so good at what they do by finding out more about how to please them sexually to better our sex lives? Just to avoid making our sex lives monotonous and make our men excited anytime their coming home to us because they know we have exciting things in store for them? Men need loving too! Men need to be pampered and spoiled too! Let’s get nasty with our men and make their bodies our playgrounds just to give them the maximum pleasure they can get.

I’m tired of hearing men complain about women being dead logs during sex. Like how? They say they do all the work and in the end, we still have the guts to criticize them for not getting it right.

This post is basically for men who deserve to be given treats for being amazing partners. I will do a whole lot for a man who proves himself worth it to me and so should you, especially if you care that much about him.

Aside a man’s dick, what are the sensitive parts of a man’s body that women should concentrate on during foreplay when we decide to be in charge?

I’m going to delve into that in this post so just keep reading. When I was conducting my research for this post to add on to my knowledge and experience, I asked a couple of guys what their erogenous zones were and a couple of them said the obvious, ‘when I’m aroused, every part of my body is sensitive.’ LMAO! I know some of you will agree to this; most guys just don’t know. There are some heightened sensitive spots on everyone’s body and if you don’t know, you may assume every part of your body aside your dick is equally sensitive when you’re aroused.

Personally, though I’m not a man, when I’m aroused, every part of my body becomes highly sensitive. Just a touch will have me squirming and making sounds. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move to my main erogenous zones; if you’re trying to get me to climax, you’ll have to move to those specific spots and get me there.

It’s same for men; those who have actually had girls explore their bodies know their sensitive spots and those who have had bad ass girls who knew their game well, have been introduced to those parts of their bodies and I’m going to list a number that I got from some of these guys I spoke to and those I’ve personally seen from experience.


Readers, read The Art Of Blowing if you haven’t. There I talked about the entire male genitalia, the most sensitive parts and how to stimulate them to create the nicest sensations ever. I spelled it out and mentioned exactly what you should do with your fingers and tongue when you lay hands on the D.

The sensitive parts of the male Genitalia

  • The head of the penis
  • The Frenulum
  • The Shaft
  • The Scrotum (The balls)
  • The Perineum (male G-spot
  • The Anus

Read The Art Of Blowing by clicking HERE.


  1. The earlobe

One guy said to me, ‘everyone’s ears are sensitive’ How true is that? Dearies, it isn’t true for everybody ‘cause one friend mentioned that he finds it weird when his earlobes are licked. So, though it is a sensitive spot for many people, there are some people out there who’d rather you stayed away from their ears. So guys, it won’t hurt to ask. If you’re with a lady and she moves to your ear and you don’t feel anything at all, let her know and stop wasting her time.

Enough of that, for those men whose ears are highly sensitive, all you need to do is to play with it. Use your fingers and explore the entire lobe, lick it, flick your tongue around it, nibble on it and suck on it slowly. While exploring the entire earlobe with your tongue, blow air softly on the moistened skin and suck air in from time to time. It’ll gives your man a hot and soft tingly sensation that he can’t help but love. Make it sexy and whisper dirty compliments in his ears and trust me, you won’t regret it.

  1. The Philtrum

Guys, this is the groove above your lips. It’s the line that runs from the skin between your nostrils to your upper-lip. This groove is very sensitive and usually goes unnoticed.

To stimulate the nerve endings, plant soft kisses on this area, flatten your tongue and with the tip, trace the line from his nose towards his upper lips. And there, you can kiss his lips. Trace this line also with your fingers by rubbing and teasing lightly to cause for your man to get the maximum pleasure.

  1. The Lips

The lips in general are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. So, don’t joke with your kisses. Don’t rush it and make sure to pay more attention to the lower lip. You can suck it and caress it with your thumb.  Men love the occasional biting of the lower lip don’t forget to nibble on it and vary the pressure; bite the lower lip gently or harder depending on how your man’s response to the soft bite let him feel that pleasure run through his genitals. You can also grab it gently with your teeth and pull it. It also creates amazing sensations.

NOTE: Always get that sensual eye contact when you’re kissing or teasing.

  1. The Beard and Area Under The Lower Lip Towards The Chin.

This area also is sensitive spot and requires finger play as well as tongue play. Gently rub and massage this area, explore the area towards his chin and rub his chin also. If your man is bearded, you should rub the skin beneath his beard gently and gently pull is beard. This creates amazing sensations that run through your man’s body to do wonders in their genitals.

  1. The Butterfly gland under the Adam’s Apple (Thyroid)

This area beneath the Adam’s apple is engorged with nerve endings that causes for men to be pleasured sexually when it’s teased and well stimulated; just brushing your lips around it feels amazing. When exploring and sexually playing with your man’s body to pleasure him, play with this zone. With the tip of one finger, rub and massage lightly from the chin in a circular or spiral motion towards the Adam’s apple, rub all around it and under it, then trace the line downwards towards his chest. Go ahead to rub in the opposite direction towards his chin and send wavy sensations down his body.

That’s not all, you need to apply your tongue here also. All you need to is to trace this area with the tip of your tongue like you did with your finger and when you get to the Adam’s  Apple, lick the hollow area under it and suck it gently. Is it so hard to do? No! Don’t forget to do it the next time you meet with your man.

  1. The Neck

All you need to do here is to work with your fingers and tongue all around his neck: you can stroke lightly with your nails, rub the front, sides and back of the neck. It will stimulate the nerve endings present to pleasure your man.

  1. The Nipples

Though the nipples are sensitive for a couple of guys, some find it weird having a girl play with their nipples. So, if you start and you notice he’s not moved, just focus on the other spots.

If not, squeeze his nipples, lick it, nibble on it and suck it. Blow cold hair on the moistened nipples from time to time and suck air in at some point; this drives them crazy. Majority of men love it and it does crazy things to them when you play with their nipples. They can even cum without penetrating, if you do it well enough.

  1. Abs/ ribs area

This is my favorite spot because I’ve come to realize that it’s extremely sensitive for so many guys. Playing and teasing this area of a man’s body creates heightened sensations that you’d never thought existed. It’s one spot that shouldn’t go untouched if you’re trying to please your man. And it is fun watching your grown ass man squirm and lose it when you lick him there. Like, ‘stay still and let me play with your tummy which is also mine.’

It’ll make you want to tickle, tease, rub, stroke and suck that area anytime you meet him topless just to see his response and inability to stay still.

  1. His Back

Plant soft kisses on your man’s back and run your tongue up his spine. Concentrate also on that area where his back meets his spine; knead it, rub it with soft kisses and trace it by rubbing it gently with your tongue and finger.

  1. Thighs (inner-thigh)

Run your fingers down his thighs. It’s closer to the penis and it’s very sensitive. Playing with this area feels like you’re teasing because he will be anticipating your touch on his dick. That will make him grow impatient because of the sensations that will run up his body.

  1. Area underneath the knees

Rub your fingers, tongue and lips lightly on this area to create a tingling sensation that will definitely pleasure your man.

  1. The Feet

Finally, men love foot massages and this is because the heel and ankle are very sensitive to touch. The ankle is linked to the genitalia causing for it to be very sensitive.  To stimulate the nerve endings to pleasure your man, focus on the area right underneath the ankle bone and massage it gently with your thumb in circles.

The heel is also one hotspot that triggers sexual arousal. You can rub it, brush it against your lips and breasts to get your man excited and suck it. If your man doesn’t find it weird, it will definitely pleasure him.

NOTE: With all these spots in mind, you need to understand that just like women, men are also different and one man’s extremely sensitive spot may not necessarily mean anything to the other man. Imagine a blindfolded man who is rock hard, lying on a bed anticipating your touch and you having all these spots in mind, decide to touch and play with one of the zones and instead of it causing sparks to run through his body, he rather find it weird and wonders what in the universe you’re doing to him. That can be a complete turn-off; causing his man to drift elsewhere because he finds everything you’re doing weird can soften him up so, make it a point to ask:

‘Can I play with your nipples? How about your ears?’

Keep the tone low and sexy; watch him nod or shake his head and continue from there.

If not, just tell him you want to explore his to find out the specific zones that’ll work on him especially if he doesn’t know himself. Trust me, most don’t know. Concentrate on each spot while you have him laying down still; you can tie him up if you can, watch how he react to your touch and how you tease each of the spots and take mental notes.

Generally, men love having our hands all over their bodies. So, when you meet him shirtless or you lay hands on your man, rub your fingers or nails through his hair or over his head (if he is bald) and don’t keep your hands off his body. Explore rub your fingers all around his body from his chest downwards, lick and plant every part of his body with light kisses. That should do the magic! Also, if your man works out and has muscles, biceps, a broad chest and packs, give every inch of these parts your utmost attention. Let him know you notice and appreciate his hard work at the gym and rub your fingers all over his body, kiss his biceps and lick every part of his toned body.

For men who are not exactly comfortable in their bodies, they wouldn’t want you to be touchy with them. Just play with the specific spots that pleasure them the most and you’re good to go. Just know the kind of man you are with and work with that knowledge. And don’t forget, communication is always the key to an amazing sex life.

Did you enjoy reading the post, share for others to read and hit me up with any questions or comments right here or any of my social media platforms and I will reply shortly.

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Ami Shikah is a Certified Sex Coach, clinical sexologist, and radio personality with an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Management. She loves anything and everything sex as long as it is consensual, pleasurable and free of any form of discrimination, harm or violence. On this blog, her aim is to promote sexual literacy, provide a source of arousal, and promote sexual wellness. If you need to talk to a sex professional about your sexual concerns or issues, she is the one to talk to. She can help you solve your sexual problems. She will help you have the most amazing sexual experiences and live the sex life of your dreams. Sex is a basic need and a natural part of who we are as human beings. Exercise your right to sexual pleasure today! Email her at amishikah@gmail.com for a complimentary sex coaching session.

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