Reader, I got your attention and that’s great. We’ve all heard about squirting and seen it happen a couple of times in porn or sex tapes but how many of us have been able to get our women to squirt? Or how many of you girls have experienced it before and what exactly do you know about squirting? Is it urine? Does it come from the vagina or the urethra?

I have all the answers right here in this post. So don’t stop reading😇

Any girl can squirt but, with the right technique and stimulation. Meaning, if you don’t do it right, forget about ever seeing it happen. Personally, I’ve experienced it a couple of times and if I’m to describe how it feels, I wouldn’t know how to exactly put it in words. It usually happens when he fingers me to the point that I can’t take it anymore and the next thing I know, the fluid gushes out and I would see his face lighten up and he’ll exclaim ‘you’re squirting!’ I’ve come to realize that been able to squirt makes men so proud because, how many guys out there can even do that?

Before writing the post I asked a couple of guys if they’d made a girl squirt before and all of them responded by shaking their heads and when I asked if they wanted to know how, they nodded like lizards.. lmao!


Just like you’ve seen in porn, squirting is basically the expulsion of clear fluid from the urethra (where urine comes from). So, you’ll deduce that it comes from bladder but it isn’t urine. Now, this is what confuses people and it is what makes it so hard for many females to squirt because, who wants to pee and embarrass themselves during an intercourse?

During arousal, there’s a build-up of clear fluid in the bladder till the maximum pleasure is attained. So unless the girl is getting pleasure from the intercourse or fingering, she’ll never squirt and most guys suck or don’t make it a point to finger their partners that long; once you see her vagina dripping wet, you think she’s aroused enough so you just penetrate and go in and out till you cum and that’s all.

Girls, squirting is just like urinating with no control; once you get to that point, the fluid just gushes out. Only difference is, this fluid is clearer than urine and very dilute. Since it comes out of the bladder, if there was a little urine in the bladder before the intercourse, it’ll form part of squirt fluid. Now, we have to make it a point to avoid this by peeing and emptying our bladder completely before hooking up with anyone; or before masturbating, to free the space for squirt fluid.

More often than not, when the bladder starts filling up with the fluid, girls feel that urge to pee and as self-conscious as we are, we try to stop ourselves from peeing and in the end, we don’t let go for the pleasure to intensify to its limit. We just focus on holding the fluid in and in this case, there’s no way we’re ever going to squirt. You’ll just keep going and going and give up in the end.

So ladies, next time you’re masturbating or you and your partner are doing it and he starts hitting your G-spot (you’ll know because the dick, finger or dildo hitting that point gives you an amazing sensation), let yourself go and tell him to keep going and not stop. And when you feel like peeing, don’t try to stop it and don’t clench your pelvic floor muscles. Just let yourself go, get lost in the moment, let your body do its own thing and watch yourself orgasm with the fluid gushing out and the sweet relief that rushes up your body.


Reader, you might’ve thought wrong in the past that squirting and female ejaculation were the same things. They are completely different and I’ll explain that.

Unlike squirting, the female ejaculate is a thick, whitish fluid that you see come out of the urethra and/ or the vagina during intercourse. Sometimes during intercourse, after the girl orgasms, you see this milky fluid around your dick and wonder what the heck it is.

This milky fluid is produced by a gland (Skene’s gland) that is said to form part of the G-spot because it’s located in the G-spot area. So, by stimulating the G-spot well enough with your dick, fingers or a dildo, the gland swells up with blood. This gland is similar to the male prostate gland (it secretes a milky alkaline fluid that forms part of sperms) and when it swells, it secretes the female ejaculate that drains into the urethra and sometimes forms part of the squirt fluid.  Most of you have seen this happen and never knew what that milky-white fluid was, now you know!

NB: The male and female ejaculates are alike; they both contain PSA (prostatic acid phosphatase). The differences are: the female ejaculate doesn’t contain sperm and contains higher levels of fructose unlike the male ejaculate.

Just find her G-spot when she’s aroused and stimulate that area with your dick or fingers. Be focused and make sure it feels good and keep going till she climaxes.

  1. First thing you should know is, no woman can squirt on command. You don’t just stick your fingers inside her vagina and ask her to squirt. If you don’t stimulate her G-spot well enough, forget it!
  2. She won’t squirt if she doesn’t let herself go. Any hesitation on her part, whether physical, mental or emotional can halt the process. You need to let your woman understand that you’re just trying to please her; get her to trust you and make sure she pees and empties her bladder before anything else. That way, you can convince her that during your fingering or intercourse, any urge she gets has nothing to do with pee.
  3. She needs to trust the process and understand that, hesitation on her part can stop her from getting the heightened pleasure you’re trying to give her. Tell her to lose control and let her body do everything. Let her understand that whatever she feels down there is just part of the process; she shouldn’t clench her pelvic floor muscles in the quest to stop herself from peeing when she gets the urge.
  4. Don’t make it your goal; don’t tell yourself ‘I’m going to make her squirt’ and forget about everything else. Just focus on pleasuring her, focus on making her cum and don’t rush the foreplay. If you please her right and she’s aroused, the G-spot stands out and becomes easier to find and stimulate. That way, it’ll be easier to give her that heightened pleasure that will fill her bladder up and make her squirt when you least expect it.
  5. Get a sex toy (vibrators especially). Vibrators make it easy for a woman to let go especially if another person is using it on her. Use the vibrator on her clit, insert it and target her G-spot and watch her lose control.

NOTE: Being sufficiently hydrated is very important for a woman’s sexual response. So ladies, drink lots of water because it helps with vaginal lubrication and makes getting an orgasm easier. That way, squirting becomes easier.


The G-spot is a ridged, spongy area on the front wall of a woman’s vagina. It’s easier to find when a woman is aroused because at this point it’s more pronounced and noticeable.

When a woman is aroused Skene’s gland becomes engorged, making it more pronounced and sensitive. It feels like a bean shape (slightly dimpled), when you touch it and it feels soft. It’s this bean or walnut shape that gives it its name (G-spot).

Immediately you touch it, she feels different; it sends this sweet rush through the woman’s body.

To find it, insert your finger inside her vagina with your hand pressing against her pubic area. You can start with one finger (either middle or index) and add another one later. Go two inches (up to your second knuckle for your finger to bend like the come-here sign) up her vaginal wall till you hit the end, there you’ll find a spongy, ridged area.

Rub this area gently, while playing with her clit with your other hand to intensify the pleasure and as she gets aroused, the G-spot swells.

The more aroused she gets, the more swollen the G-spot becomes and you feel it against your finger. So, keep massaging it lightly and watch her moan and squirm to your touch. Increase the pressure and pace; move your fingers in and out gently, while varying the pace and if you started with one finger, feel free to add another. Now, move your finger (s) in and out and make sure it hits that swollen region; go slow, go fast, massage the spot, keep going and don’t stop. Don’t forget to rub the clit while stimulating the G-spot and keep fingering her till you see that she can’t take it anymore. At this point, she’ll be moaning so loud, she’ll become aggressive and she might hold your hand and try to stop you. Don’t mind her! Keep doing what you’re doing; keep fingering her and make sure you hit the spot till the pleasure intensifies to it’s limit and watch the clear liquid gush out of her urethra or watch the milky fluid come out of her vagina or urethra.

How do you feel? Happy? Of course! Congrats! You just gave your woman the most intense orgasm and you made her squirt. You are the boss and I’m so proud of you.

NOTE: Before attempting to stick your finger up any girl’s vagina, make sure your finger is clean and your nails are trimmed. You don’t want to give her any infections or cause any irritations down there because of one finger-play and you don’t want to bruise her with your long nails.

It’s the end! Was the post informative enough? Do you have any questions or comments?

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Thanks for reading!

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