How Ladies Stop/ Delay Menstrual Flow For Sex

Hi readers, I’ll like to talk about this habit of sexually active ladies most of whom are girlfriends, nymphs, boss chicks or hookers. Because of our menstrual cycles, most ladies or women are not always available for sex and though some people defy all odds and still engage in protected sex, others with weird fetishes don’t mind doing it raw or even eating their women out. Some others also do not fancy doing it with the blood coming and so, they choose to stop the flow in order to have sex freely with no uncomfortable bloody discharge.

I totally get you girls. Like, what do you do when your man is always travelling and finally when he’s home, your red aunt decides to visit and you have to keep your sexual urges on hold? We know about the other sexual acts that we can practice during such times but sometimes u want the actual thing; so, what do you do when other than finding ways to stop the flow?

I know quite a number of ways and though they might not be all, you should get a suitable one for yourself the next time you want to stop your period or delay it for sex or any other important activity.

  • Ice 

I’m sure most of you know about this: putting ice cubes on your tummy to freeze the menstrual blood to temporarily stop the flow. More like, you stop bleeding for a short while just so you can engage in whatever mind-blowing sex you have in mind. And after it’s all done, you have the blood melting and flowing again like your normal period. Isn’t that cool? I know it is!

To do this, just get ice packs or ice cubes and place them on your abdomen while you lay on your back for not less than 20 minutes. The longer it takes, the more effective it is to stop the flow.

  • Birth control pills

Birth controls like Secure and Lydia, when taken in large quantities at once can suddenly stop menstrual flow and it is a very common practice among sexually active women. Just take twice the normal dosage and you are good to go. They can also delay your period until days later when you are ready for it. So, when you have an outing, an engagement or you want to go swimming, you can delay or stop your period in order to not let your period come in the way of you having a wonderful time.

  • Norethisterone tablet

Norethisterone tablets or norethindrone is a medication made purposely to stop or delay the period. It is so effective and can delay the period up to 17 days to allow for you to do anything you want until the wait is over. One thing about this is, you take the medication not more than three days before your expected period date and your period will be delayed for as many days as you want depending on how you take the drug. You also get to have unprotected sex with your partner with a very low of pregnancy during this waiting period because there will be no ovulation until your period is finally in and over.

  • Primolut N

Primolut N is a brand of medication can contains norethisterone and works just like the norethisterone tablets. If it seems too hard to come across the norethisterone tablets, this is a perfect substitute for you.

  • Vitamin K

Vitamin K works very well in making blood clot to prevent excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle. This is what makes stopping or delaying period possible and all you need to get is mephyton which is a vitamin K tablet. You can also take in large quantities of foods rich in vitamin K which include green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and cabbage.

Now, tell me, what do you think about the above listed? Do you have any experiences you can share? Do you have more to add? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to let me know anything on your mind.

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