Men Share Their Painful Blue-Balls Experiences

1. The last time I got blue-balls, it was after I forced poop out. My scrotum hardened and I couldn’t close my legs.. My testicles hurt so bad and anyone who was watching me well enough would’ve been able to tell that something was wrong with me.. The pain was unbearable, so I just slept and when I woke up, it was gone. It’s an unending pain and while it lasts u think it will never stop

2. Mine is so weird. Okay.. Blue-balls basically occurs when your urge grows to a point where you need sex and you get this severe pain in ur balls. With me, I don’t get the pain until I enter the washroom. As soon as water touches my balls, I start to feel the pain in my balls. It’s so painful and mine can last up to an hour.

3. If you wanna know how painful blue-balls is, try using a hammer on a finger😄. It doesn’t make you weak, but the pain is just enough reason to stay in bed.

4. I’ve had it once; I did everything possible from applying both cold and warm water to taking a shower and a painkiller yet, the pain was still there. I forced sleep and woke up with no pain. Till date I still believe it’s only sleep that can get rid of it. Lol….its no joke o, see? U girls just take painkillers n you say bye to cramps.
Fun fact: I promised maself from that day never to start anything I can’t finish😂.

5. I think I started getting blue-balls after JHS….but I didn’t know what it was until I got to SHS. I had one blue-balls in SHS errr🤦🏾‍♂ please stop….I’d never experienced such pain before. …I spoke to a certain girl and got hard….and it stood for very long…..I got blueballs. Chale….I just couldn’t walk…I had to open my legs when walking and I had to fan my balls. It was very painful and lasted for long. You experience pain in your waist….you feel like you wanna sh*t😹 but nope…..chale I don’t know how painful cramps are but blueballs is extremely painful😂 Now I’m used to it…..I just take a cold shower and sleep. …naked….because I need air😆

6. Usually, blue balls come as a result of grinding or smooching for long without having sex. So our whole system assumes we are having sex when we’re not and your balls heat up and a whole lot and now we get cramps….blue balls can get that serious that you can’t even walk. The pain is unbearable

7. In level 100, I’d meant some girl for a long time long time and she finally availed herself. Everything was set; we did foreplay, she blowed me and all that.. As I was about to enter her (don’t even know where the devil came from) everything just changed..she stood up n wore her panties. My dick was so hard and I started feeling pains in my abdomen. What annoyed me most was that, she touched my Dick n whispered “blue-balls don’t kill.” It’s painful papa; you literally see blood flowing through the veins on your dick and your dick becomes so hard that you can even break it into two

8. The last time was in level 200 after an IA (Interrim Assessment). I went to visit this girl and blah blah blah happened, except sex. So I left her place with a hard-on and when it finally came down, that’s when I felt the excruciating pain in and around my entire genitalia. It was like my balls were being stepped on constantly at a very fast rate and I could hardly walk. So, I got a taxi and slept in till i reached my destination.It was by Grace that i got inside my room by myself. You don’t cope with the pain, you just have to experience it. It’s more like punishment for not having sex or for not cumming and then, I started having his uncomfortable feeling in my lower abdomen as though my bladder was swollen as a result of being overfilled with urine; yet, I wasn’t in the mood to urinate. Yeah so my remedy was to force and sleep even though it’s seemingly impossible. I tried and when i woke up however, the pains had reduced but there was still small left in there as a reminder. This is usually why boys invented “just the tip” rule

9. Blue balls is very painful.. imagine being kicked in the balls. That’s the pain I feel in my ball and it comes with abdominal pain which is so serious that I feel it in my heart sometimes. It makes me dormant and you just can’t do anything; I just sleep and wake up with no pain.

10. Blue balls is no joke oo. Like the whole equipment hurts; my dick becomes a pumping hearts and beats like pumpum pumpum.. It’s serious; it sometimes feel like it’s been squeezed and it pants like it’s breathing.. Scary af. But usually goes away naturally when I do something to take my mind off it like watch a movie or listen to music.

11. I’ll sum it in one word: “OUCH”!!!!! Blue-balls is like ice cubes tied to the base of your balls whiles it’s been pulled downwards. It hurts like hell and I don’t have the words to explain it. Last time it happened, I was dating someone who wanted to wait at the time. So, we’d do everything but actual intercourse. This was like four years ago and it hasn’t happened after that ‘cause I’m never putting myself in that position again

How about you? Do you have an experience to share?? Just leave them in the comments or mail them to me..


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  1. Pls hav used medabon 4yrs ago n am 2weeks pregnant can i still use this medabon again

  2. I have this experience quite often as my girlfriend loves teasing me, she often initiates petting, touches my penis with her hand which makes me feel extremely aroused but when it gets close to orgasm, she often interrupts the stimulation. The frustration is very intense but I feel it makes me feel incredibly attracted to her. I must admit that despite the frustration I like this kind of torment when she teases me and denies me the final relief no matter how desperately I need it.

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