I’m sure you are very familiar with the phrase ‘hit and run.’ Guys meeting girls and chasing after them with all they have just to get into their pants and then leave. That used to be a thing and is still a thing; we ladies know that most of you men want to sleep with us but now, guess what? The game has changed!

You can’t have an okro-sized dick like that of the pinky finger want to play the hit and run game!

You can’t be a one minute comer and want to play the hit and run game!

And you can’t suck so much at sex and expect to play the hit and run game!

Lol! This is because it will come back to slap you in the face and show you who the boss is. Nowadays, women are embracing their sexuality, women are bold now and you will agree with me that, if you suck at sex, you become the laughing stock of the town.

Women are becoming open about their sexual lives and this is shutting the men up. I recall a friend saying that, she was “seeing” this guy who was always touching and wanting to get it on with her. He was always impatient and kept making noise about wanting to be with her and when they finally did it, all he did was to piss her off.

She said she laid there and watched him with his tiny dick shoving in and out of her with his panting and moans as though he was doing it so well and the next thing she knew, this guy was cumming.

She got so furious and when he laid by her side, as bold as she was, she told him how disappointed she was in him for being a one minute ‘comer’ and the worst of it was, his dick was too small for a ‘man’.

Imagine that being said to you, it can strip away any self-esteem you have and make you so depressed. Yes! So now that we are embracing our sexuality, hit and run isn’t a thing. Sex is just sex, a sport sometimes and so if we have sex, no one deserves to be slut-shamed for it but men deserve to be either hailed or marked as ‘too weak to be men’

So men, I think you should up your games; exercise like you have to, be humble and learn about sex and the female anatomy like you are back in junior high school because most of you seem to have not taken your reproductive system studies seriously. You don’t even know where the clit is, how pathetic! Yet, your dick gets hard anytime you see a girl as though you deserve to be noticed as a man.

Up your games and hit it right the next time you hit because we ladies are tired of meeting weak guys who can’t give us the tiniest pleasure from sex.

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