How many of you have explored your bodies enough to have experienced all the types of orgasms? Isn’t it rather sad that as sexually active individuals, we restrict ourselves to just one or two kinds of orgasms while others haven’t experienced even one yet. Why the heck are you having sex if you don’t get to orgasm? For men, we know it’s no big deal. Unless they have an ejaculation problem that gives them a reason to fake orgasms, men can always cum during sex. That’s cool! At least they get one; what about women?

Better stop having sex if you aren’t ready to explore your sexuality fully and get the maximum amount of pleasure you can get.

Honestly, I’ve only experienced 4 of these orgasms and I am so disappointed in myself. Like, ‘girl, you could do better.’ I will explore all of them and I will write or tell you all about my experiences soon.


What is an ORGASM?

An orgasm is the abrupt release of sexual tension. If you’ve had one before, you can relate to the buildup of sensations till it reaches its peak. At this point, it’s so intense and right after, you feel your muscles relax with a rush of relief. That’s the release of the sexual tension.

There are so many different ways you can experience this release of sexual tension or orgasmic response. With some, you don’t even have to be touched; it just happens or you just feel it.

There isn’t one ‘right’ or ‘correct’ path to orgasm. As far as you’re getting it, it doesn’t matter the way in which you got it, YOU STILL CAME!



This is the easiest orgasm any lady can have. Most women have felt this one too many times and can confirm its intensity. Whether it’s done by humping, squeezing of thighs or rubbing with a finger, the dick or sex toy, the intensity is alike. Aside squirting and the release of ejaculate, each gives you any other benefit that any orgasm can give. It is sharp, short-lived and less intense as compared to the vaginal orgasms. You should read the POWER OF THE CLIT here to find out more about this orgasm.


Here, all you have to do is to stimulate the G spot. It is a dimpled, bean-shaped spot which is located a few inches in the vagina, on the anterior vaginal wall. You can reach it with your finger, using the “come here signal” inside the vagina. Stimulating this spot can give explosive orgasms and make your woman squirt. She needs to be very aroused for this happen. The best time is usually after foreplay, or after the first round, when her clit and labia are swollen. At this point, the G-spot should also be swollen, making it easier to give her the orgasm. All you have to do is to finger her, with one finger or two, to make it more pleasurable. You can arrive at it faster by using a vibrator and stimulating this spot with it. Click HERE to read my post on how to give your woman a G-spot orgasm and make her squirt.


The A spot (Anterior Fornix) is located beyond the G-spot. It’s at a deeper point in the vagina and located above the cervix, which is the round, firm area in the vagina. Unlike the G-spot which requires the ‘come here’ signal to reach it, the A spot is reached with the straight finger or the dick during penetration. Stimulating this spot makes the woman extra wet because it increases lubrication. It requires pressure and movement to give an orgasm.  Move your finger or dick in and out to hit against this spot several times and it can make her cum. During anal sex also, the A-spot can be indirectly stimulated to give an orgasm.

NOTE:  Stimulating the A-spot is one key to arriving at intense multiple orgasms. It usually feels like a series of sensational waves in the vagina that hit you right after the other, lingering for some time.

Best Positions for Aspot Orgasm: Cow girl, Missionary, Spooning and mere fingering (not a position, I know!)


The P stands for Posterior Fornix. It’s located right opposite the G-spot, on the posterior wall of the vagina. Stimulating this area can give an orgasm. You can stimulate it with a curved dildo or vibrator, or reach it with a dick in the doggy style or via anal sex.


The anal muscles are very sensitive because of the nerve endings present. This is what makes anal sex pleasurable. Stimulating these nerves with the fingers, a dick or dildo can give create sensations that are localized the whole genital area and they build up to give an orgasm. Always make sure to use a lube to make it more pleasurable and comfortable.


This happens when the nipples are stimulated with either the tongue, fingers or sex toy till the pleasure reaches its peak. A number of women have experienced it and it feels so good. So, the next time you get with your man, you can ask him to play with it (lick, suck and bite) a while longer. He can pull, squeeze, pinch and rub on your nipples to explore more sensations for an easier orgasm. You can also use nipple clips/ clamps or stimulate it with a vibrator to arrive at it faster.


Most of you didn’t know women could cum from giving blow jobs. How is this possible? During deep-throating or inserting of fingers in the throat, the pituitary gland is stimulated to give pleasure. This is what builds up into the throat orgasm and it is so pleasurable. It is one reason why some women love giving head.


Most women have experienced this but they didn’t know it was an orgasm. Usually, right after PIV (Penis In Vagina) sex, when you’re still so aroused, you have this strong urge to pee. You rush to the washroom and as you pee, you have this light, tingly sensation that relaxes your whole body in the end. Have you experienced that before? Yes! The intensity depends on how aroused you are. It could also happen after you masturbate or get so aroused without having sex.

Next time this happens, make sure to concentrate fully on these sensations, feel it and enjoy every bit of it.


This is the most intriguing kind of orgasm that women experience. You orgasm using nothing but your mind. This is possible because the brain is the most powerful sexual organ. All you have to do is to relax and think about something sexy or erotic and get lost in that thought. You can imagine someone touching your body and the person doing dirty things to you. Without touching yourself, your brain can create the nice sensations that will build up and give you an orgasm. It’s what we call ‘THINKING OFF’ – thinking to get off.

NOTE– the key things you need to make this successful is concentration, breath work and a very erotic sexual fantasy. You can think about your man or your lover whispering dirty things in your ears or think about an amazing sexual experience you had. It is mind blowing!


    Muscular woman doing sit-ups.

This is the exercise or workout orgasm. It is less intense as compared to the others though it’s still pleasurable. This can be good motivation to those of us who keep procrastinating going to the gym. If I can get an orgasm and an amazing body from that, why will I want to wait or procrastinate?

How to get it: I am no expert when it comes to working out so you will have to google, ‘how to get a coregasm’ if you are curious enough and want to give it a try.


This happens when you get two different orgasms at the same time. Like, having both clitoral and vaginal orgasms at the same time where, during penetration, the clitoris is also being stimulated. It causes a buildup of sexual pleasure in both regions simultaneously. It is so intense and can last a maximum 15 minutes. If you’ve ever experienced both of them, just imagine having both at the same time. Your vagina isn’t ready for that kind of pleasure!


PROSTATE-INDUCED ORGASM: This happens when the prostate gland is well stimulated by inserting a finger or sex toy in the anus, or by massaging the perineum. I already described the perineum as the male G-spot in my previous post about blowjobs (The Art Of Blowing). It’s located between the balls and the anus.

How to get this- Your woman can massage it with her finger and make it more pleasurable by using a lube. You can also use sex toys like vibrators and butt plugs; they make it easier to arrive at the orgasm. Your woman can put the vibrator on the perineum to stimulate the prostate. It’ll feel so good and can give you an orgasm in the end.

WHEW! Before I end this post, all of you readers should note this: To get the most fulfilled sex life, you should understand the need to let go and FEEL. When your mind is disconnected from your body during sex, there is no way you can enjoy it fully. You need to focus on what’s going on, get lost in it and feel every single thing intensely with your mind. Trust me, your body will respond the same way. That’s the trick to experiencing orgasms easily.

So, now that you know have this knowledge, what are you going to do about it? If you don’t care about orgasms enough to not find this post intriguing, I’m sorry, your sex life must be boring. Explore your sexuality, have more of these orgasms and when you experience something new, don’t hesitate to tell me about it. You can comment on this post or just email me. If not, dm me on twitter @amisdiaries and Instagram also, @amisdiaries. We deserve to have the most amazing sex lives so, DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS.


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