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SEX TOYS 101 (The Basic Things You Should Know About Sex Toys)

Do you cringe anytime you hear about sex toys? Does it just not make sense to you because you think it is demonic or promotes lust? Are you a man who just hates the idea of owning sex toys because you assume that for your woman to own one, it simply sends a message that you are incompetent and cannot satisfy her sexual needs fully?

Several people out there do not see the essence of owning sex toys and even those interested in getting one aren’t able to come out openly to admit it because of the stigma associated. ‘Is she an addict?’

‘She’s a slut.’

‘Is he gay?’

‘If you start using sex toys, no man will be able to meet your sexual needs in the long run.’

Here in Ghana, there are a number of online sex toy shops and you will be surprised to learn that it is a booming business. Until you throw ignorance out of the window, you will never understand the essence of owning a sex toy. There are several types of sex toys out there: some for males, some for females and others for couples.

I will introduce you to the basic types and the next time you hear about sex toys, you won’t only have dildos, vibrators and, maybe, sex dolls coming in mind.


These are phallic shaped (shape of the penis). Some are made from glass, steel and wood. Others are made from silicone and the very realistic ones that feel like an actual human skin or penis are made from cyberskin.

In Ghana, there are local manufacturers of wooden dildos and they come in different sizes to suit anyone’s taste.

Dildos are basically for insertion into the vagina or anus during masturbation or sexual intercourse. They spice things up and are useful for men with small penises who aren’t able to reach the pleasure spots in the far end of the vagina. Having your woman’s needs in mind, you can get one big dildo and during sexual intercourse, after you’ve had an orgasm, you can use the dildo on her.

Also, just like the other sex toys, it benefits couples in long distance relationships. When the woman has the urge to have sex, instead of sleeping with another man, she gets her dildo and takes care of herself. What makes it fun is, she can actually do it while her husband or her man is watching via video call. It strengthens the bond between couples and no matter how far apart they are, they feel close.


  • Double penetration dildos- for simultaneous insertion into the vagina and anus/ for lesbians.
  • Strap-on dildos- for lesbians or heterosexual couples (anal penetration from the woman to man)
  • Vibrating dildos
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  • Heating dildos (you can adjust the temperature)

These are sex toys that vibrate to stimulate the nerve endings and add extra sensations. Holding a vibrator against any part of the body feels good and it spices things up between couples. It also makes it easier for women to get orgasms and is usually prescribed for women with orgasmic dysfunction.

Women with orgasmic dysfunction never get orgasms during sex, so they tend to have unsatisfying sex lives and they do not see the essence of having sex aside giving pleasure to men and making them cum. Some have unsatisfying orgasms and others take too long to reach climax.

Using vibrators helps to correct that and experimenting with the different types out there makes sex fun for couples. Now, the most amazing part of using vibrators is the added benefit of making women squirt easily. Women let go easily with vibrators and if you know what you are doing, you will have her flooding the room with ‘water’ from her vagina. If this isn’t enough reason for you to want to get a vibrator, I don’t know what will make you want to get one.


  • Sucking/ Tongue vibrators (works like the tongue to suck the clitoris or nipples)
  • Clitoral vibrators
  • Rabbit vibrators (stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time)
  • Anal vibrators
  • G-spot vibrators
  • Hitachi Magic Wand
  • Love egg/ Bullet egg  (these are small and discreet)

These are basically for couples with anal fetishes. They are inserted in the anus of the man or woman with lubrication and they give so much pleasure. They should be washed well with soapy water and sterilized after usage because of contact with faeces.


Just like the anal beads, these are for insertion into the anus/ rectum for pleasure. They are used with lubricants and can be left in there during vaginal intercourse for a more intense orgasm or used on the man when giving blow jobs for pleasure.


These are for both men and women. They hold and pinch the nipples to stimulate the nerve endings. It creates pain that gives so much pleasure. They can give nipple orgasms and are used to spice things up in the bed room.


These are metallic balls that are inserted in the vagina for pleasure and to give more intense orgasms.


These are shaped like Ben Wa balls and are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for permanent vaginal tightening. Some of them are shaped like eggs and others vibrate to give pleasure.


This is also known as artificial vagina, ‘pocket pussy’ or male masturbator. It’s for men and is made to resemble the vagina, anus or mouth for penetration. The man inserts his penis during masturbation for pleasure.


These are worn at the base of the penis and are for men who ejaculate or cum early during sex. They hold blood in and make men last longer with a more intense orgasm. Some of these rings vibrate and they stimulate the clitoris during intercourse to give the woman more pleasure.


These are capsules that are glittery and sweet-tasting. They are inserted in the vagina before sex. Also called the glitter pills, they make the vaginal fluid taste sweet and smell good for the man or partner during oral sex. They also make the vaginal fluid look nice and sparkly.

The only problem with using this is the risk of infection (YEAST INFECTION AND BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS)


This is a pillow specially designed to aid in sexual intercourse. It provides exceptional comfort when navigating sex positions. The woman can lie on it during missionary, it lifts the hips up to give the perfect arch during doggy and makes it less stressful to stay in position. It’s also for people with back and leg pain, to make having sex easier and more pleasurable.  


These are foreplay items that makes things fun in the bedroom. It prolongs foreplay and breaks the ice between new sexual partners. Each side of the dice has a specific instruction or body part. So before sex or when you’re bored, you can get the dice and play the foreplay game.


These are dolls with genitals for masturbation. They are made to resemble humans with a vagina, penis, anus and breasts. The robots are more complex for more complex interactions like giving head and acting like an actual human instead of being an immobile doll.


This makes sex more exciting by holding you up for more challenging sex positions.


This is basically for people with a bondage or sadomasochism fetish. It constitutes blindfolds, ball gags for the mouth, whips, chains, ropes, handcuffs, legcuffs and neck restraints. It spices things up and makes sex less boring for couples.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the basics about sex toys. I never knew there are many varieties of sex toys. The post was really helpful.

  2. Double penetration u shaped dildo is so strange in shape.

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