Happy New Year!

How was your sex life last year?

  1. Wild/Fun
  2. Nothing To Write Home About 
  3. Nonexistent 

Our aim this year as sexual beings is to please and be pleased. If it can’t go hand in hand, you have a problem: either let that partner go or have a serious conversation with them about how to turn things around for your own good. Don’t waste this chance to have an amazing sexual year! 

Because I care so much about your sex life, I decided to give y’all a FUN, 2021 sex calendar which excludes December 2021 (I always have a separate Detty December Calendar). So, until December 1, 2021, do the tasks stated in this calendar. 

Whether you are single, dating, or married, this is a calendar for you. Unless you want to be celibate, you might want to give it a try and do as much as you can. 


You can only skip a maximum of 10 tasks. Don’t be a loser!

The Tasks Strictly Consensual: YOU NEED CONSENT!


If period sex isn’t your thing, you can take breaks when it’s that time of the month. 

If you feel like you are losing control or you are doing too much (sex and masturbation) you can take a break, especially if the breaks in the calendar aren’t long enough for you

You can always go back to the calendar when your break or period is over and you can start having sex again. 



Fri, Jan 1st – Sun, Jan 3rd

Fri, Jan 1st: Write A Sexy, Erotic Letter To Your Partner (Hand-Written)

Sat: Orgasm Denial- Whatever You Do, DON’T CUM! If You Cum, You Lose!

Sun: Shower Sex

Mon, Jan 4th – Sun, Jan 10th

Mon & Tue: Do Your Own Thing!

Wed, Jan 6th: Cuddling Day! Touch Your Bodies, But No Sex

Thu: Just Do Doggy!

Fri, Jan 8th: Put On A Sexy, Seductive, Dance Show For Your Partner

Sat: Floor Sex (Explore All Floors)

Sun: Have Lazy Sex

Mon, Jan 11th – Sun, Jan 17th

Mon: Dawn Sex

Tue-Sun: Explore The 30 Missionary Sex Positions (Just Missionary!)

Mon, Jan 18th – Sun, Jan 24th Play A Hardcore Sub And Dom With Your Partner For The Whole Week (Whoever Plays Sub This Week, Plays Dom The Next Week)
Mon, Jan 25th – Sun, Jan 31st Play A Hardcore Dom And Sub For The Whole Week (Whoever Played Dom Last Week, Plays Sub This Week)
Mon, Feb 1st – Sun, Feb 7th   

Mon: Overall STI Testing

Tue-Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri, Feb 5th: Give Your Partner An Orgasm With A Shower Head

Sat: Blindfolds With Sex

Sun: Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Mon, Feb 8th – Sat, Feb 13th

Mon-Fri: No Penetration! Just Foreplay!

Sat, Feb 13th: Watch Your Favorite Movie Sex Scene And Recreate It

Valentine’s Day (Sun, Feb 14th) Dinner With A Remote Control Vibrator  + Make Love After
Mon, Feb 15th – Sun, Feb 21st

Mon-Sat: Explore Tantric Sex

Sun: Ice Play

Mon, Feb 22nd – Sun, Feb 28th

Mon: Afternoon Sex

Tue: Office Sex

Wed: Spooning Day!

Thu: No Sex

Fri: Use A Vibrator On Your Partner

Sat & Sun: Spend The Weekend Together, Naked Indoors, But Don’t Kiss, Finger, Do Oral Sex Or Have Any Kind Of Sex. Just Be Naked Together

Mon, Mar 1st – Sun, Mar 7th

Mon: Have Two Rounds Of Morning Sex- 1 In Bed And 1 In The Shower

Tue: Discuss Your Sexual Boundaries And Your Sex Life So Far

Wed & Thu: Have Lazy Sex

Fri: Have The Loudest Sex You Can Have

Sat & Sun: Have Sex Anywhere But Your Bedroom

Mon, Mar 8th – Sun, Mar 14th

Mon, 8th March: Devote This Day To Pleasing A Woman! Buy Her A Lingerie, Gifts And Take Her To Her Favorite Places

Tue-Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri: Orgy Day!

Sat: Use Butt Plugs Before & During Sex

Sun, March 14th: Oral Sex Day! Just Give Head, No Penetration

Mon, Mar 15th – Sun, Mar 21st  Explore The 130 Standing Sex Positions
Mon, Mar 22nd – Sun, Mar 28th

Mon-Thu: Explore Tantric Sex

Fri: Men! Use A Cock Ring.

Sat & Sun: Explore All Forms Of Impact Play & Spanking With Spanking Tools

Mon, Mar 29th – Wed, Mar 31st No Sex, No Masturbation
Thu, Apr 1st No Sex, No Masturbation
Fri, Apr 2nd – Mon, Apr 5th Sex In Every State Or Region In Your Country – You Have 4 Days!
Tue, Apr 6th – Sun, Apr 11th

Tue-Thu: No Sex

Fri: CowGirl Day! Spell Your Name While Riding

Sat: Try Fisting!

Sun: Explore Breath Play – Safely (Including Choking)

Mon, Apr 12th – Sun, Apr 18th

Mon: Sexting

Tue: No Sex, No Masturbation

Wed: Audio-Call Sex

Thu: No Sex, No Masturbation

Fri: Video-Call Sex

Sat: Go To A Sex Shop And Get New Sex Toys For Couples!

Sun: Use The Sex Toys You Got Together

Mon, Apr 19th – Sun, Apr 25th

Mon: No Sex

Tue, 4/20: High Sex Day

Wed & Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri: Both Partners Should Take Aphrodisiacs And Have Sex

Sat: Get Naked & Cook Together

Sun: Sex In Your Backyard/At The Back Of Your House

Mon, Apr 26th – Fri, Apr 30th

Mon & Tue: Do Your Own Thing!

Wed: Have Fully-Clothed Sex

Thu: Give & Receive A Golden Shower

Fri: Have The Loudest Sex Ever

Sat, May 1st – Sun, May 3rd

Sat: Do Naked Yoga

Sun: Have Sex In Every Couch/Sofa

Mon, May 3rd – Sun, May 9th

Mon: Use A Ball Gag

Tue-Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri, May 7th: Take Turns To Watch Each Other Masturbate. Just Watch!

Sat & Sun: 2-Day Sex Marathon (A Getaway, Rent An Airbnb, Hotel Or Resort)

Mon, May 10th – Sun, May 16th

Mon-Wed: Do Your Own Thing!

Thu: Car Sex

Fri: Play The Fastest Song You Know And Have Sex To The Beat

Sat: Lick And Suck On Each Other’s Non-Sexual Parts

Sun: Have Sex On A Washing Machine (It Should Be Turned On For The Vibrations)

Mon, May 17th – Sun, May 23rd

Mon: No Sex

Tue, May 18th: Fingering Day! Just Use Fingers (Any Number, All Holes!)

Wed: Have Silent Sex

Thu: No Sex

Fri: Sex In Front Of An Open Fridge

Sat: Sexy/Erotic Photo-Shoot With Partner (Self-Timer)

Sun: No Sex, Just Cuddle

Mon, May 24th – Sun, May 30th

Mon-Thu: Explore Several Role Play Scripts

Fri:  Go Out/In The Midst Of People, Turn Each Other On Underneath The Table

Sat & Sun: Have Sex To The Slowest Sensual Song- Do It To The Rhythm

Mon, May 31st Dawn Sex At 3 am
Tue, Jun 1st – Sun, Jun 6th Get The Sexiest Costumes And Lingerie! Turn Each Other On But You Can’t Have Sex Until It’s Weekend!
Mon, Jun 7th – Sun, Jun 13th

Mon & Tue: No Sex

Wed, Jun 9th: Sex For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Rough & Passionate)

Thu: Do Your Own Thing

Fri: Use Edible Paint Or Chocolate Or Ice Cream On Each Other’s Bodies And Lick It Off

Sat: Explore ASMR Sex!

Sun: Striptease (Take Turns To Do It)

Mon, Jun 14th – Sun, Jun 20th

Mon: Sex At 3 pm

Tue-Thu: Do Your Own Thing

Fri: Feet & Toes For Sex- Turn Each Other On With Your Feet, Play With Them & Suck On Toes

Sat, June 19th: Read A Sex Scene (Your Fav) In An Erotica And Recreate It

Sun: Sex On Tables

Mon, Jun 21st – Sun, Jun 27th

Mon-Thu: No Sex

Fri-Sun: Invite A Third Partner For Threesomes And Cuckolding

Mon, Jun 28th – Wed, Jun 30th Car Sex In Different Locations For Each Day
Thu, Jul 1st – Sun, Jul 4th

Thu: No Sex

Fri & Sat: Swinging With Other Couples!

Sun: Listen To Sex Podcasts Together

Mon, Jul 5th – Sun, Jul 11th

Mon: Try Something New You Heard On The Podcasts

Tue, July 6th: Just Kissing. Don’t Do Anything Else!

Wed & Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri:  Have Sex In A Room With Lighted Candles

Sat & Sun: Explore Tantric Sex

Mon, Jul 12th – Sun, Jul 18th

Mon: Have The Tightest Hug, Grab Each Other’s Butt And Spank It At A Mall

Tue: Flirt With Someone Who Isn’t Your Partner While Your Partner Watches From Afar

Wed: Your Partner Should Flirt With A Stranger While You Watch From Afar

Thu: Kiss At A Mall

Fri: Public Fingering

Sat: Rough Sex

Sun: Midnight Love-Making

Mon, Jul 19th – Sun, Jul 25th

Mon-Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri: Tie Your Partner Up And Give Them A Great Time

Sat 24th July: Explore The 10 Different Types Of Orgasms With Your Partner

Sun: Put Together A 7-Day Sex Bucket List For The Next Week: One Activity For Each Day -From Monday To Friday

Mon, Jul 26th – Sat, Jul 31st Do The Activities On The 7-Day Sex Bucket List
Sun, Aug 1st Activity on 7th Day Of Bucket List 
Mon, Aug 2nd – Sun, Aug 8th

Mon-Fri: Lunch Quickies

Sat & Sun: Go Camping And Have Sex In A Family-Size Sleeping Bag

Mon, Aug 9th – Sun, Aug 15th

Mon-Fri: Send Your Partner Flowers Everyday With A Raunchy Hand-Written Note. Each Day Should Go With A Different Note That Should Turn Them On

Sat: Mid-Argument Sex

Sun: Explore Dirty Talk

Mon, Aug 16th – Sun, Aug 22nd

Mon-Thu: Do Your Own Thing

Fri: Invite Friends Over/Or Meet Friends  For A Sexy Game Night

Sat: Have LOL Sex! Make Jokes And Funny Faces During Sex To Trigger Laughter

Sun: Finger Or Get Fingered While Driving On A Lonely Road

Mon, Aug 23rd – Sun, Aug 29th

Mon: Give New Names To Your Partner’s Genitals And They Should Do Same To Yours

Tue: Eat From The Same Spoon

Wed: Watch Each Other Pee

Thu: Draw Each Other Naked

Fri: Sniff Each Other’s Underwear And Make Out

Sat: Share Your Sexiest/Naughtiest Secrets

Sun: Make A Sex Tape, Watch It And Delete It Right After

Mon, Aug 30th – Tue, Aug 31st No Sex, No Masturbation
Wed, Sep 1st – Sun, Sep 5th

Wed:  Make Love And Pray For Each Other After

Thu: Get Naked And Meditate Together

Fri:  Do A Slow Dance Indoors With Alcohol & Dim Light

Sat: Go For A Beach Picnic, Kiss & Cuddle

Sun: Shower Sex

Mon, Sep 6th – Sun, Sep 12th

Mon-Thu: Do Your Own Thing

Fri: Go Clubbing & Have Sex In The Parking Lot

Sat & Sun: Have Sex Anywhere But Your Bedroom

Mon, Sep 13th – Sun, Sep 19th

Mon: Please Your Partner, Do Everything They Like But They Are Supposed To Be Still (Not Move), Talk Or Moan. If They Move, Moan Or Talk, They Owe You Something- Money Or A Punishment

Tue: It’s Your Turn To Be Pleased While You Stay Still And Silent

Wed: Have Fully-Clothed Sex

Thu: Explore Hair Pulling During Sex

Fri-Sat: Threesome Weekend!

Sun: Have Sex In Front Of A Full-Length Mirror

Mon, Sep 20th – Sun, Sep 26th

Mon- Thu: Do Your Own Thing

Fri: Sex In Public (Don’t Get Caught!)

Sat: Be Naked All Day, Have Sex If You Want, Touch Each Other Any Chance You Get

Sun, 26th Sep: Post-Workout Sex

Mon, Sep 27th – Thu, Sep 30th

Mon: No Sex

Tue: Make Out In A Drive-Through

Wed: No Sex

Thu: Sex With No Kissing

Fri, Oct 1st – Sun, Oct 3rd

Fri: Sex In A Moving Car While A Consenting Person Is Driving (In The Dark)

Sat: Sex In Broad Daylight

Sun: Cuddling & Kissing, No Sex

Mon, Oct 4th – Sun, Oct 10th

Mon: Listen To Sex Podcasts And Talk About It

Tue: Kitchen Sex

Wed & Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri: Striptease!

Sat: Office Sex

Sun: Beach Sex

Mon, Oct 11th – Sun, Oct 17th

Mon: No Sex, No Masturbation

Tue: Try Weed Lube

Wed, 13th Oct: No Bra Day! Titfucking!!

Thu: Use Nipple Clamps

Fri: Nipple Play With Ice

Sat & Sun: Simultaneous Orgasms- Whatever You Do, Have Orgasms At The Same Time!!

Mon, Oct 18th – Sun, Oct 24th

Mon: Pearl Necklace

Tue: Give Head For An Hour

Wed: Get Head For An Hour

Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri: Explore Wax Play

Sat: Go For A Couple’s Massage

Sun: Have Sex While Eating

Mon, Oct 25th – Sun, Oct 31st

Mon: No Sex

Tue: Eat Ass And Get Your Ass Eaten

Wed: Make A New Sex Playlist

Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri: Have Sex To The Sex Playlist. Don’t Stop Till The Last Song Stops

Sat & Sun: Weekend Sex Marathon

Mon, Nov 1st – Sun, Nov 7th

Mon-Thu: Do Your Own Thing!

Fri: Sex In Water

Sat: Use Handcuffs

Sun: Have Sex With The Lights On

Mon, Nov 8th – Sun, Nov 14th

Mon: Morning Sex

Tue, 9th Nov: Foreplay Day, No Penetration

Wed & Thu: No Sex

Fri: Mutual Masturbation

Sat: Anal Sex Sun – Play Sex Dice & Sexy Board Game With Friends

Mon, Nov 15th – Sun, Nov 21st

Mon: Use A Vibrator On Your Partner

Tue: Sex On The Floor

Wed: Fully-Clothed Sex

Thu: Use A Sex Pillow

Fri: Show Off A Sexy Lingerie And Put On A Seductive Show

Sat: Afternoon Sex

Sun: Rest

Mon, Nov 22nd – Sun, Nov 28th

Mon: Rest

Tue: Explore New Masturbation Techniques

Wed: Rest

Thu, 25th Nov: Watch Porn Together: One Video Your Partner Loves And One Video You Loves

Fri: Make Out In A Club

Sat: Get Naked And Cook Together

Sun: No Sex, No Masturbation

Mon, Nov 29th – Tue, Nov 30th NO SEX, NO MASTURBATION


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