If you’ve read my previous post (BLOW-JOBS!!), you’ll know about my love for the act. If you haven’t, click here to read before proceeding with this post.

Blow-jobs are not just about moving the mouth and tongue up and down the entire length of the D like most girls think. Or maybe because you watched a sex tape or porn clip and saw the girl do just that, you think that is all there is to the act. We need to understand that giving head is an art on its own. Doing it right depends on how you creatively and sensually stimulate the parts of the male genitalia to give men the maximum pleasure they can get.

First things first! What do you know about the D? Can you identify the parts of the male genitalia and tell the least and most sensitive parts? Do you know the red flags of giving head? How about which parts to grab, lick, flick with the tongue, squeeze or suck?

Most of you readers I know, couldn’t answer in the affirmative because your knowledge of the act is nothing to write home about.

We are going to look at the labelled diagram below and appreciate the parts of the D. Look and appreciate the beauty of this manly organ and the next time you lay hands on one, you can play with the parts like I’m going to teach you how to.


  1. Glans- (Tongue-play)

This is the most sensitive part of the dick and it requires the most attention. You need to lick and suck this part. Flick your tongue up and down the glans, concentrate on the tip, kiss it, make it sloppy, add more saliva and suck it. This part is what makes deep-throating fun like having it hit your throat while it’s all wet. So girls, go ahead and let the entire length into your mouth and let your man ‘fuck’ your mouth. It gives them so much pleasure.

  1. Frenulum

This is the second most sensitive part of the dick. It’s very sensitive to touch and requires more attention. You can stimulate it with your finger; touch it gently and move your finger around it while flicking your tongue on the tip of the glans. You should also lick this part and suck it. While doing this; be comfortable and make sounds. MOAN! Let your man know you enjoy having him in your mouth. Kiss the frenulum sensually as if your whole life depends on it.

  1. The shaft

This is the least sensitive part of the dick and this is where most girls love to pay attention to. They will lick it from the base to the frenulum and ignore the glans. Some will even involve their teeth, like why? Are you trying to bite it or what? This is so wrong and men always complain about it

Girls, I’m not saying you shouldn’t lick this part. You can lick the entire length of the shaft and envelope your mouth around it while playing with the glans. That is cool! But, don’t spend too much time here. While you concentrate on the other parts like the glans or frenulum, you just need to have the shaft in your hands. At this point, all you need to do is to stroke it up and down while varying the pace.

  1. The balls (Testicles)

Girls, giving head isn’t all about sucking on the D. It’s about the entire genitalia, the balls inclusive. So, play with this balls. How do you feel when you’re sucking and it’s hanging there staring at you desperately waiting for your touch. How?

Play with the balls, squeeze it and pull the skin; watch how he moans or reacts to it. Ask him if he likes it, ask him how he wants it, watch how he responds and smile. Ask him if you should suck his balls and do it

P. S. Some men do not like for their balls to be touched or sucked during sex so it’s best to ask your man before going down on him. You don’t want to have your man losing interest just because you did something he didn’t like. So just ask!

5. The Male G-Spot (Perineum)

Surprised? I just found this out recently that this area between the balls and the anus can be likened to the G-spot of women because of how sensitive it is. The sensation created when it’s stimulated blows their mind but, how many women know this?

Some men call it the favorite point of no return because just by running your tongue over it takes them to the edge. So girls, take your tongues there, lick the whole area and give it that sensual kiss.

The perineum is also the closest to the anus and you may have heard or some of you already know how some men love for that part of their body to be licked. Some find it gross, but then, if you talk to your man about his wants and he mentions it, why not do it for him. Remember that the aim is to please; as far as the place is clean, take your tongue there when you find yourself licking his ‘G-spot.’


• We need to understand that men, just like women, are different and though some might have similar preferences, others might want completely different things. So, the first thing you should do before going down on your man is to ask how he likes it. Let him tell you what he wants and wishes to be done to his genitalia and do exactly that for him.

Don’t assume that because your ex-lover liked the way you went about it with him, your present partner will also enjoy it.

  1. Most men find it sexy when we swallow their cum while others find it disgusting. So, if he mentions that he’ll love that, why not try it out? I know how disgusting this seems for ladies who haven’t tried it yet.
  2. I spoke to a couple of girls who swallow and they told me cum actually tastes NICE! The taste also depends solely on the diet of the man so you can advise him to consume more fruits especially pineapple and have his cum tasting nice for you to enjoy every swallow.
  3. You need to have an open mind to be able to go all the way during sex. Again, aim to please!
  4. If he won’t kiss you after you swallow, don’t do it again!
  5. No teeth- never add teeth. Are you trying to bite the dick off? You wouldn’t like it too, if you were a man so make sure you keep your teeth out of it. It creeps them out.
  6. You should always be in a comfortable position. Make sure he’s lying well or seated well for him to enjoy it with no disturbance.
  7. MAKE IT SEXY. Watch him while you suck him. Like, while you’re kneeling in front of the D, look up from time to time and watch him; get the eye contact, watch how he goes off, watch how he reacts to your lips and tongues all around his D.

Before I end this, did I mention that some men will always choose good blow-jobs over sex? Yes! That is why you should up your game and do it right. This post was just to inform you, now put it to work. Make sure you practice all I’ve written and impress your man.

Also, if your man doesn’t make you cum or if he doesn’t go down on you, he doesn’t deserve good head. Do it anyhow because he’s not worth it.

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