We all know about the genitals, the clit specifically, being the most sensitive part of the woman’s body. No one can dispute that, but how about the other erogenous zones  that you get to play with during foreplay to turn her on and make it rain in her pants?

I’ve seen bloggers mention breasts as the most sensitive part of the woman’s body after the genitals and I know most of you readers will agree with that ‘cause that’s what ‘everybody’ says. How true is that? Even if you’ve heard a number of women attest to it, how about the rest of the adult female population? Will they say same?

Women are complicated and each woman is unique in her own way. I spoke to a couple of friends about their erogenous zones and was surprised at some answers I got and they even mentioned how men rush to the wrong spots on their body during a make-out session. Like dude, relax! Can you at least ask her where to touch? If she refuses to tell you, like we normally do, take your time to find the right ones and pay close attention to her body movement and moans. If you find them and exploit them the right way like you ought to, you will be surprised at how loud she will scream your name and beg you for more.

One thing you should know is, what works for one woman might not work for the other. Here’s a list of a number of erogenous zones and whether they they might or might not work for every female.

Men assume that all women’s breasts and nipples precisely, are sensitive and so, they are the first they move to during every make-out session, to get their partners in the mood. Sadly, it is only true for some women; not all. So, when you move your hands there and you notice a change in her breathing, that must be it. But then, for some ladies, touching the boobs is rather a turn-off. One lady friend of mine, mentioned how it gets her off the mood when guys touch or suck her boobs. It is weird, I know! She referred to it as weird and disgusting to have guys suck or play with her boobs.

The neck is one sensitive spot on most women’s bodies whereas for others, it is a huge turn-off. Some ladies describe it as disgusting to have a guy lick and rub their fingers around their necks. Like, if you want to turn her on, stay the hell away from her neck. Don’t kiss it; she doesn’t want your saliva there and do not hold it; she doesn’t want to imagine you strangling her

Try rubbing your fingers around the thighs of a woman and she’ll either, place her palm over yours to stop you because she doesn’t want you turning her on. Or, you will find her breathing heavily and looking at you with so much hunger in her eyes. I’m yet to find a lady whose thighs aren’t sensitive and who doesn’t love to be touched there.


I never understood the fascination with men spanking and squeezing women’s butt till I spoke to a couple of friends who told me how they love it. They mentioned how sensitive their butts are and how they love to be touched there, spanked and squeezed when making out. So men, when kissing or making out, don’t forget to keep your hands there. We love it and if you want to please your woman the more, kiss her body from her back down to her butt and munch on it. You’ll come back here to thank me.

I’m sure you all know how ticklish the sole of the foot is but, did you know how serious a turn on it is for some ladies? I doubt. I was awed myself when a friend told me that it is the most sensitive spot on her body aside her clit. It might seem disgusting to some people but, the next time you’re making out with your girl, move to her feet and see if she’ll like it. Treat it like an ice cream if you want, and see how well you’ll please her. Real men make it a point to please their women anyhow possible!

A woman’s shoulders can be very sensitive and a huge turn on if you rub your fingers on there. It’s even worse when you move your lips there and kiss her. It is so sensual and the feeling it gives is something else. I’m yet to meet a woman whose shoulders aren’t that sensitive and so, the next time you’re having a foreplay, or even when banging her from behind, make it a point to kiss her shoulders or lick it.

The woman’s stomach is so close to her V-spot and can be very sensitive. Massaging and caressing a woman’s stomach is so erotic and a huge turn on. Kissing her navel and all over her tummy can make her want you more and leaves her dripping wet to make your session one of the best.

There are more sensitive spots, let us know which ones you know of that weren’t mentioned and if any of the ones mentioned do not work for you, let us know by leaving a comment.

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  1. The waist leading to the pelvis. Touch and massage that zone and make sure you somehow touches the pelvic bone which leads straight to the bone on the vagina...

  2. Which is the most intimate point of girls while making enough mood for sex, can you give some guidelines on this.

  3. Everything in this blog is so True!!!

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