Vaginal Dryness: Treatment and Prevention

Vaginal dryness during sex can make sex very uncomfortable for both men and women. It sucks trying to insert a penis in a dry vagina, especially because the walls aren’t relaxed enough to allow for an easy and pleasurable entry. Vaginal dryness makes sex painful, less pleasurable and can leave women with bruises. It also makes the vagina itch and create burning sensations inside the vagina. All these can affect a woman’s sexual confidence. It can affect your sex drive because you don’t want to see that disappointing look on your man’s face when he just can’t do anything to get you wet.

During sex, it is safe to stop when you realize the vagina is dry. You can switch to foreplay and that might work in bringing out some moisture. You can also make use of lubricants to keep the vagina wet during sex.

Sadly, most women just leave things in the hands of the man, expecting him to know and if they are fortunate enough to have a lubricant around, it eases the discomfort and makes sex a bit enjoyable for both partners. If not, these men will keep trying to force it in and end up giving you a horrfying experience. Some might even resort to using their saliva as lube which is wrong because it can cause bacterial infections in women.

You need to take time to understand the art of sex.  Sex is meant to be enjoyed, not filled with discomfort or pain. If it’s going to be that way, it should be either because you are getting a huge check after or you are gaining some other hefty benefit from the session. If not, don’t waste your time. Don’t have sex! Use your fingers or get some sex toys and have a wonderful time masturbating. Or better still, get you a girl who can rock your world with her fingers, tongue or her genitals and make the most of your sex life.


During arousal, two glands (Bartholin’s glands) at the entrance of the vagina moisturize the vagina by secreting mucus to make it wet. So unless whatever you are doing is pleasurable enough, there is no way these glands will secrete mucus and the vagina will remain dry.


causes of vaginal dryness

1. Insufficient Foreplay

Foreplay is so important and shouldn’t be rushed during sex unless it’s a quickie and you’re already turned on, meaning you are wet and your vagina is ready to be filled up. If not, no one should rush foreplay but what happens? These men are usually too impatient and immediately you get together, they want to shove their penises inside you without teasing you the least bit. They don’t kiss for long, they don’t try to stimulate your sensitive spots to make you ache for the D and they won’t even go down on you. All these acts are necessary to build up excitement and pleasure and guess what? That’s one key to giving a woman an easy orgasm: lots of foreplay! So next time, tell your man that because you want to cum, you need him to take time and not rush things.

2. Mind Disconnected From The Body

I like to believe that we’ve all been here before. Sometimes when you’re having sex, you have a lot going on in your mind and it makes it so hard to concentrate and live in the moment. It could be anything: insecurities, stress, family issues, academic-related or something else that just chose to pop up at the wrong time.When that happens, your body doesn’t respond to touch or whatever your man is doing to please you. If your partner is observant enough, he will know you are distracted and he can stop and try to find out what exactly is on your mind.

I’ve yet to meet a man like that.

If you still want to keep going, it’ll do you so much good to use a lubricant and with that, the sensations created can help you snap out of those thoughts.

3. Hormonal Imbalance (Low Estrogen Levels)

Estrogen is very important because it boosts blood flow to the Bartholin’s glands to produce vaginal lubrication. If there’s hormonal imbalance and the estrogen level is affected, it makes it hard for the woman to get wet during sex. The decline in estrogen level is also the main cause of vaginal atrophy which causes the thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls. It makes the vaginal lining less elastic and it is a major cause of vaginal dryness. It is evident in lactating mothers, women undergoing chemotherapy, women who’ve undergone hysterectomy and those who’ve had their ovaries removed.

To treat vaginal dryness caused by a decline in estrogen level, women can undergo topical estrogen therapy to boost estrogen levels. If not, you can resort to using lubricants and vaginal moisturizers during sex to make it pleasurable.

4. Side-Effect Of Some Medications, Feminine Hygiene Products, Cosmetic Sprays, Creams and Chemicals In Swimming Pools And Hot Tubs.

Some medications like antidepressants, cold medication, drugs for allergies and chemicals in the above mentioned can dry out mucous membranes and make the vagina dry. It makes it hard for the vagina to get wet, so it’s safe to resort to lubricants or get vaginal moisturizers to cater for the dryness to make sex more pleasurable until you are done using these medications or products.

One thing you should avoid doing is douching and using of harsh feminine hygiene products. Let the vagina take care of itself and only use water to clean it. The vagina is self-cleansing. It doesn’t need all those products on the market, so use the money for something else.

Some birth control pills cause vaginal dryness, so it is expedient for every woman to note the side effects of their contraceptives and if any is relates to vaginal dryness, she can stop using it and switch to another.

5. Smoking Weed And Doing Drugs

We all love high sex but have you noticed how dry your mouth gets when you are high? The same thing happens to your vagina and it can cause vaginal dryness during sex. Marijuana and other drugs dry up mucus membranes and make it hard for the vagina to get wet. It’s safe to drink lots of water in times like that to replace the moisture lost.

6. Anxiety And A Negative Body Image

We are all self-conscious but if you can’t let go during sex because you worry about how good you look or wonder if there’s anything wrong with your genitals during sex instead of living in the moment and embracing the sensations that your partner might be creating with his touch or penis, you have a problem and you need to deal with it. Anxiety and a negative body image will just put your mind and body in two different places, and you know what happens when the mind is disconnected from the body.

7. Sexual Shame

Not everyone having sex outside marriage is okay with it. Some women have sex with their partners because of peer pressure or because they feel they owe it to their partners while on the inside, they feel it is wrong and they wish they could wait till marriage because of their religious beliefs. If you are one of those women, you shouldn’t be having sex. You need to overcome the guilt and disgust you feel towards your own body and identity as a sexual being. That’s the only you can get your mind from being disconnected from your body to make you get wet enough to make sex pleasurable.

8. Childbirth

Postpartum vaginal dryness is a thing experienced by a number of mothers. After childbirth and during breastfeeding, there’s a decline in estrogen levels and it causes vaginal dryness. It doesn’t happen to all mothers but the ones who do can seek help and get their wetness restored.

9. Menopause

Most post-menopausal women experience vaginal dryness because of the inability of the ovaries to produce estrogen. It causes vaginal atrophy and the low estrogen levels affect lubrication and unless you decide to use lubricants or vaginal moisturizers, there’s no way sex will be enjoyable for you because no matter how good it feels, your vagina won’t get wet.



AS lubricant for vaginal dryness

AS lubricant has safe ingredients to relieve and prevent vaginal dryness in women. Using a little on the vulva and inside the vagina can keep a woman wet throughout sex to make sex pleasurable. It is minty, feels very good and enhances pleasure in women.


They can predispose some women to vaginal infections, so discontinue using them when you notice an odd smell or discomfort in the vagina

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