It’s very funny how most guys laugh when the issue of women faking orgasms is brought up. They laugh so hard and proudly say that no woman can fake an orgasm with them. Like dude, how sure are you that the girl you’re sleeping with actually cums when you bang her?

Trust me, there’s no way a man can feel it or tell if a woman is faking an orgasm. I’m sure you’ve heard that there are ways to tell like her breathing quickening, her nipples hardening, etc. Yeah, but all those happen when a girl is aroused and not exactly when she has an orgasm.

Most girls don’t even know what it means to orgasm because they’ve never been there. All they do is to moan and as exaggerators, they make you think you are doing your job so well and in the end you think you are the boss.

Even those who have had orgasms before know how difficult it is for guys to reach there and so, in order to not lower your self-esteem or dampen your spirit, when they realize you can’t get there with them, they pretend and let you believe you are doing it right.

Women are way too kind at heart to let men get all depressed because they cannot give their women the maximum pleasure during sex. We just love to stroke your egos because that’s what we were brought up to do and sadly, it is doing too much harm than good.

It’ll be great for girls to start keeping tally cards to rate guys after sex. I think that way, men will know how bad they are at the act and those who are the best at it, who are rather quiet about it will have girls rushing to them. And at least, those who suck at it will up their games.

And the guys, if you want to know whether you are really good, ask your exes or former partners. Ask them to be honest with you and tell them to rate you on a scale of 1 to 10 and you’ll be surprised at the response you’ll get. I’m not saying all guys are like that, but truth is, the very good ones are just a few and the most humble. So, just ask and see!

I’m sure you’re wondering why your girlfriend of many years or your partner you are completely honest with, will have you believing such a lie that you are the boss in the game. You can’t blame them for caring so much about you to the extent of not wanting to hurt your ego or bring down your self-esteem. The only way you can get them to stop faking it, is by giving them the real thing.

One of the things you should know by heart is the female’s erogenous zones. The sensitive parts of the female that when you pay close attention to, can get her to cum and note that, what works for one female might not work for the other. So, the best thing to do is to ask your partner or as we usually prefer, discover it on your own. Find time and explore her body, like every part of it. Tease it with your tongue. Start from her earlobes, her neck, shoulders and every part.

Work towards her nipples, pay more attention to it and pay attention to her breathing. Take mental notes as you do it and always keep this at the back of your mind that the clit is the most sensitive part of a female’s body so that when you get to her golden flower, you pay more attention to it and give it the time it deserves especially if you want her to cum.

And guys, always aim towards giving your women orgasms. Do not be selfish and assume ‘that sex is all about you releasing your ‘starchy load but rather giving your woman the maximum pleasure she needs, even if it’s a quickie.

So I realized most of you don’t know what the clit is and how it holds the key to a woman’s multiple orgasms. Read my post on women’s most sensitive spots find it all out and comment with your questions, experiences or anything else you have to say about women faking orgasms and Ami will be here to read and give you all the answers you need.

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