Sex Positions for G-Spot Orgasms

100 Easy Sex Positions for G-Spot Stimulation

G-spot stimulation is crucial to the experience of orgasms during penetrative sex. If you’ve read my previous article about G-spot stimulation with the fingers for vaginal orgasms, you would know that the G-spot is a region on the internal clitoris. You would also know how to reach it for stimulation.

Hundreds of sex positions exist, and a lot of them make G-spot stimulation with the penis or strap-on dildo easier. What do you have to do? Explore as many as you can, a minimum of two per session, and you will discover which ones work great for you and which ones don’t.

My aim for writing this blog is to help improve the quality of your sexual experiences. It sucks that lots of people with vaginas do not experience orgasms during sex, so if this can make sex more pleasurable for them, won’t that be great?


People with vaginas (including men who have vaginas) are said to require approximately 15 minutes of stimulation to experience orgasms during sex. The stimulation mentioned here relates to arousal and includes the stimulation of the clitoris (the clitoral head) and other sensitive spots of the body.

You always need to start sex with non-genital stimulation through foreplay. The foreplay umbrella covers a lot of sexual activities that you can explore including the stimulation of every other part of the body but the genitals; flirting all day through sexting; role play; outdoor kissing; erotic dancing; spanking; teasing; wax play; spider walking, etc. You will find a lot more in my book, Hot Sex Everyday. Get it on Kindle or join the waitlist for the hard copy.

Exploring Clitoral Stimulation for more Pleasurable G-Spot Stimulation

If you are a vagina owner, know that the G-spot is more pronounced and responds better to stimulation when you are highly aroused. 

Yes, foreplay can make you highly aroused, but adding outer clitoral stimulation to the mix should make your experience so much better.

You can explore clitoral stimulation by masturbating with your fingers before meeting up with your partner. You can also masturbate with your partner via video call or in person; let your partner watch you masturbate; or do it together to prime you for the session ahead.

After sufficient arousal has been established, you can still do more for more pleasure before penetrating the vagina with the penis or strap-on dildo. First, if possible, explore cunnilingus (or oral sex on women). Remember, oral sex is still a route for the transmission of STIs, so being safer by using dental dams or condoms should benefit you if you or your partner haven’t tested in a while, if you have an STI, or if you aren’t certain that they do not have any STI.

During cunnilingus, you stimulate the clitoris directly, so if the vagina owner is having a good time, adding G-spot stimulation to the mix can make it more intense and make them more ready for penetration.

When you finally penetrate the vagina, ensure that it is very lubricated and that your partner is ready for penetration. Start with the not too hard sex positions and explore those that make outer clitoral stimulation possible.

You can stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex with fingers or sex toys. Once either of the partners can reach the clitoris to stimulate it, you are good. If there are more than two partners in the session, great! Then one partner can focus on stimulating the vagina owner’s most sensitive spots, including their clitoris. If there are more vagina owners in the session, take turns pleasing each of them during foreplay and penetration for pleasurable G-spot stimulation.

Lubricant for Pleasurable G-Spot Stimulation

You need to own a lubricant. Look out for water-based lubricants that do not contain glycerin or parabens and use a lot of it during vaginal penetration. This is to ensure that the vagina is very relaxed and ready for penetration. 

Keep in mind that because of hormonal changes, the vagina might not lubricate when the vagina owner is having the most amazing time. Sometimes, they can have an orgasm while the vagina is dry. That is why lubricants are needed. Even when the vagina owner is lubricated, rubbing the lubricant with your entire palm on the vulva and fingering the vagina with a lot more can feel really nice. So, use a lubricant! 

Easy Sex Positions for G-Spot Stimulation (from SexPositionsClub)

  1. Catapult

2. Stickman

3. Gimlet

4. Comfortable Place

5. Orgazmic Penetration

6. Bomb

7. Overturned

8. Titanic

9. Keeper

10. Delicacy

11. Holiday

12. Oasis

13. Sweet Sin

14. Night-fly

15. Erotic Poster

16. Coffee Table

17. Screw

18. Fairy

19. Milk Chocolate

20. Shy Girl

21. Lazy Evening

22. Bowstring

23. Captivity

24. Appetite

25. Moonlight

26. Temptation

27. Tug of War

28. Holder

29. Deck Chair

30. Truck

31. Rear Admiral

32. Low Doggy

33. Swing – 2

34. Grasshopper

35. Low Start

36. Intimate Launch Pad

37. Nice Talk

38. Awesome Idea

39. Iron Throne

40. Propeller

41. Beautiful View

42. Zeal

43. Spicy Dish

44. Tight Squeeze

45. Knot

46. Reverse Doggy

47. Fifth Element

48. Mature Lady

49. Legs on Shoulders

50. Japan

51. Concubine

52. Torch

53. Spork

54. Doggy

55. Eiffel Tower

56. London Bridge

57. Elephant

58. Scissor

59. Helicopter

60. Caramel

61. Corkscrew

62. Cradle

63. Unicorn

64. Captain of a Ship

65. Puzzle

66. T Square

67. Taurus

68. Leopard

69. Ribbon (Reverse Spoon)

70. Cowboy

71. Hero

72. Ice cream

73. Tamer

74. Bow

75. Amazon

76. Bow – 2

77. Honeymoon

78. She-Wolf

79. Starfish

80. Plain

81. Alley

82. Anvil

83. Chair

84. Cowgirl

85. Scorpio

86. Libido

87. Lock

88. Crab

89. Butterfly

90. Rose

91. Slope

92. Spread Eagle

93. Precipice

94. Magic Mountain

95. Aphrodite

96. Bizet

97. Harmony

98. Binding

99. WALL

100. Russian Roulette

Spice up your sex life by exploring these sex positions. Do a number per session and note the ones that felt the most pleasurable. Which is your favorite sex position? Which are you looking to try first? Let us know in the comments!



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