Keeping Of Pregnancy Should Be By Choice, Not Chance!

I know how sensitive a topic abortion is but it needs to be talked about. So here we are! What happens if you get pregnant and you are not ready to be a parent? What happens if you are from an impoverished home and taking care of yourself is a headache, not to talk of a baby? What if you are shunned by the father of the baby and you know very well your family won’t be able to support you and the baby like you ought to be supported? What if there is absolutely no one to turn to?

What if emotionally, you are not ready to have a child? What if you are in the process of making a life-changing move that will guarantee success or some form of future security and keeping the pregnancy will stop that? What if your parents have held you in high esteem and your pregnancy will serve as a big blow to them and will lead to them shunning you, sacking you out of the house and they will never be able to recover from the shock? What if your family is already caught up in a crisis and is in need of you and your strength to get back on its feet? What if everyone is looking up to you and they need you to be as fit as possible to be able to fight for them or provide the comfort they need, and pregnancy will do nothing but worsen the situation?

What if you do not know the father of the baby? What if you got pregnant by a rapist and there is no way you can live knowing that you bore the baby of a heartless man? What if you just had a child the previous year and are physically not ready to bear another one? What if you already have enough children and cannot afford to have another?

There are several other what if’s that will require an individual to consider abortion and unless you are in their situation you should never judge them for the decision they take. Most often, like the instances stated above, deciding to keep the pregnancy just because you believe that once it has happened, you should just go along with it and let it grow might lead you into giving birth only for you to face pain and suffering all the days of your life as a parent.

Women are giving birth and leaving their kids on the streets. Women are giving birth and selling those kids to traffickers because they are not capable of taking care of them. Women are giving birth and taking their own lives because they’d rather die than watch their kids that they bore suffer because they cannot take care of them. Women are pushing their daughters into prostitution just because they’ve run out of strength and do not know which other ways they can earn a living.

Children born to such women are becoming hawkers, robbers, pick-pockets, scammers and street-children all because of a careless mistake their parents made. Do you think it is fair? Do you think it is fair to give birth only to bring your child into a world of suffering when you could have prevented that by resorting to abortion until you are actually ready to have a child?

Abortion shouldn’t be considered an abomination but rather a safe way out of a very critical situation for the sanity of the parents and the well-being of the nation. We need to let giving birth be a matter of choice when we know that we are ready and can take care of the child and not let it be by chance. More like, if it happens, it happens.

Abortion has been legalized in Ghana and so, you can have access to safe abortion if you cannot keep the pregnancy. Just get up, go to the hospital, let them know the reason why you cannot keep the baby and they will help you out. You should read my post on safe abortion here if you want to know how to go about it in our part of the world.

Once again, keeping of pregnancy should be by choice, not by chance.

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