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Dearest masturbators (both males and females), ever wondered if you were doing it too much? Or, do you find yourself not being able to resist the urge anytime it comes up? Do you think you are addicted? Is it a guilty pleasure that makes you feel all sad and ashamed of yourself after you cum? And finally, do you want to do it right and just want to know the healthy number of times you should do it?

You are at the right place if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions.

On the average, people tend to masturbate more in their lifetime than they have sex and that is both good and bad. Yeah! The act is fun, normal and stress-free for healthy individuals and it has so many benefits that I’m going list in this post. But it has its downsides and can turn so ugly to the point of making you regret ever discovering the act. It is same with so many things in the world; so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

It’s often said that as far as an individual is healthy, the number of times they masturbate shouldn’t matter. Yeah! But there is a ‘but’ and it has everything to do with control. It feels so amazing that the moment you discover it, you find yourself wanting to do it every single time you get to be on your own with nothing to do and you keep going and going and the next thing you know, you cannot live without it. And you cannot resist the compulsive urge to do it, no matter where you find yourself or what you find yourself doing. It’s crazy and embarrassing at this point because it controls you and dictates to you when you should actually do it instead of it being the other way round.

It’ll have you putting things on hold and leaving anything you’re doing, no matter how important they are, to stroke your dick, touch yourself, hump anything or squeeze your thighs together just to get rid of the irresistible urge. Trust me, getting to this point comes with so many embarrassing side effects that can leave you hospitalized, make it impossible for your man to please you and make you wish to go back in time so you can live without ever considering masturbation no matter how tempting it is.

Reader, it is not my intention to scare anyone or spell doom on anyone who engages in the act. I just need you to understand that, though it is hardly ever said anywhere, it is required for you to know the conditions necessary to make masturbation an enjoyable and life-long sport with very little side effects. That is what this post is about guys! I know how people frown on the act because of the many shameful side effects associated. I’m going to give you a reason to smile when you see the word ‘masturbation’ or hear anyone bring it up in a conversation.


  1. In order not to encounter any negative effect as a regular masturbator you need to be very healthy; keep yourself hydrated all the time and eat diets rich in the essential elements required for the body to function properly.

Ejaculation causes the body to lose fluids with zinc, vitamins and copper which are essential body elements; so, if you’re healthy and consume foods rich in these elements, you are good to go. If not, you’ll get zinc deficiency, copper toxicity and vitamin deficiency that will have you feeling groggy during the day, comes with hair-loss, depression, stress, fatigue, frequent colds and flus, frequent urination, difficulty in concentration, white spots on nails, acne, mood swings and many more.

  1. It is very necessary for you to avoid doing it too much in order for it to not become compulsive or an addiction.
  2. You need to also avoid dry and rough stimulation of your genitals during the act because the friction can cause skin irritation. I know most of you already know about this but sometimes, because of the lack of control, you tend to say ‘fuck it!’ and thrust your dicks against hard surfaces just to get the urge off. This can cause a decrease in penis sensation over time. It can also cause penile fracture and urethra injuries. Some of you stroke your penis when you’re lying face down on your beds. You apply so much pressure to your erect penis against your bed or pillow because, the pleasure it gives is ‘extra’. That habit can irritate your skin after some time and as addictive as it is, it will have you doing it very often which in the end injures your urethra. If I’m to go into that, this post will be extra-long so just keep in mind that, it will affect your ability to pass out urine freely.

You’ll always have an urge to pee and when you get to the washroom, just a little comes out, no matter what you do and you’ll have to live with the urge which will force you to keep going and going. So you tend to urinate frequently but pass out very little urine during each visit to the washroom till you’re finally able to fully empty your bladder for the urge to go away. You can imagine how uncomfortable this will be.

Excessive masturbation and rough or death-grip masturbation techniques can also lead to delayed ejaculation or the complete inability to ejaculate during intercourse because your masturbation technique stimulates your penis in an entirely different way as compared to the stimulation of your penis during sex. How will you even enjoy sex when this happens? Your partner will be frustrated and it will be detrimental to your relationship.

If you don’t want trouble, just do it right and check the number of times you masturbate.

  1. To avoid the side effects of rough stimulation like losing of sensitivity over time and the difficulty in getting erections, always use a lube.

LADIES! Rough masturbation and too much masturbation can make your clit lose its sensitivity. That aggressive rubbing of your clit regularly can make it stop responding to touch and it is so frustrating. I’m talking from experience and until you stop for a period of time, like a year or more, you won’t get it back. Some ladies hump hard surfaces like doors, bed posts and chairs to orgasm. This, after sometime can make you lose your overall sensitivity down there too. So stop!
For those of you who use vibrators and dildos, just check the number of times you do it and avoid rubbing them roughly on your clit. You should also get a lubricant and use it when you’re not so wet but need to get rid of the urge.

CAUTION: Never use an object harder than an erect penis or finger during masturbation. Stop inserting hard objects like cucumbers, Coca-Cola bottles, torch-lights and cutlery in your vagina. They can cause irritations, bruises and other serious consequences like vaginal infections.


I know this is the reason why most people are on here. You want to know the healthy number of times you should masturbate and I will tell you.

Ideally, you can masturbate as many times as you want if you are healthy. The only problem with this is, it becomes a regular habit which in the end becomes compulsive. That’s when we say someone is addicted and needs therapy.

The need for control over the act is why we have people asking, ‘how much is too much?’ Truth is, there is no definite answer to that. So, we’re going to skip the question and work towards masturbating with control in order to avoid compulsion and addiction.

My advice which is something I personally live by is: make sure to masturbate a few times (could be 2 or 3 times) weekly. Even if you are healthy and have everything going on well with you and you do it right, having your body get used to you stroking your penis, rubbing your clit or stimulating your genitals with sex toys can push you towards addiction and compulsion.

Make sure to not do it daily. Don’t let it be that habit you look forward to doing every single day, even if it’s just once. Just don’t!

Giving yourself a strict timetable for masturbation also doesn’t help, though it may be healthy. This is because, your body will get used to getting that orgasm at those specific times and it’ll become compulsive. When that time is up and you have something on your hands, you won’t be able to resist the urge. That will have you making excuses, skipping work or losing a big gig because you had to make time to jerk off. It can affect your productivity at work, academic work, interpersonal relationships and overall wellbeing.

So guys, let it be something you do once a while. Like, amongst a number of times you get aroused, do it once. That way, it becomes something you just do once in a blue moon and you get to choose when to actually do it. This way, you won’t have your body telling you, ‘hey! It’s time! Stop whatever you’re doing and masturbate.’ Like a command and because you can’t help it, you yield to it.

To make it easier for those of you who will find it difficult to go by the above, just pick the number, 5. Make sure you don’t masturbate more than 5 times weekly no matter what. This should help you not lose control and also make sure to not go more than once a day.


If you are already in too deep and find yourself doing it too often that you can’t seem to resist the urge, you need to work towards getting back your control. Though it will be difficult, what you can do is to cut down the number of times you do it to the bare-minimum. If you do it daily, make it twice a week. If you do it several times a day, make it once for now. If you’re able to resist the many urges to make it once, you’ll be able to cut it down to 2 to 5 times a week and you won’t have the urge controlling you any longer.


Have you ever wondered why people complain of feeling guilty anytime they masturbate? I’m going to explain it to you.

Anytime you have that strong, irresistible urge to masturbate and you have to do it because if you don’t, there’s no way you can survive, you find that right after you climax, you feel this rush of relief go through your body. The relief feels good but then it does your brain no good. The fact that an amount of energy has been lost in the act hits the brain and makes you feel blue with regrets. That’s when your brain gives you every reason to hate yourself for masturbating and letting it control you. You’re reminded of your beliefs, how society perceives masturbation as an abomination and why Christians call it a sin.

This is why you need the control over the act. If you can relate to this, it’s time to quit this habit and live a normal life with very little masturbation.


For women who usually feel nothing during sex and think sex isn’t fun at all, masturbation can cure your sexual dysfunction. It’ll increase your sexual desire and sensitivity; so what are you waiting for? Pleasure yourself girl!

NOTE THIS: Too much masturbation can make you lose your sensitivity and decrease your sexual desire like I said earlier. So, don’t overdo it!

MEN! You must or must have not heard about masturbation being able to prevent prostate cancer. This is both true and untrue.

According to NHS, ejaculating at least 21 times a month can help reduce the risk of men developing prostate cancer. Previous research concluded that ejaculation gets rid of cancer-causing elements in the prostate gland, thereby reducing the risk.

Note that, I used the word ‘ejaculation’ not masturbation. This means, it applies to both sex and masturbation.

So if you have an active sex life, you just need to masturbate a few times and you’ll be okay. If you don’t, just go with what I said earlier; masturbating 4 to 5 times weekly should help you a great deal and it’ll also keep you from losing control.


  1. Masturbation is a stress reliever
  2. The hormones released relieve cramps
  3. It is a mood restorer for when you’re feeling blue
  4. It keeps you on your toes throughout the day
  5. It helps to relieve sexual tension
  6. It’s the safest form of sex (you don’t get pregnant and you don’t get STI’s)
  7. It helps with insomnia. The endorphins released helps you relax and makes you sleep easier, better and more deeply.
  8. It keeps you faithful when your partner is unavailable or far away from you. People in long-distance relationships find it helpful.
  9. It improves your sex life because men find it sexy watching their women masturbate.

Reader, this is enough. There’s a whole lot more you need to know about compulsive masturbation and its effects on both males and females. Hopefully, you should learn a lot from this post in order to make masturbation a healthy habit.

Once again, masturbation is a healthy habit when done right but it is very easy to get sucked up in it.

Thanks for reading this lengthy post! Do you have any questions or anything to say, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you shortly. You can also hit me up on my social media platforms (@amisdiaries on Instagram and twitter) with your questions and comments.

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Ami Shikah is a sex educator and mental health advocate. She is passionate about sex education and is working towards making her website/blog a place where people come to for knowledge and information that will help them make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality. Mental health isn't treated with much importance in her part of the world (Ghana, Africa) and as someone who has had to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts, she hopes to share her experiences with the world and help other people like her. She has in-depth knowledge about sex, sexual health, sexuality, vaginal health, pregnancy and abortion and is working to share it all with the world. She has also made it possible for people to ask questions and get answers to them anytime.


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