Well, Fuck Me! pt 2

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“I’m putting you on right back today I expect you to push the ball down the wing and create some goals for me”
“Yes sir” I nodded. Coach called the other players and gave his instructions, a few minutes later the game was on.
It was a hard game and I was very distracted, why? Well, a very dark berry was on the field today yet oddly quiet, he usually acted as a second coach giving instructions and such, however every time I looked over at him I caught his eye.
“Naya I need you to get your head in the game” this was half time and I was getting the harsh words I deserved because my mind was on Ken and today’s dream… I nodded, got some water and waited for the time to be up to go play. This time I was focused somewhat.

“You played well as always” Ken said after the game
I rolled my eyes and replied “I was trash and you know it.”
He shook his head and said something, but I was in my own little world imagining what that mouth could do on me.
“Earth to you miss”
“I was just enjoying the view”
“let me get out of your way then”
We turned and walked to the bus
“I was going to say that there is a kick back thing tonight as a team, I will send you the address. It’s at 9”
“Ok I will see you then”

Yes, I live by the clock, it was time to get ready for the kick back, I went through my clothes and picked out some loose shorts and a crop top to be comfortable and chill. I put on some gloss and bangles let down my hair grabbed my keys and put the address in my phone.

Ken didn’t lie when he said this is a chill thing, I thought to myself, when I walked in, there were drinking game versions of everything enlightening, pastries and “chill” mood music playing in the background. I found a spot, took a shot and socialized but out of the corner of my eye I searched for my berry, maybe today we could make one of my many bathroom fantasies a reality. I felt that zing go down my spine.

Pretty little fears by 6lack came on and as I nursed a drink and played cards against humanity I sang along.
“Rnb with a rap feel” Ken whispered behind my ear… “dance with me” he said and dragged me to the center of the room. His hands on my waist, firm yet subtly carnal moving me with him.
“Seductress” he whispered…
“I’m like Athena” I replied with a smile on my face.
“Strong and powerful people find that tempting” Hmm I suppose.

We were the only ones in the room now, everyone had gone off in little groups doing their own thing.
Ken leaned in and kissed me chastely on the lips.
First move, I thought.
I turned around and continued dancing, we molded together perfectly. He kissed my neck nibbling along my sternocleidomastoid. I felt the tremble, so he must have felt it too. He turned me around and kissed me full on. This was nothing like my fantasies, waay better, I wrapped my hand around his neck, and a whimper left my lips when he pulled me in even more. We finally pulled away panting, I looked into Ken’s eyes and just like in my fantasy I could see the need clear as day.
“Just do it! You know you want to” repeated in my head.
I stood on my tippy toes and kissed his neck and the sexiest groan left his throat which caused me to kiss just underneath his Adams apple.
“Siren that’s what you are” he grunted as he lifted me. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. He backed me up against the wall and attacked my neck whiles pinning my hands… “well if you want to play that way” I thought to myself.

I started grinding on him slowly and intently to the tune of Redbone in the background. Still pinning me with one hand, Ken began to caress my skin, his hand was slowly but surely trailing … But one hand isn’t enough to pin me, I broke free of his and put my hand in his hair and gently pulled on it to get his attention.
“… do this out here” Ken finished.
I nodded. He set me down and motioned for me to hold his hand, I took it as he led the way to a room. I followed impatiently.
He closed the door behind me and kissed my knuckles then my shoulders and then he was kissing my neck. I was turned to jelly… the walk to the room clarified what i already knew and a quick glance down made me gasp. Ken stopped his ministrations and looked at me confused, the gentleman that he is assumed my gasp meant I had taken away consent.

“My turn” I motioned for him to hold me hand and led him to the bed, he sat down, and I sat on him. I motioned for him to lift his hands up and proceed to take of his shirt. Then starting from his shoulder blades, I made a trail of butterfly kisses down his torso. His breathing turned even shallower. I got to his V and took off his joggers and then his boxers, my present was worth the wait from girth to length. I got to work! I kissed the tip of his dick and he hissed. This brought a smile to my lips. I decided to tease him just a bit more, I licked along his shaft with the flat of my tongue,
I proceeded to swallow him whole (Well to the best of my ability anyway he was huge) and slowly let him slide out whiles grazing his tip very lightly, bordering on the thin line between pleasure and pain and all that.
“fuuuck” A sly thought came to mind and this time round i slowly at a snails pace took him down my throat and whiles trying my hardest not to gag hummed this time. I am pretty sure people outside heard Ken cuss, let him out slowly using the tip of my tongue to “tickle” him as he came out and blew gently on his tip. Cue the expletives, I put just his tip in my mouth and played round just like you would a lollipop nibbling sucking everything. It somehow registered at the back of my mind that he had managed to get bigger. Well there’s nothing i can do about that I thought, then proceeded to swallow him whole and this time i bobbed my head. I alternated between hums and hollowing out my cheeks, i breathed through nose and tried not to gag when I knew I couldn’t go anymore, I took a breather to nibble along the pulsing vein.
“Stop…stop” Ken said breathlessly. “How…. where…. did you learn that,” he panted. Fuck those were the best 5 minutes of my life.”

Ken rose in all his glory, knelt in front of me and made a show of taking off my shorts and thong. He kissed the inside of my thighs and slid a thumb inside me. Ken rose in all his glory knelt in front of me and made a show of taking off my shorts and thong. He began by taking off my shoes too and slowly placed light caressing kisses on my feet, beginning from my toes and ending on my heel… I could see the temptation in his eyes to suck on each of my toe.
He continued his lip exploration to my calves… making sure not to miss an inch of exposed skin… I felt trails of electric sparks on my skin everywhere his lips touched. And when he got to my knees, I was on the verge of bursting in pleasure… I was moaning and writhing, cursing him in my head to get to my glory hole already. (but then again, being a dominant son of a btich, he decided to take his sweet time)
I groaned.
“Patience…. a virtue you have never had” Ken said looking up at me.
I scoffed “I am very patient sir”
“Oh really”
Ken went back to his trail now on my thighs… alternating between sucking licking, nibbling and outright bites, he had me on that line between pleasure and pain just as I had him.
It dawned on me that this was in some way a payback.
It seemed he knew my body like a musician and his saxophone, knowing just when to blow, squeeze or finger. The end was so near yet so so far.
He finally reached the honey pot and the moan that left my lips was part relief part pleasure. But alas I was in for another agonizing period of hellish pleasure, he outlined every inch of my pot without ever touching my love button, it seemed like he was playing my body like the way a player would dribble around other players and then fake a shot before the goal…
His fingers now working in conjunction with his lips I was ready to fall over the cliff. When he nudged my clit with his tongue I screamed and came so hard.
“Oh… wow”
Ken came up and kissed me, so I could taste myself on his lips then went to dinner for the pot was full. He ate like a starved classist intensely but taking his time he brought me to a climax once more. I pushed him off after that, what I really wanted was in between his legs.
“I’m on top”
“Dominant huh, I like”
He lay down and I leaned in to kiss him

“Ken are you in there, we can’t find Naya and someone passed out” someone shouted from outside

“FUCK” we said in unison

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