Who Is Ami Shikah?

I am Ami Shikah, a Certified Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Author of the book Hot Sex Everyday, Award-Winning Podcaster (Sex & Sanity), business woman (AS Lubricant), Radio Personality (Simmer Down) and the creator of this blog and the majority of its content. I am passionate about sex education and the promotion of sexual health. For that reason, this blog is devoted mostly to sex education, masturbation, eroticism, sexual and reproductive health, safe abortion, orgasms, sex positions, female pleasure, and sexual exploration.

I love to write about my sexual journey and experiences as they relate to the various sex-related topics. Erotica is art. It can be a source of arousal, engage your sexual fantasies, give you something new to try, or be a great way to ease boredom. For that reason, I devote time to writing erotic stories for your reading pleasure. Most of the erotic stories are based on my personal sexual experiences and I am hoping to write more with time for the sake of my readers, you inclusive.

On my sex podcast, Sex & Sanity, I work toward the promotion of sexual literacy and comprehensive sexuality education by bringing together sex-positive guests to share their real life stories or experiences relating to various sexual health related topics. On every page of this blog, if you scroll down, you can listen to Sex & Sanity and I promise you, you will love it!

The goal of sex education is to produce a sexually healthy adult, so I write a lot about sexual-health-related topics to educate my readers. It is the reason why I write erotic stories and articles that involve seeking pleasure, enhancing pleasure or finding new pleasure outlets. I also write about infections, contraceptives, pregnancy, abortion, consent, safe ways to go about kinks, various sexual acts, etc.

When I think of sex, I think about the endless possibilities of sexual expression. I think about pleasure and I think about the many reasons why anyone would want to engage their sexual urges. Be a part of my amazing community of sex-positive adults who are eager to learn new things about sex, explore new things, attain sexual self-fulfillment and reach their ultimate pleasure potential. Subscribe to this blog by scrolling down and entering your email address.

Are you facing any difficulties in your sex life? Do you have a sexual concern you need help resolving, or you have a sex-related question you need answers to, send me an email or a live chat directly from this page (the white and red circle on the bottom of the screen) and I will reply in no time. I can help you live the Sex Life of your dreams.

As a Certified Sex Coach, I am here to be your guide to learn all you need to know about sex, sexual health, and sexual pleasure. I want to read your fun stories, your slutty confessions, or anything sex-related that you have done, fantasized about, or dreamt about that you think might be worth sharing.

Stay sexy!


Ami Shikah

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