It happened at a house party not so long ago and it was fun!

A close friend of mine, Richie had his parents’ big house all to himself because they’d travelled and he felt the need to throw a house party. You know how young adults who love partying can be!

He woke up that Friday morning, invited his best friend (Kobe) over and they decided that it’d be best to throw a party that same evening and guess what? They needed me there because I was the life of the party. They called me and I found it odd that they didn’t plan it earlier. Quite unfortunately, I didn’t have plans of stepping out that night, so I wasn’t certain that I’d make it. My week had been so hectic and I was looking forward to drinking indoors and sleeping my night away.

When the call came in, I was at work and interestingly, I got the chance to go home right after lunch because there wasn’t much to do in the office. I was elated by that and got one of my colleagues to drop me off before 2 pm, so it gave me ample time to sleep and get enough rest before nighttime. The universe worked in my friends’ favor that day, so when I woke up, it was just a few minutes past 7 and I felt like going out to have fun.

At that same time, my roommate got home from work, so I tried to convince her to go with me to the party but she refused. She was tired and needed sleep, so there was nothing I could say to make her change her mind. She showered and we watched a movie together because I planned to leave later for the party.

At exactly 10 pm, I got a call from Richie. He called to remind me that the party was still on and everyone was expecting to see me. He must’ve thought that I still wasn’t sure about going, so the call was to get me to change my mind.

I told him I was getting ready, so when the call ended; I rushed to the bathroom, showered, and dressed up. I put on hot pants, wore a cropped tube top, and threw on an unbuttoned jacket. Right after, I ordered a ride and it stated on the Uber app that it was just 10 minutes away. 10 MINUTES?? I didn’t even have makeup on. How in God’s name was I going to be ready in 10 minutes?

I begged my roommate to fix my makeup for me because I suck at making my own face up and she was feeling extra lazy that night to do anything willingly.  After 10 minutes, she was still blending my foundation and my phone started ringing because my driver had arrived. He kept calling, so she had to rush with the makeup. Luckily, even though it was simple, my long lashes made me look good. I put on large hoops and took off the rubber band that held my box braids in a ponytail so that they could hang free and fall on my butt.

I completed my look with 3-inch heels and in 40 minutes, I was done. My ride had also been waiting for 30 good minutes and I guessed that the driver would be furious, so I ran out, sat in the backseat of the car and muttered to him,

‘I’m sorry for making you wait that long.’ 

He nodded and drove me to Richie’s house in Cantonments. I was hyped up when I got to the gate but I wound up disappointed when I opened the door to see that the party hadn’t begun. In all, there were just three girls (women) and ten boys (men), and they were all on their phones. Why? Doesn’t it suck when parties turn out that way?

I walked in, hugged Richie, said hi to Kobe, and said a few words to the others before walking into the kitchen to get some chicken. I’m a chicken baby, so I was expecting the boys to have some around for me and they did. I chewed two while replying to messages on my phone. I almost forgot that I was at a party and I was expected to get it started until Richie came in. He didn’t look pleased when he saw me,

‘What are you doing? Everyone is waiting for you.’

My mouth was full but I spoke, ‘Huh? Why didn’t you start before I got here?’

Him: ‘You knew we were waiting for you’

Me: ‘oh sorry. I forgot myself for a minute. The chicken tastes good though.’

We walked to the hall together and I went ahead to start the party, 

‘Who is ready to play drinking games? I’m getting everyone drunk tonight.’ 

I got everyone to put their phones away and we had a good time. We had a lot to drink, we danced, played games that got some of us kissing, fondling and smooching, but no one got naked. The party was going great until one girl had to throw up because she’d drunk too much. It shouldn’t have marked the end of the party, but somehow it did.

Even though it was just 2:30 am, after the girl threw up, the other two decided that it was time to leave. They must’ve been worried about their friend who couldn’t even walk, so leaving was the right thing to do. Right after they left, three guys followed. Just like that!

I was expecting the party to end after 4:00 am, so I was a little disappointed that five people had already left and I was the only girl left with five boys. I was a little mad, so I left the hall and went to Richie’s bedroom. I’d been there a couple of times and knew my way around the house, so I took off my shoes and jacket to feel more comfortable.

I fell onto the bed right after and scrolled through my twitter timeline like I had nothing doing. I wasn’t expecting anyone to join me in the bedroom but one guy did. When I turned and saw who it was, I sat up and smiled. I wondered if he’d been following me and I was glad that he did because I kinda had the hots for him.

I had my eyes on him the whole time, so when I got the chance to kiss him because of a dare, I didn’t hesitate. It was one hot kiss that was fuelled by our sexual chemistry, so it lasted a while. Everyone had to scream at us to stop at a point because they got tired of waiting. It sucked that we had to end it.

He walked into the room and I heard him ask, 

‘Hey, what are you doing here? I’ve been looking for you.’ 

Me: ‘I came in here when the girls left. Join me.’

He sat right in front of me and looked a little shy. He was dark with very beautiful skin and he had a little beard, so I started to pull it with my thumb and index finger on my left hand while I had my phone in my right. 

I deliberately pulled his beard so hard, looked into his eyes and asked, 

‘Does it hurt?’

‘Yeah, go easy on them’

I smiled, ‘the kiss was good. I loved it!’

He didn’t look away, ‘you want another one?’

I nodded. I didn’t even know his name and I didn’t bother asking. I just put my phone on a far end of the bed, grabbed the back of his neck with my right palm, and leaned forward to plant my lips on his. Our breathing grew heavy and because we were both a little drunk, we were quite impatient and the kiss felt rushed like we were running out of time. It was still hot though. 

I grabbed his lower lip with my lips, kissed it, kissed his upper lip, and tilted my head to the left to have a good taste of his tongue with mine. Tongue-play easily makes me wet, so at that moment, it was all I wanted. Our tongues went from being tip-to-tip and dancing around each other to creating tingling sensations in my clit and vagina.

He, at the same time, grabbed my right boob underneath my top and it felt good. He rubbed on my nipple for a few seconds and let go of it. Right after, I felt his fingers on my abdomen; he reached for the waistband of my pants and tried to unbutton it. 

That moment, I strengthened my hold on his neck while doing more tongue-play and letting his tongue create stronger sensations that made my entire body tingly. With my left hand, I helped him unbutton my pants because he seemed to be taking too long and I was way too impatient to wait any longer.

I unzipped my pants and broke off the kiss to take it off completely. I took off every other thing I had on excluding my waist beads because I never take them off; I was naked and ready for action.

As I was getting naked, he was also trying to do same but he still had his pants on when I was done. I could’ve helped take them off but I didn’t. I just fell on my back on the bed, spread my legs wide apart, grabbed a pillow from the edge of the bed, put my head on it, and waited to see what his dick looked like. 

For his height which I estimated to be approximately 5’7”, I expected him to have an impressive length and girth. I didn’t think he’d be shorter than 7 inches, maybe 8 and I wasn’t wrong. I smiled while watching him and touched my clit with my right index finger. It was easier using that finger because even though I had acrylic nails on, I kept that particular one short for the sake of my vagina.

My clit was moist when I touched her. I rubbed on her and inserted my finger in my vagina to feel my wetness. After inserting it, I took out my finger, sucked on it, and watched him bend over to be on top of me.

Before he could get close to putting his dick inside me, I remembered, 

‘Do you have a condom on?’

While getting up suddenly, he answered, ‘Oh I forgot, I have a pack in my pocket’ 

I wasn’t trying to catch an infection from anybody, 

 ‘Cool! I also have some in my pants. I would’ve offered but let’s use yours.’

I watched him roll the condom all the way down his dick. When he was done, he looked like he was ready to pounce on me and fuck my brains out but we heard the door open. He didn’t lock it when he came earlier, so Richie who must’ve been wondering where I was, walked in. 

He looked surprised but not in any way shocked, 

‘Is that what is going on here?’ 

I’m a little crazy and bold when I take in liquor, so instead of asking him to excuse us, I invited him to stay and watch. 

He didn’t think I was being serious, ‘are you sure you want that?’

I nodded, 

‘Wait, are you saying that you don’t even wanna join? What if I asked you to?’

He shook his head, ‘relax, you are drunk.’

‘Trust me, I’m not. Don’t leave.’

The naked guy was also standing there looking at Richie, I looked at him, 

‘I’m still waiting for you’

That got his attention and as he moved closer to the bed, I asked, 

‘Can you eat me out?’

He didn’t answer, he just bent over and the next thing I felt was his warm tongue on my vulva. I felt him lick it from my vagina towards my clit. He was licking it slowly and it felt nice in a way but I needed him to concentrate on my clit.

It looked like he wasn’t the best at cunnilingus and I felt a strong urge to scream,


But I didn’t. I just looked to my left and realized that Richie was still standing there. Even though we were just friends, we’d had sex a couple of times in the past and he was the first person to make me cum from head. He’d also told me several times before that he was down to do it anytime I wanted, all I had to do was ask. So guess what? I decided that it was the right moment to ask for it because the first guy wasn’t eating me out well enough.

I called him,

‘Babe, do you wanna eat it? Come here.’

The first guy heard it and looked up while Richie walked closer to replace him. My knees were bent at that point but before I could feel his tongue on my clit, he said, 

‘You are one crazy girl’

Me: ‘Just eat it!’

Right then, he started to eat it like I wanted. I felt his tongue on my clit; he was licking it, sucking it and I moaned loudly. I was enjoying every bit of it and it grew more intense when I felt his finger penetrate me. Oh Lord, he was fingering me the right way while flicking his tongue on my clit. He kept going and the pleasure grew so intense till it reached its peak and I felt the strongest wave go through my clit. It was so sharp but so strong that I shivered and I subconsciously hit his scalp with my hand. I felt myself go numb for a second before screaming, 

‘I just came, fuck me!’

I’d forgotten that the other guy was still in there with us. He was still hard but had his phone in his hand. It was obvious that he didn’t know what to do. Richie got up and tried to take off his pants and guess what I did? I asked the first guy to go first. 

His head game might have sucked a little but his dick looked big and he already had a condom on. I wasn’t about to lie there and wait for Richie to get ready when someone else could fuck me right away,

‘Can you fuck me first? He can come after you.’

He didn’t hesitate; he just walked closer, bent over and I felt him go inside me. He went in slowly and right when I felt his entire length inside me, I let out a moan. 

Richie sat by me, so I turned to look at him, 

‘Can you get me alcohol?’

He got up and before he left, I screamed, ‘call the other guys too.’

‘Are you serious?’ 

‘I don’t know, but call them. I want this!’

I looked up at the man on top of me and muttered, ‘Kiss me,’ 

He heard it, bent lower, and kissed me. He fucked me slowly and I hugged his waist tightly to feel his crotch on my clit. It felt nice when I felt the pressure on my clit, so I hugged him tighter and kissed him harder. Unfortunately, before I could cum, he lifted himself up and chose to fuck me harder. It didn’t come with the best feeling, so I couldn’t get an orgasm.

The next thing I felt was him going faster. He was cumming and his eyes were shut as he did. At the same time, I heard someone walk in. 

It wasn’t just one person. Richie actually listened to what I said and walked in with three other guys. They stood and watched as the guy on top of me slowly lifted his waist up until his dick was completely out of my vagina. He got up and went straight to the bathroom. I also sat up and looked at the boys. 

On a normal day, I would’ve been a little shy because the three guys with Richie were people I’d partied with several times before, but they’d never seen me naked. The alcohol made it impossible for me to care and when I saw the bottle of whiskey in Richie’s hand, I asked him to hand it over to me.

He sat by me on the bed, gave me the bottle, and looked into my eyes.

He whispered, ‘are you good?’

I nodded and started drinking straight from the bottle. Just then, I felt him rub his fingers down my belly. He went towards my vagina and looked up at me. He looked like he was trying to get approval to go on, so I nodded and he fingered me I opened my legs wider to make penetration easier for him and I felt him insert another finger, making two. It felt good!

I stopped drinking when I realized that I was getting close to my limit. I looked at the other guys who were waiting to fuck me,

‘Can one of you come for the bottle?’ 

I was still fully aware of what was going on and I watched as Kobe walked closer and took the bottle from my hand. Right before he walked away, I screamed, 

‘You are next after him’ 

Richie was still fingering me and I started moaning because it felt good. He didn’t do it for long though. He got up, took out a condom from his pocket, and rolled it on his dick. With my index finger, I played my clit while waiting for him to get inside me.  

When a train is being run, it’s easier when the woman doesn’t do much. She just needs to consent to it and lie in the missionary position for people to take turns to go in and out of her. So that’s exactly what happened in my situation. 

Richie’s dick wasn’t as long as the first guy’s. He was a little longer than 6 inches with an okay girth, so it wasn’t bad at all. He climbed on top of me and penetrated my vagina while looking into my eyes. He started with fast strokes and I put my arms on his back, held him, and wrapped my legs around his waist. 

There’s a thing that I usually do during sex that helps me get orgasms, so I made use of it since I couldn’t get the deepest penetration with him. I pressed my heels on his butt in order to keep his crotch glued to my clit while lifting my butt up and gyrating my hips to stimulate the nerves in my clit for pleasure. I kept going that way while he was still inside me. At the same time, he got his dick to stimulate my pleasure spots as he moved his waist in circles and it felt nice.

I still kept my heels on his butt and the pressure on my clit created sensations that started to build up. I always love how that feels because it’s quite intense. The pleasure intensified and I couldn’t help but moan and scream. I pressed my heels harder on his butt, hugged his shoulders tighter while grinding my clit on his crotch to take me closer to my climax and it worked perfectly. OMG!

I moaned so loud and cussed while feeling the very intense sensations in my clit until I felt the most intense spark that spread through my entire body. That was it! I’d gotten an orgasm. With it came the relaxation of my muscles, so I let go of his shoulders and fell back on the bed while he was still inside me.

I wish I could describe the feeling that I got right after the orgasm. It was so relaxing and I sighed with so much relief. I looked up at him and realized that he wasn’t moving. He was just staring at me. Did he think I was done?

I told him,

‘Keep going’

I felt his dick go in and out of me. I felt a little pleasure in my vagina and I grabbed his neck with my right hand. I choked him and he kept fucking me. I loved seeing the look on his face as the pleasure hit him. 

At a point, he started going faster and I squeezed his neck tighter. He kept going fast while letting out moans for a while before it became louder. He was cumming.

I loved hearing him moan but it didn’t last long. In a few seconds, he was done, so he got up and went straight to the bathroom to clean up. Unlike him, I was nowhere near exhaustion so I called the next guy, 

‘Kobe, can you eat me out?’

He was already in his boxers, like the other two. It looked like they all couldn’t wait for their turn and I also couldn’t wait to tick ‘a train ran on me by five men’ off my bucket list

I put my head back on the pillow and folded my knees up while he bent down to have a taste of me. I wasn’t even expecting to cum at that point, I just wanted more tongue, more penis, and the little sensations that would come with it if it was done right. 

He positioned his head between my thighs and I put my right palm on his scalp to keep his head in place. He went ahead and licked my clit, my labia, and my entire vulva for a minute. It felt pleasurable but not intense enough to give me an orgasm. So when I felt that I was wet enough for penetration, I decided that I’d had enough head.

I moved my hand, positioned my thumb on his forehead, and lifted his head up. He listened to me when I said,

‘Put on a condom and fuck me’

Then he grabbed a condom from I-don’t-know-where, hurriedly put it on, held both of my legs, pulled me closer to the edge of the bed, and slowly inserted his penis in my vagina. I didn’t get to see and guess his length before penetration but when he was finally in, I felt it and it was LONG.

I gasped as he went in deep, creating sensations that were too nice to be ignored. He was far longer than Richie and longer than the first guy. I was awed by how good it felt inside me.

I looked in his eyes, smiled and whispered,

 ‘Your dick! Wow!’

Knowing how long he was, I realized that he might’ve gotten accustomed to slow strokes in order to not hurt his partners. He went in and out of me slowly, filling me up and stretching my wet walls with his wide girth. The sensations were engulfing and it grew more intense as he moved in and out of me. Oh, how it felt! I must’ve been so loud at that point because I couldn’t keep the moans in.

I grabbed his nipples with my thumb and index finger on both hands. It made him moan, so I squeezed it harder. I didn’t feel the need to hug him tight for clitoral stimulation. The penetration was enough! I wasn’t trying to cum desperately at that point but his length felt great and I just concentrated on the sensations that it created in my walls. I had so much fun with him and when he finally came, I wished he would fuck me again. I was a little tired though, and I felt like I needed a break but I didn’t want to end the session. I was no quitter and there were just two guys left. I was also thirsty and I needed to drink water, so I sat up and said to the boys,

‘I need water please!’

One of the two who hadn’t fucked me yet went out and came back with a bottle of water. I drank everything and felt a strong urge to pee. So I ran to the bathroom and screamed so that the boys would hear me say,

‘Wait for me! I’ll be out soon! We are not done yet!’

After peeing, I looked in the mirror while washing my hands and asked,

‘Who the fuck are you?’

I stood there for a while expecting an answer from my reflection but got none, so I went back to the room, smiled at the boys who were busy on their phones, and headed straight to the bed.  I was still naked, so I sat on the bed with my legs wide open, grabbed my boobs with both hands, and called on one boy to come closer and fuck me.

There were only two boys in the room with me at that point and they were both in their boxer shorts. The shorter one walked towards me, stood in front of me and I watched him take off his shorts to reveal a skinny dick with a length that could’ve measured up to 7.5 inches. How I wished he was thicker!

I lied on my back, watched him roll the condom on his dick, and secretly hoped that he wouldn’t last so long inside me because I didn’t expect to have a good time with him. The thing is, when you are very wet, your vaginal walls hardly have a good feel of a skinny dick. You have to clench your walls to feel it and enjoy the experience, so I did exactly that. 

He climbed on top of me and when I felt him go inside me, I clenched my pelvic muscles to have a hold on his penis. He went in slowly and in no time, he was going fast. He kept going for like three minutes and he came, just like I wanted. I was glad because it wasn’t as pleasurable as you’d expect good sex to be.

Right after he came, he got up and the last guy walked towards me before I could tell him to. He was already naked and I could see a condom on his dick. I loved that he wasted no time to get inside me and fortunately, his dick wasn’t as skinny as the guy before him.

He had an average length (5 to 6 inches) and a wide girth, and when he penetrated my vagina, I didn’t feel the need to clench my walls. I could feel the friction and I liked it. I smiled when his entire length was inside me and he tried to bend lower to kiss me, so I shook my head. I wasn’t trying to kiss, I just wanted penetration from him and he got the message, so he just gave me that.

I just watched him do his thing while letting out moans until he came. He got up right after and gave my vagina the chance to breathe again. That was it! I was done!

I lied on the bed for a few minutes and though I was tired, I couldn’t believe that I’d been able to pull it off. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and share the story, so I got up and headed to the bathroom to wash down before dressing up.

It was a few minutes past 5 and I needed to go home, so I went to the hall and told the boys that I had to leave. It wasn’t awkward when I met them in the hall as anyone would expect, the alcohol must’ve been the reason why.

Richie offered to drop me off, so we left the house together.

It was a fun experience!

Have you ever had a train ran on you? How many were they? Did you have fun? Tell me about it!

Have you ever joined a train that was ran on a girl? How was it? Tell me about it!

Do you want to give it a try?? Tell me, I could give you pointers. 



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  1. Oh wow. Are these erotica stories or personal experience from the writer?

    • It depends on the story. Some are from personal experiences of friends, some are friction and some are real stories

  2. I must say, I enjoyed the story. You're a good writer🙌🏻🙌🏻.
    But is it based on a real life event? Cuz this kinda experience is one of a kind😂😂😂

    • A percentage of it is real, a percentage isn't. So I can say, yes

  3. I actually wanted to this. Good stuff!!!

  4. That was way better written that 80 percent of the stuff I've read on Literotica. I'm still so turned on!

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