Apparently, I am so easy to read, so you can guess that I am crazily turned on right now and I am either ovulating or menstruating. Yeah! It’s the latter. I already masturbated twice with my thighs, passed out, woke up and I want more. The truth is, I am a very horny individual on a normal day. So it isn’t supposed to be a huge deal when I talk about being horny but this time, it has gone through the roof. It has got me wondering how dissimilar period horniness and ovulation horniness are. Has that thought ever come to mind? Which do you think is worse based on your knowledge and experience?

I’ve had some women tell me they only get extremely horny when they are ovulating. For others, it only happens when they are menstruating and the rest like myself, find it hard to tell the difference.


It is very natural for female animals to be extremely turned on when they are ovulating. As a biologist, I classify humans as animals too! Have you ever seen a dog on heat? How about other mammals? How badly do they need to mate when they are ovulating??

This is quite similar to what happens with women (not all). For women who experience an increase in sexual desire when they are ovulating, it feels like our bodies are begging us to have sex. It’s Biology! An egg or more have been released and desperately want to be fertilized by MR. SPERM. It is the reason behind the increased sexual desire.

Your estrogen level is at its peak when you are ovulating. If you didn’t already know this, estrogen is the hormone behind vaginal lubrication, so the vagina gets lubricated easily when there’s a surge. The least thing makes you wet. Your body desperately wants sex; you might feel sexier, flirt more and dress more provocatively because you just can’t help it.

I have the most sex and I masturbate the most when I am ovulating. I am not an addict and I have control over my sexual urges, considering that I am always horny and I am still able to go days without masturbating and weeks/months without having sex. When I am ovulating, it is a different thing altogether. For about 6 days, in the middle of my menstrual cycle, I tend to be extremely horny and it is one urge that I find exceedingly hard to say NO to.

I usually just let myself yield because I feel like I owe it to my genitals. If I’m home, I would lock my door, turn the lights off, put my sex toys on one side of my bed, lie on my back and proceed to play with myself till I have an orgasm. I do it back to back because once I start, it becomes almost impossible to stop. How do you even stop at one orgasm when you are that horny?? I do it till I can’t anymore

On days that I have work or I’m out, I just squeeze my thighs together and discreetly get an orgasm or more from that. If not, I would just go to the washroom, if it’s clean, and get my nut.

Sometimes when you are horny, your body craves something specific. It’s like having a sudden craving for a specific meal. For a heterosexual woman, my vagina sometimes craves a human penis when I am ovulating. I could touch myself or use my toys but the urge wouldn’t go away. It just makes my craving more intense and you might find me texting whomever I am seeing at the time for sex. If there is no specific person, I just go through my contacts and find someone I could get some from.

Here’s something you should note: If you easily yield to the urge to have sex during your fertile days, you need to be on a contraceptive because you can get pregnant easily. I always advise women who aren’t already using a regular/long-term contraceptive to stick to using condoms and make sure they use it the right way, so it doesn’t break or fall into their vagina during sex.

I know most of you would resort to using the morning-after pill or emergency contraceptives like Postinor 2 when your partner ejaculates in you. I’ve had several women email me talking about how they used an emergency contraceptive when they were ovulating but still got pregnant. For someone who isn’t ready for a baby, you wouldn’t want to go through that stress.

If you are going to do raw on your horny fertile days, don’t let him finish inside you. You can let him cum on your body, inside your mouth or your butthole. He shouldn’t cum in your vagina. The morning-after pill can fail you!


Just like me, several women experience heightened sexual desire when they are menstruating. Period horniness contradicts the evolutionary or biological standpoint which relates the extreme horniness to reproduction or baby-making (women having an increased sexual desire because of the release of an egg that needs to be fertilized for a child to be born).

Unlike how there is a spike in estrogen levels during ovulation, menstruation comes with an increase in testosterone levels in women. That’s one reason behind the increase in libido in cis-women during menstruation. Other factors come to play and can make it worse for a woman than ovulation horniness.

Unless a woman is disgusted by her period blood and cannot touch herself or have period sex, she might see her menstruation days as her least fertile days. The excitement can make her extremely horny anytime she gets on her period. That’s not all! Period blood makes the vagina ready for penetration because there is never an issue with vaginal dryness and there is no need for lubrication. The thought of that can make it the worst kind of horniness a woman can have.


I see it as very intimate and it must be one reason why I get extremely horny when I am on my period. I could have sex, I could masturbate and sometimes I just want to cuddle, dry hump, make out or get butt rubs and a little spanking. What is your story? How different is it from mine? Share it with me!
I couldn’t even arrive at an answer to the question about which is worse than the other. In my case, I can’t tell because they are both that bad.

Here’s my answer:

IT DEPENDS ON THE INDIVIDUAL, their libido and how they feel about period sex.

I’m here to answer any questions you have about sex and this particular topic, so leave them in the comments and subscribe to this blog!



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  1. I'm the same way when ovulating but it actually hurts like hell. We're talking period cramps x10, lands you in the ER pain. I'm seeing a dr and it could be related to my endometriosis. But it is awful and hard to talk to a dr about how I'm so horny and can have many O's (back to back easily) during ovulation but it causes excruciating pain. It messes with my mind so much. And it is hard to avoid every month with how crazy aroused I get during ovulation. So damn awkward. I'm not sure how to talk to my dr about all the details. :/

    • I'm so sorry you go through that. How about telling the doctor in the same way you typed this. Write it down and read it to them if possible. It should help

  2. I am fertile now and actively trying to conceive but my partner works during the day. I am super horny right now but I know after dealing with a toddler by myself all day that once my partner gets home and we have some alone time I will be too tired to actually want to do anything. I have masturbated and had several orgasms already and the need is actually getting worse every time. Its extremely frustrating!

  3. When it's my ovulation time, I see having sex everywhere, this is tiring especially when you can't have it and masterbation doesn't help much. I crave for a hard fuck. The same thing happens when I start my period.

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