What comes to mind when you hear the name: PIG BUDDIES? 

Pigbuddies.com is a new website for everyone who isn’t below 18 and is sexually curious/active. They aim to provide news and information about various issues and trending topics in the world today. Most of their content is centered around sex, sexuality and the LGBTQIA society. So, if you’ve always been looking for a website that has all the information, guidelines, tips and misconceptions about LGBTQIA, sex toys, sex, taboo topics, and OnlyFans performers, here’s a website for you. 

With their unbiased, uncensored articles that are purely based on their direct experiences, you can learn a lot and be entertained as a Pig Buddy or a follower of the website. Being a follower also gives you access to their wide range of offers, tips and announcements about products, services, and upcoming projects or events you’d want to be a part of. 

I find everything about Pig Buddies exciting! They currently have a number of insightful articles on the website that you will love:

  • The annoying trouble about erectile dysfunction
  • The best selection of sex toys for men and women
  • Frequently asked questions about the blue pill

As OnlyFans performers, the creators of Pig Buddies have articles about OnlyFans, their experiences, becoming OnlyFansperformers and making the most out of the platform: 

  • The hottest men next door on OnlyFans
  • The most popular platforms for hot content creators 
  • Becoming OnlyFans Creators: How to earn money thanks to your followers 

There’s a whole lot to love about Pig Buddies! They have links to products that you will find useful as a sexually active adult: whether it’s to last longer, get a harder erection, or boost your libido. The website prioritizes its readers and followers’ needs/concerns and makes available links to products that work to provide every solution you seek.

On the website menu, you will find a number of platforms for both models and creators. It can be great for you if you’ve been seeking an avenue to create some fantastic, sexy content and get paid for it. If you are already a creator, putting your content on the platform will help you get more subscribers and make you more money. I mean, who doesn’t like making more money?

Visit pigbuddies.com, subscribe to be a follower and don’t forget to thank me later! 


Alex and Simon are two gay performers on OnlyFans and other paid platforms for creators (Pornhub, JustFor.Fans, Gay AVN Stars and Top4Fans). Alex is a 37-year-old gay man, and his partner, Simon, is a 31 years old gay man. They are both tall (172 cm and 176 cm, respectively), athletic, versatile and bareback gay pornstars with big dicks (8 inches). They are wild, open-minded and adventurous, with their content covering several aspects of sex and sexuality. I love that all they basically do is explore their sexuality and make videos of everything for our viewing pleasure. The videos show them having intense, passionate and orgasmic sessions that will definitely blow your mind and leave you rock-hard or dripping wet. 

Wherever you find yourself on the LGTQIA spectrum, if you enjoy seeing men have passionate and fun sessions, you should subscribe to their OnlyFans. Imagine how much you can learn from subscribing to their OnlyFans: tips on fun things to try with your partner(s), and ways to make the most of your sex life. They have content for everybody who loves and gets off from watching gay porn. Whether its amateur gay bareback porn, big dick (8 inches), porn showcasing beautiful ass, sex with strangers, threesomes, orgies, kinks and fetishes. 

If you worry about most porn websites showcasing videos that aren’t real and not good enough, you should be a Pig Buddy! Subscribe to their OnlyFans and get exclusive access to view their content; new videos are posted daily. If you are an aspiring creator, Alex and Simon’s OnlyFans would be a great avenue to be inspired to start creating. Watching them have a swell time can be an excellent motivation for you also to create content from your sexual sessions. Think about it! 

They have a free page and a paid/VIP page. You’d definitely want to go for the latter because of the exclusive access to their premium content. And guess what? It doesn’t cost too much to subscribe. You can choose to go for the monthly subscription that costs $5.99 per month, or you can go for the 3-months or 6-months offer that give you 25% and 50% discounts, respectively ($13.48 and $17.97). If you are like me, a pansexual woman who enjoys watching gay porn and gets off from that, you should subscribe to their OnlyFans too!! I know so many women love gay porn, so you need to subscribe to their OnlyFans and enjoy their amazing content. YOU WILL LOVE THEM!

Do follow their website and OnlyFans by visiting any of these links:


OnlyFans free page

OnlyFans paid page


Hot Sex Everyday Book


Ami Shikah is a Certified Sex Coach, clinical sexologist, and radio personality with an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Management. She loves anything and everything sex as long as it is consensual, pleasurable and free of any form of discrimination, harm or violence. On this blog, her aim is to promote sexual literacy, provide a source of arousal, and promote sexual wellness. If you need to talk to a sex professional about your sexual concerns or issues, she is the one to talk to. She can help you solve your sexual problems. She will help you have the most amazing sexual experiences and live the sex life of your dreams. Sex is a basic need and a natural part of who we are as human beings. Exercise your right to sexual pleasure today! Email her at amishikah@gmail.com for a complimentary sex coaching session.

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