Morning or Late Night Regrets. They Suck!

We’ve all had to deal with regrets in one way or the other at a point in our lives. So, we should all know how unpleasant that feeling is. And the thing is, the worst regrets are the ones felt at dawn, especially when you’ve been hit by insomnia and you’re feeling all restless and hopeless about ever getting the rest you need. That’s not all, if you can’t relate to what I just typed, you might relate to waking up suddenly in the middle of the night and having negative thoughts flood your mind, most of them being regrets or you might wake up early in the morning and instead of getting up and getting ready for your day, you find yourself getting crippled by these regrets.

I’m sure you are nodding your head up and down like an Agama lizard because you get it. I can relate to all three and as at now, the last part is my most recent one. It is crazy how great an effect regrets can have on us, like you literally feel so bad about yourself for doing something usually the day or night before or something in the past and if you are that weak like I used to be, you might end up letting the regret take over and rule you and your day. Like instead of getting up to do what you’re supposed to do for the day you will just lie in bed and cry over all the hateful things that your own mind would tell you. It turns into depression.

You know one thing about that, it’s not like it’s someone else criticizing and judging you for a dumb decision you took or a mistake you made. If it were that, you would have told them your mind, fought them and  or distanced yourself from them in order for you to have your peace of mind. This time, that person is you; your own mind. How do you get away from your mind, if not trying to numb it all with drugs or alcohol or sex? I’m not saying you should go for them, I’m just trying to making a point.

So, this time we cannot get away from the person making feel that way and so, usually we surrender to our minds and let them enslave us because we feel we deserve it or we feel there’s no way we can be saved. It is messed up, it is crippling and it can pull your back from so many good things, opportunities and make you lose some friends or your relationship even.

Regrets are never good things and the depression that come along with them makes them more serious because we know how dangerous depression is. You could even lose your life!
We need to learn to deal with the regrets. We need to fight them immediately we see them coming so that they won’t worsen and get to the point of making us depressed. We need to accept that whatever we did cannot be undone and there is no way, beating ourselves up will change anything.
We need to rather take charge of our lives and learn lessons from whatever actions we took. We need to let the lessons mold us into better people and when our minds try to remind us of those actions, we will shake the thought of and go about our daily activities.

We need to identify the things that matter the most in our lives and how what actions taken would lead to us losing them. Once we do that, we will do all we can to not let our thoughts stop us from performing our daily tasks.

Regrets aren’t pleasant and they shouldn’t be allowed any space in our lives! So, the best thing to do is to keep the past in the past and NEVER LOOK BACK. Note that! Tell me what you think by commenting or sending me a mail and I will be quick to respond.

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