It’s so sad that, when it comes to sex, most women (African women especially) are oblivious about all what it entails. We just lie on our backs with our legs opened wide like stuffed bears and let the guys do what they always do till they cum and fall on us like some dead bodies. And after they cum, it’s over.

Most women get little or no pleasure from sex and it is so sad. They assume that, sex is all about men releasing their semen and sometimes, they do it just to please them to prove their love for them. That’s a messed up way of thinking. I feel sad for all women who think that way. I feel sad for all women who don’t know that sex is supposed to be pleasurable for both parties.

I feel sad for all women who are not properly turned on during sex and after the man cums, they feel sore and have to deal with the pain on their own. I feel sad for women who don’t know what exactly turns them on. And finally, I feel sad for women who know what they want but can’t communicate with their men, to get the maximum pleasure from sex.

We need to take control of our sexual lives. We need to wake up as women and embrace our sexuality. We need to learn all we need to know about the act. We need to understand that it’s a very pleasurable act when done right. We need to stop going with the old, traditional ways of doing things, just because we are Africans or Ghanaians precisely.

We need to let the men know that we control the game because we own the cookie. Men need us so we need to let them understand what we need before we can let them get what they also need.

We need to make the big-O our destination anytime we do it and let our men know we are the bosses.

Welcome to the blog which spills out the truth about sex, relationships, romance and love. We are here to help you embrace your sexuality and let you get the best you can out of that basic need and I promise you, your life will never be the same.

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  1. Is a sad thing though in our current society where ladies are not able to feel free to express themselves on their feel for sex and other things they know they can do best.

    Have had the room to talk to a few women and l came to understand that they just need to be listened to instead of one doing the talking.

    I recently started started talking to a lady friend and she didn't mind me but after appreciating her truthfulness and rawness on social media, she opened up and we are now close of friends.

    We men in my view need to be listening more than talk.


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