Are you trying to heal a broken heart? Try sex! I mean, crazy, drunk sex and you’ll forget you ever made the dumbest decision to catch feelings for the wrong person.

My phone beeped. It was a text from a guy from the party I went to last weekend,

‘Hey, you good?’

‘Yeah, I am,” I replied.

I’d been indoors that whole day drinking and crying over my broken heart. I felt helpless, the guy I was seeing for four good months decided it was time to end things and it hurt. I really liked him and thought we’d last longer, at least a year, but he grew tired of me and it cut so deep in my chest. I needed to get over him.

‘Let’s go see a movie?’

I don’t know what I did to this guy at the party. He couldn’t stop texting me and it was so obvious that he was willing to do anything to get in my pants. How predictable! I knew his type; he loves wild girls and immediately he saw that I had it in me, he felt the need to hit it. Maybe that was what I needed; a man who cherishes my wild traits and is ready to exploit it with me. Instead of replying, I stood up and walked to my dressing mirror. I had drunk one bottle of red Wine and though I wasn’t drunk, I was feeling sexy and needed to leave the house. In the mirror, I realized I still looked good. I knew I would want me if I were a man or a woman who was into girls.

Just then, my phone started ringing. It was Eric. He got tired of waiting for my reply. I answered and he asked me to meet him at the mall before 7:20 pm and it was already 6:00 pm. How the heck was I supposed to shower and get dressed in less than 40 minutes? He made it look like a command and I found that sexy. I love a man who knows what he wants and knows he can get a girl to do anything. I’m a sucker for control and dominance.

‘Okay. Let me freshen up, I’ll let you know when I set off.’

I rushed to the bathroom and as the water poured down on me, I imagined Pete being there with me. I imagined him kissing my neck and rubbing his hands down my shoulders, towards my arms to my butt, then to my privacy. Then it hit me again, we were over. I wasn’t going to see him again. He no longer wanted me, not even my body. He’d had enough and had to move to the next girl.

‘I HATE YOU PETE! FUCK YOU!’ I screamed again.

I hurriedly showered and rushed to dress up. I needed something to take my mind off him and it looked like Eric was the best person for that. I hurriedly dressed up in my ripped jeans, a crop top, and a blazer. I got my heels and ordered an Uber while making my face up. That lasted 45 minutes, and luckily for me, the Uber was in my neighborhood when I ordered, so he parked in front of my gate and waited for me. Alhough I wasn’t okay, I felt better than I did before. I needed the pain in my chest gone and I was willing to do anything for that. The drive from my house to the mall took 50 minutes and the movie was scheduled to start at 7:20, so obviously, I was late.

When I got there, was already seated, watching the movie, but had to come out to meet me at the entrance. Immediately he set eyes on me, his face beamed and he looked at me lustfully from head to toe before asking for a hug that did nothing but turn me on. It was so tight and as sex-starved as I was, I couldn’t help but imagine him doing filthy things to me in the cinema. He whispered in my right ear, ‘you look hot!’ I smiled and said nothing. He loosened his hold on me and walked with me to get popcorn and coke before going into the cinema to sit on the third row to the last. I made him lead the way and wished he would go to the corner of the last row because of what I had in mind but he disappointed me.

‘I’m not here to watch a movie. I’m not even a fan of Star Wars. I’m here to get an orgasm to help with my broken heart, so what at all is this?’ I thought to myself and reluctantly sat on the middle seat with him. The movie had already started and I was on my phone replying messages. He looked at me and said,

‘so you’re one of those people’

I smiled and put my phone in my pocket. Then I leaned closer to him while he put his arm around my neck and rubbed it. 10 minutes into the movie, I felt his hand going down my arm towards my waist and I smiled. ‘This is what I was talking about!’ I didn’t say it out loud. He put his hand on my jeans and it did something crazy to me. My clit jumped and it sent this amazing sensation down my privacy. You can imagine how it felt and it made me realize how much I had missed a man’s touch and how much I’d starved my girl. And if his finger placed on my fully covered vagina could do that to me, what would happen to me when it was skin to skin with no clothing garment separating the two?

I was going to have a wonderful time and I couldn’t wait for it.
Just then, I unzipped my jeans to give him easy access to his meal and instead of doing what was expected, he raised his arm off my shoulder, put it at my back and went straight for my butt inside my jeans. ‘How did he know that was my weak spot?’ I thought to myself I squirmed as he squeezed my butt and played with it. I held him tightly. I needed to keep my cool because the cinema was three-fourth full and people were sitting a few seats away from us. Luckily, it was dark and I put my bag on my lap to make it less obvious.

He squeezed my butt for a while and made the sensations run down my spine. It made my clit tingle and it made me wet. I could feel my juice pour down my vag onto my panty and I wondered how it would feel to have him stick his finger in there. I wanted two fingers actually. It’s nicer having two fingers move in and out of me. The thought of it with what he was doing to my butt made me lose touch of reality and I let out a moan. Lord! Luckily, it wasn’t loud and I immediately covered my mouth with my left palm and giggled. He giggled too and I looked up at him,

‘What are you doing to me?’ He smiled.

He brought out his arm and put it on my lap. He moved his fingers towards my opened zip and found his way into my panty. I let out a quiet moan and put back my palm on my mouth to stop myself from moaning so loud. I’m a screamer and the slightest thing would have me screaming so loud and everyone in the cinema would know exactly what we were doing. That would be so embarrassing. Eric touched my clit and rubbed it lightly with his finger and I loved it. I still had to keep my cool and watched the screen like he was doing as though we were paying any attention to what was showing. The next thing I felt was his finger moving inside me.

He whispered, ‘how are you so wet? I love your pussy’

‘Oh please!’

That wasn’t the first time I was being told that and it wasn’t something I ever took seriously. My “ex” said it several times but look what happened; he left me in the end. So maybe, it was a thing guys said to girls to make us feel good about ourselves and make us open up to them. They always say girls like what they hear so, of course, it would work on so many girls but not me. It wasn’t going to stop me from getting the maximum pleasure from that moment though. So, I shook the thought off and focused on what his finger was doing to me.

He moved his finger in and out and added another finger to make it two. This time, the pleasure intensified. As the fingers moved in and out, filling me up and creating the nicest sensations, I wished the moment would last forever. I wanted him to keep going and going and before I could say Jack Robinson, I felt a spark run through my spine. He was massaging my clit with his thumb, I’m sure, and he did it so well that it left my mind blank. My mouth was stark open and I wondered where the heck he got his skills from. He kept rubbing and I tried so hard to stop myself from screaming when the pleasure intensified to its peak and I knew I was cumming. Just then, I had to hold his thigh for support as I grew stiff and climaxed.

I don’t know how I was able to hold the scream in and even though I sort of lost control, my moan was so low and even if anyone had heard it, it wouldn’t make them want to turn their backs to find out what we were doing. Right after, he brought out his hand and put it back on my shoulder, then I looked up at him and heard him ask,

‘Are you alright?’

I shook my head; He knew exactly what he had done to me. He made me cum for Christ’s sake. He must’ve been so proud of himself. ‘Yeah I’m good,’ I said quietly and looked back on the screen. We watched the movie quietly and although I couldn’t concentrate, I looked on and anticipated the movie ending and us going to the car to continue what we had already started. That was the first time I ever got fingered in a cinema and I even got an orgasm; it made me realize he was an expert and I wondered what else he had up his sleeve. I wondered what he would do to me if we found ourselves naked and what he would do to me with his tongue.

‘I’m such a horny girl,’ I muttered under my breath.

‘What did you say?’ He asked.

I smiled, looked at him and said, ‘nothing.’ When the movie finally ended, my clit throbbed. She was excited because she knew we had a lot in store for her. It made it so hard for me to concentrate on him going on and on about himself, his family and what he does for a living. The only thing I got was that he was a manager in a Government agency and had a fun life. I wasn’t even interested in all that; I just wanted my broken heart healed. I wasn’t trying to catch feelings and get involved with some other guy. It came with too much stress and my fragile heart wasn’t ready for that.

We got to the parking lot in no time, walked to the car and when we sat down, he asked,

‘what next? Should we go to a bar and get a drink?’

The question almost blew me off, I took off my glasses, squinted at him to let him see that I wasn’t expecting that question. Why would he want us to go get a drink when he had awoken the freak in me? What was the essence of the delay? I’d already gotten an orgasm but that was nothing; I needed his hands all over my naked body and his dick inside me. Just then, it occurred to me that I didn’t even know what he looked like down there; I didn’t know whether he was my ideal size like Pete’s. Not again! I didn’t want to think about Pete and his almighty dick so instead, I just looked down at Eric’s crotch.

He wasn’t hard. How come? He realized where my gaze was at and before he could say anything, I put my left hand on his lap. I needed to feel his soft length and when I touched it in his shorts, it started hardening. I squeezed the entire length in his shorts and loved how thick he was. He seemed to be over 2.5 inches in girth and for his length, I couldn’t really tell. I needed the dick out of his shorts. Just as I was about to put my hand in his shorts to pull his dick out, the gentleman suddenly held my wrist and interrupted my movement. It made me angry and I looked up at him to see him shake his head.

‘What the heck? Haven’t you fucked in a car before?’

He said nothing and my stubborn self decided she was going ahead with what she had in mind. He seemed stubborn like me because instead of letting me do my thing, he started driving out of the parking lot and that made me stop. Hold on, I stopped because I needed him to drive out safely. I wasn’t going to let us get into trouble because of my horniness.

We drove towards East Legon and I heard him say we were going to AnC mall. My inner self screamed ‘for what?’ and I said nothing. Luckily the road from Shiashie was lonely; there was barely any vehicle in sight, so I decided to go ahead with what I had in mind. I needed to feast on his dick and nothing, not even his driving was going to stop me. He wasn’t a kid and should be an experienced driver at 34, meaning my little tongue-play on his dick should have nothing on his driving. He should be able to exercise enough control to take us to our destination unscathed. My wild thought made my face beam and he had no idea why? He looked at me and asked,

‘What’s on your mind?’

‘Your dick’

Before he could say anything I put my left hand in his shorts, brought his dick which seemed a few centimeters longer than 7 inches when I felt it with my palm and measured. It was closer to my ideal length, 8 inches, so I was hoping to love having him inside me. I bent so low, put my head under his arms which seemed to be shaking a bit. He held the steering wheel so tight and was looking straight ahead. The dude was scared of crashing the car. How funny! It feels so nice to put men in such uncomfortable situations. It feels good to know you beat their imaginations and even if whatever you have lasts a short while, you’ll leave an imprint on their minds and no matter where they go, they’ll always remember you.

With my hand holding the base of his shaft, I kissed the tip of his dick. Then, I pulled out my tongue and lapped his glans inquisitively with my tongue. I licked the tip gently, wrapping my mouth and tongue around the upper part of the shaft. I sucked it gently while stroking the remaining length with my palm. I sucked it, flicked my tongue on his tip, spat on the dick and kept sucking. I touched his balls, squeezed it rhythmically and pulled the skin while sucking the dick, so sloppy. I completely forgot where we were and paused when I realized he had stopped driving.

He had parked at a filling station and he was moaning like a girl. It was so sexy. I looked up at him and smiled. I was impressed, but the filling station wasn’t a good parking place. I decided to hold on a bit until we got to our destination. This time, he was the one saying no. He wanted me to finish what I had started; he wanted me to take him to the edge because he loved what I was doing to him. So I thought,

‘maybe, I should just make him cum and when we get to our destination we are going to, we can get some liquor and get naked in the backseat for the main thing that I was craving.’

I smiled and nodded while he pulled his seat backward and relaxed to give me the much-needed space for whatever I was going to do. I wished I could jump on his dick because my clit was throbbing in my panty, but I had to exercise control and just focus on pleasuring him with my mouth. I held his dick again and this time, I squeezed the upper part of his shaft closer to the head. I massaged the circle between the head and shaft gently and licked all around the head towards the tip. I flicked my tongue on his tip and sucked it gently before finally, putting his entire length in my mouth. I had to get up and bend over him at this point with my knees on the seat. I needed full control as I let his dick hit my throat and circled my lips around his shaft.

The next thing I knew, he had my braids in his hands and he made the movement faster as he pulled my head up and down and his dick moved in and out of my throat. He moaned as he did this till when he let go of my braids. I let go of his dick, squeezed it with my left hand while I took hold of his hairy balls with my right. I was ready to feast on it and he couldn’t stop moaning. I kissed his balls, licked it, played with it with my tongue, spat on it and sucked it. I kept sucking while squeezing and stroking his entire length. I really wished I could do more. I wished he was lying down naked, so I would do more dirty things to his genitals but since we were sort of restricted I focused on what I had before me. It was doing amazing things to him and before I could put his dick back into my mouth, he started breathing heavily. I could hear him.

‘Shit! I’m cumming’

I didn’t stop, I felt him harden the more while I stroked him and sucked his balls. Then I felt something run up his dick. He was cumming and I could feel it. His cum poured onto my palm and before it could pour out completely onto my hand, I let go of the balls and wrapped my mouth around his dick and let the rest of it pour down my throat. It tasted just like cum and when the last drop fell onto my tongue, I heard him say,
‘You are so wild. I love that!’

You can imagine how I felt! He got tissues from the car and wiped the cum off my fingers. Right after, I sat back on the seat and he leaned forward for a kiss. We hadn’t even kissed! We’d made each other cum before even thinking about kissing and when we finally did, it was good!

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