How Big Are You?


What reply do you give when you’re asked this question?? How often are you asked this question??

Sex is usually the subject of my conversations and I’ve asked so many men about their penile sizes out of curiosity and none of them knew the exact length and girth of their penises. The latter isn’t a big deal but with the way penile size is talked about on social media and everywhere else, I expect every man to know how long they are.

You need to know whether you are small, have an average penile size or huge. How do you go about determining that??

Before I tell you men how to go about measuring your penises, I have this trick for women. It’s safe to know how long your man is so that you wouldn’t go about wondering if his is worth calling long or short. I have a couple of female friends and I’ve measured the length of their palms from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist or the line dividing the palm from the arm and the average length was 7 inches. If you don’t believe it, check yours with a tape measure or a rule.

If you get with your man, all you need to do is to offer to give head or a hand job. Wrap your palm around the D. If it’s still flaccid, make it hard. Rub on the tip, lick it, stroke the entire length or just suck him till it’s fully engorged with blood making it its hardest. Now that it’s hard, align your palm for the tip of your middle finger to hit his crotch or the base of his penis. You are measuring the full length, so the flat of your hand or palm should be aligned on the side of his penis where the scrotum or balls aren’t attached. If it’s longer than your palm (from the tip to your wrist), he is longer than 7 inches.

If the tip of his penis doesn’t reach your wrist and lies in the middle of your palm, he is approximately 5 inches long. If it’s closer to your wrist, he is within 6-7 inches long and that is an okay size. For a penis that doesn’t get to the middle of your palm, I’m sorry he has a penis worthy of being called small. It’s as simple as that. Try it the next time you meet with a man.

For you men, it’s quite disappointing that you don’t know your exact length but it isn’t too late.

Do this: the next time you get a hard-on (it can be early in the morning when you wake up with the morning wood or an erection), use a tape measure or get a long rule. Measure from the base of your penis, where it meets your crotch, to the tip. Make sure you measure the side or the entire length where the scrotum isn’t attached. Mark the exact spot with your finger or any marker or a pencil even. That’s it! What you see on the tape measure or your long rule is the length of your penis.

Are you long? Are you short? Is the size average??
Here are the ranks👇
Below 5-inch: Small
5-6 inch: Average
6-7.9: Okay
8-9 inches: Long
Above 9 inches: TOO LONG


People say size doesn’t matter. How true is that?

There are pleasure spots in the vagina. The G-spot which is the most known is just like 3 inches deep and can be reached by any penis unless it’s a micropenis (shorter than 3 inches). It can even be reached during fingering. By stimulating this spot well enough, a woman can get an explosive orgasm with a gush of water-like fluid squirting from the vagina. This is the reason why people say size doesn’t matter.



Women love deep penetration and if you look at the image, you will see that during arousal, a longer dick is needed for the penis to reach the other pleasure spots in the vagina that most people are oblivious of.There is the Anterior Fornix, the A spot and there is the Posterior Fornix, the P Spot. When stimulated, a girl can get either the A-spot orgasm or the P-spot orgasm.For those of you whose length isn’t above average, make sure you stick with sex positions that make it possible for you to penetrate the vagina deep enough to reach the G-spot at least. That is the only way sex with you can be pleasurable enough. Read this post to see all the ideal positions for your dick size. Read it HERE


The feeling that comes with being filled up and having the vaginal walls hug the penis during penetration is what makes girth an important factor. The friction creates sensations that are pleasurable during sex and unless you are as lanky as a pencil, I don’t see how girth should be an issue.

We love it when the penis is meaty and thick and coupled with an okay length, you are good to go.

Know your exact length and desist from lying to women about your penile size.

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Ami Shikah is a Certified Sex Coach, clinical sexologist, and radio personality with an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Management. She loves anything and everything sex as long as it is consensual, pleasurable and free of any form of discrimination, harm or violence. On this blog, her aim is to promote sexual literacy, provide a source of arousal, and promote sexual wellness. If you need to talk to a sex professional about your sexual concerns or issues, she is the one to talk to. She can help you solve your sexual problems. She will help you have the most amazing sexual experiences and live the sex life of your dreams. Sex is a basic need and a natural part of who we are as human beings. Exercise your right to sexual pleasure today! Email her at for a complimentary sex coaching session.


  1. So does the Dick needs to be hard before measurement or what

  2. What if the girl has a smaller palm

    • She can check the length of her palm or use a straight rule

  3. Can the penis grow even at an adult stage? If yes how can one grow it?

    • Read this article about penile size enlargement👇🏽

  4. I just love this page because it is more educative than sex and sanity 😋😋😋😋
    I just leant that I know to my size so it can boost my confidence us a guy😇😇😇!! THANK YOU 😍Amisdiaries

  5. Can 6 inches hit the A and P spot or do yo need a +7 inches? What would you say is the ideal length range to hit all spots? What if the female is plus size or has a big butt does this affect the capability of deep penetration since the carries more weight ?

    • How many inches are required to stimulate the A spot and P spot? +7? +8? Is deep penetration hard with plus size girls and big booty girls? How many inches would you then require to bring your bigger partner to climax ( deep penetration ) ? What are women’s size preferences? Since men are very vocal about their own preferences.

    • With plus size and big booty girls, you need to work with positions that make her comfortable enough and make use of sex positions that allow for deep penetration to be possible

    • Below 7 inches can hit the A spot and P spots during deep penetration. Read this post to see the 93 sex positions that make deep penetration possible for that dick size

  6. What about curved dicks ???

  7. I notice you didn’t in BP (Bone-Pressed) measurements do you not believe in BP measurements and if not can you explain to me why?

  8. Hello I have a quick question?

  9. I’m 8.2”x5.6” is that considered large?

  10. I’m 6.5” girth but also only 6.5” long. Am I considered small because I’m not fitting to the end of a palm? And my length doesn’t allow me to hit the deep spots :(

    • Your length is above average, so you are not small. You need to work with sex positions that make deep penetration possible for your length. Check out this post:

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